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   کنفرانس بین المللی زلزله شناسی و مهندسی زلزله   
سال:1398 - دوره:8 - هشتمین کنفرانس زلزله شناسی و مهندسی زلزله - کد همایش: 98190-10854

  tick  3d Velocity Model Of Crust Beneath The Zagros Collision Zone From Ambient Noise Tomography - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  A Case Study Of Seismic Assessment Of Buried Pipelines - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.547.4

  tick  A Comprehensive Deformation Model Of Makran Region, For Seismic Hazard Studies - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  A Neural Network-Based Method For Predicting Seismic Response Of Structures - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.428.5

  tick  A New Method For The Extraction Of Slip Direction And Tectonic Evolution Study Through Paleostress Inversion - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.438.5

  tick  A New Output-Only Modal Space Framework To Identify Closely-Spaced Modes And Structural Mass Distribution Using Blind Source Separation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.458.5

  tick  A New Pure Bending Yielding Damper For Seismic Applications - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  A New Repairable Concentric Brace With Dual-Performance - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  A Practical Algorithm For Modeling Of Friction Damped-Based Structures - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.496.3

  tick  A Quantitative Study On The Resilience Of Hospitals And Medical Centers-Case Study Of Madani Hospital In Karaj - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.484.1

  tick  A Recurrent Switching Technique For Energy Dissipaters In High Damped Structural Systems - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  A Review Of Risk And Vulnerability Of National Broadband Seismic Network Of Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.350.7

  tick  Active Deformation Of Makran (Southeast Iran) Using Ontinuous Gps Measurements - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.410.7

  tick  Active Tectonic Analysis Of Avaj-Abegarm Area (Nw Iran) - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Adaptive Curved Surface Slider For Improved Seismic Protection - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Advanced Intensity Measures For Predicting The ‎Seismic Collapse Capacity Of Smrfs - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.497.4

  tick  Aftershock Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Of The Sarpol-E Zahab Earthquake Of November 12, 2017 - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Analytic Method To Estimate The Response Spectrum Of The Synthetic Records With Evolutionary Spectrum - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Analytical Evaluation Of Pile-Soil Interaction In Two-Phase Approach - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Analytical Method For Seismic Vulnerability Analysis Of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.537.4

  tick  An Aspect Of Envelope Curve Of Initial P-Waves For Earthquake Early Warning System - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.546.3

  tick  An Introduction To Sustainable Seismic Design - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Investigation Of Using Life Detection Quadcopters In Earthquakes: The Case Study Of Iran - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.386.3

  tick  An Investigation On The Accuracy Of Averaging Method In Foundation Input Motion Prediction Of 3d Embedded Foundations Considering Incomplete Wall Contact To Surrounding Mediu - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.385.2

  tick  An Investigation On The Accuracy Of Laboratory Measurements Of The Small-Strain Soil Stiffness - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Investigation On The Effect Of Infill Walls On The Fundamental Period Of Moment-Resisting Steel Frames With Consideration Of Soil-Struture Interaction - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  An Urban Seismic Risk And Resilience Model For Isfahan - صفحه:1-1- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Analysis Of Soil-Nailed Walls Using A Pseudo-Dynamic Approach, Considering The Effect Of Nails - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Analysis Of The Aftershock Sequences Of Large Earthquakes In Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Analytical Aspects Of Bi-Normalized Response Spectra Based On Ground Velocity And Displacment Time Histories In Near Fault - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Analytical Investigation Of Reverse Faulting Effects On Buried Steel Pipelines With New Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.446.3

  tick  Analytical Investigation On The Sma-Based Retrofitting Of Substandard Rc Frames - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.302.9

  tick  Analytical Modeling Of Cap Beam-Column Joints In Ordinary Rc Multi-Column Bridge Bents In Iran - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.495.2

  tick  Analyzing The Seismicity Of The Aegean Extension Region (West Turkey) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.411.8

  tick  Application Of Agent-Based Simulation In Emergency Evacuation And Casualty Prediction Of Indoor Scenarios - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.318.5

  tick  Application Of Constraint Control Method Of Optimization In Seismic Design Of Steel Frames - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Application Of Genetic Algorithm To Predict Dynamic Parameters Of Granular And Cohesive Soils - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Application Of Mise-A-La-Masse Method In Study Of Subsurface Structures Of Qom’S Neyzar Plain - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Application Of Open Source Programs In Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment And Utilization Of Site Effects Concerning Kermanshah Region With Emphasizing On 12 Nov. 2017 Earthquake (Mw=7.3) - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Application Of Steel Braced Structures With Controlled Rocking System In Seismic Retrofitting Of Buildings, Case Study Of A University Building - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.400.7

  tick  Application Of Stochastic Shakemaps Based On Random Field Of Ground Shaking - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.466.3

  tick  Archaeoseismology In Iran And The Need For Revisiting Historical Earthquakes Case Study: M=7.9, 856 Ad Qumis Earthquake Proclaimed As Deadliest Earthquake In Iranian Plateau - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.408.5

  tick  Areal Exceedance Of Ground Motion As A Characteristic Of Multiple Site Seismic Hazard: Sensitivity Analysis - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.305.2

  tick  Assessment Of Finite Fault Plane Geometry In Megathrust Earthquake - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.338.5

  tick  Assessment Of Nga In Consideration Of Uncertainty Related To Fault Rupture Model Parameters - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.371.8

  tick  Assessment Of Nonlinear Dynamic Response Of Diagrid Structures Exposed To Variation Of Incidence Angle Of Pulse Type Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.398.5

  tick  Assessment Of Site Effects And Soil-Structure Resonance In Algiers Center - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.316.3

  tick  Attenuation Of Seismic Amplification On Tunnel Using By Metasoil - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Attenuation Relationship For The Horizontal Component Of Peak Ground Acceleration (Pgah) Using Gene Expression Programming (Gep) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Basic Method To Classify Spatial Distribution Of Site Factor Using Single Microtremor In Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Behavior Of Earth Dams Due To Downsampling-Based Records - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.481.8

  tick  Bioinspiration And Analysis Of Multilevel Rocking Cores - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Bionic Architecture By Using Deep Learning Algorithms - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.463.0

  tick  Boundary Element Method Applied To Simulate The Seismic Response Of Slope Topographies On Underground Cavities For Incident P, Sv Waves - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Buckling Response And Elastic Stiffness Of Butterfly Dampers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Buckling Restrained Brace Parametric Study Under Static Load Cycle - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Buildings Damage Data Collection After 2017sarpol-E Zahab Earthquake - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Centrifugal Modeling Of Continuous Shallow Tunnels Crossing Active Reverse Faults - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Challenges In Recent Application Of Base Isolation Technique In Hospitals - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Challenges Of Ranking Newly Built Rc Buildings In Terms Of Seismic Safety In Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.352.9

  tick  Characterizing Surface Rupture In The 1990 Rudbar Earthquake (Iran) Using Optical Image Correlation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.339.6

  tick  Christchurch Post-Earthquake Recovery - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Clustering Microtremor Data With Fuzzy Gustafson Kessel Algorithm - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.539.6

  tick  Clustering Of Earthquake Records By A Hybrid Opposition-Switching Search - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.475.2

  tick  Code 729 The First Iranian Guideline For Strength- Based Design Of Non-Structural Masonry Walls: A Verification Report - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.322.9

  tick  Column Base Connections Seismic Sustainability - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparative Experimental Study On Seismic Retrofit Of Existing Gas Risers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparing The Liquefaction Behavior Of Carbonate And Silicate Sands By Energy Approach - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Dynamic Characteristics Of A High-Rise Building Under Ambient Vibration, Forced Vibration, And Earthquake Excitation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Fragility Curves Based On Soft Computing And Analytical Methods On Horizontally Curved Bridges - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Performance Of Mid Height Steel Braced Rocking Buildings With Low Rise Buildings - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Seismic Displacement Of Gravity Retaining Wall And Reinforced Soil Wall According To Performance Base - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Seismic Performance Of Special Concentric Braced Frames With Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames In View Of Seismic-Induced Losses - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of Seismic Structural Responses In Different Stories Via Fuzzy Clustering - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of The Earthquake Resilience Of Eccentrically And Concentrically Braced Frames Buildings - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison Of The Seismic Behaviour Of 1-Story And 8-Story Unstiffened Steel Plate Shear Walls - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Comparison The Effects Of Elastic And Inelastic Damping Ratio Of Equivalent Replacement Oscillators To Analyze Soil-Structure Systems - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.347.4

  tick  Comprehensive Identification Of Nonlinear Structural Systems With The Low Number And Non-Homogeneous Sensing Using Modern Bayesian Methods - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Consistency Of Idc Reviewed Event Bulletin With Other Global And National Seismic Bulletins In The Iranian Plateau - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.379.6

  tick  Critical Distance Between Adjacent Mid-Rise And High-Rise Structures Considering Structure- Soil- Structure Interaction Effects - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.483.0

  tick  Crustal Scale Imaging Across The Arabia- Eurasia Collision Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.544.1

  tick  Crustal Structure Of Iraq From Telesismic Data - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.545.2

  tick  Cyclic Behavior Of Sandwich Panels With Pur Core And Gfrp, And Concrete As A Skin - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Cyclic Loading Test On High Damping Rubber Bearing (Hdrb) Isolators In Combination With Fe-Based Sma Dampers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.357.4

  tick  Damage Controlled-Performance-Based-Optimum Design Of Steel Moment Frames, Considering Life-Cycle Cost - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.391.8

  tick  Damage Detection In Continues Bridge Deck And Asce Bechmark Via Instantaneous Energy Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.526.3

  tick  Damage Detection Of Skeletal Strucutres By An Enhanced Metaheuristic - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Damage Identification In Steel Girder Bridges Using Improved Damage Index Method By Modal Combination And Artificial Neural Network - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.490.7

  tick  Decision Support, Resilience And Sustainable Reconstruction Of Historical City Cores Under Seismic Threat: The Hyperion Approach - صفحه:1-1- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Deliberation The Effect Of Rocking Motion And Placement Of Brace Frames In Improving Seismic Performance Of Steel Braced Buildings - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Delineate Of Potential Seismic Sources For Seismic Hazard Assessment. Case Of Study: Sétif Region-Eastern Algeria - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.504.1

  tick  Design And Construction Of Laminar Box For Geotechnical Centrifuge At University Of Tehran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Design And Implementation Of Iota Based Network With Acceleration Sensors For Structural Health Monitoring - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.422.9

  tick  Design Of Massive Residential Buildings With The Approach Of Lexible Spaces For Post-Earthquake Settlement: Case Study Kermanshah City - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.355.2

  tick  Detail Design And Construction Procedure Of A Large-Scale Aluminum Laminar Shear Box For 1g Shaking Table Tests - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Detail Design And Performance Of A Small-Scale Laminar Shear Box For 1g Shaking Table Experiments - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Detailed Collapse Behavior Of Steel High-Rise Buildings With Dual Lateral Load Resisting System - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Determination Of Seismic Bearing Capacity Factor Nye Using Modified Pseudo-Dynamic Method - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Determination Of Seismic Bearing Capacity And Failure Mechanisms For Shallows Placed Adjacent To Slopes - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Determination Of Stability Margin For Flexible Substructures With Limited Lateral Deformation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.399.6

  tick  Developing A Bim-Shm Integrated System For Disaster Risk Management Using Auto-Regressive Model - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.449.6

  tick  Developing A New Model For Estimation The Number Of Injured After Potential Earthquakes For Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.450.7

  tick  Developing An Empirical Fatality Model To Implement In Rapid Loss Assessment System Of Iran Easrthquake’S (Raise) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.520.7

  tick  Developing And Evaluation A New Discrete Macro-Element For Modeling And Nonlinear Analyzing Of Unreinforced Masonry Walls - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.300.7

  tick  Development And Experimental Validation Of A Self-Centering System For Damage Avoidance Design - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.536.3

  tick  Development Of Earthquake Observation Network In And Around Ashgabat, Turkmenistan - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.508.5

  tick  Development Of Fragility Curves For Low Rise Braced Steel Buildings With Rocking Motion - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Development Of Friction-Slip Joint For Moment Frames With Continuous Beams - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Development Of New Bim Standards For Construction Projects - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Direct Performance-Based Seismic Design Of A Strong-Back Bracing System By Using Yield Frequency Spectra Method - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Disambiguation Of Iranian Code Of Practice For Seismic Resistant Design Of Buildings Text And Its Necessity - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Displacement-Based Approach For Seismic Design Of Highway Bridges According To New Aashto Guide Specifications - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Double Differrence Relocation Of Earthquakes In Kermanshah Region, Western Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Dynamic Analysis Of Balanced Cantilever Concrete Bridges With Different Pier Heights Under Near-Field Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.366.3

  tick  Dynamic Behavior Assessment Of Mid-Rise Resistant Skeletons Based On The Continuum Model In Near-Fault - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.363.0

  tick  Dynamic Response Of 2×2 Pile Groups To Soil Liquefaction In Inclined Base Layer: 1g Shake Table Tests - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Dynamic Response Of Rocking Structures Equipped With Vertically Mounted Viscous Dampers In Bottom Story - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.534.1

  tick  Dynamic Testing Of Full-Scale Iranian Viscous Dampers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Earthquake Early Warning For Sarpol-E Zahab Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.511.8

  tick  Earthquake Hazard In Kermanshah After A Mainshock In Ezgeleh - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.405.2

  tick  Earthquake Response Of Slopes Under Massive Loads - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.479.6

  tick  Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment Of Yazd Mosque - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Earthquakes Probability Density Model In Copula Methods In Earthquakes Forecasting - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Efeect Of Beam Depth Reduction At The Joint Of Rc Structures And Strengthening Using Frp Sheets - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Asymmetry On The Rigid Link For Random Seismic Pounding Mitigation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Cyclic Loading Direction On Sandy Slope Liquefaction - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Fines Content And Particle Diameter Ratio On Small Strain Shear Modulus Of Dense Binary Granular Mixtures - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of High-Rise Structure Characteristics On The ‎Rocking Of Foudations - صفحه:1-3- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.448.5

  tick  Effect Of Liquefiable Backfill Soil On Dynamic Performance Of Anchored Diaphragm Walls – A Numerical Study - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.313.0

  tick  Effect Of Multi-Direction Analysis On The Fragility Curves Of Regular Rc Buildings - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Multiple Low Intensity Earthquakes In Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Near And Far Field Records On Seismic Fragility Of Industrial Chimneys - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of Rotational Components Of Strong Ground Motions On Nonlinear Response Of High-Rise 60-Story Building With Outrigger And Belt-Truss System - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.462.9

  tick  Effect Of Soil Characteristics On The Rocking Of ‎Foudations - صفحه:1-3- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.447.4

  tick  Effect Of Soil-Structure Interaction On The Seismic Response Of Bridges Under Multiple Hazards - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effect Of The Near-Field Ground Motion Pulse Period On The Seismic Reliability Of Rc/Mr Frames Using Monte Carlo Simulation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.461.8

  tick  Effects Of Adas Dampers On Plastic Hinge Rotation Of Dual Steel Frames Subjected To Near-Field And Far-Field Earthquakes - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effects Of Bi-Directionl Loading On Ductility Capacity Of High Strength Rc Piers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effects Of Groundwater Level Fluctuation On Superstructure’S Seismic Behaviour In Dhaka City - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effects Of Height Of Adjacent Structures On The Seismic Behavior Of Moment Resisting Structure - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Effects Of Secondary Static Stress Triggering On The Spatial Distribution Of Aftershocks, A Case Study, 2003 Bam Earthquake (Se Iran) - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.372.9

  tick  Effects Of Stone Columns On Improvement Of Liquefable Soil Layers - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.415.2

  tick  Efficiency Of Semi Active Tuned Mass Damper On Improving Seismic Response Of Steel Structure In Close And Remote Region - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.359.6

  tick  Eliminating The Coupling Beams Of Upper Stories In Torsional Irregular Mid-Rise Rc-Coupled Shear Wall Structures - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.395.2

  tick  Emergence Of Direct P-Phase From Seismic Ambient Noise In Dehdasht Area - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.310.7

  tick  Energy Absorption And Inelasticity Distribution Mechanisms In Steel Moment Frames Affected By Mainshock-Afershock Sequences - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.538.5

  tick  Energy-Based Design Of Knee-Element Connection Frames (Kcfs) In Pipe Racks - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.356.3

  tick  Equivalent Sdof Models For Probabilistic Performance Assessment Of Multistory Buildings: Methodology And Application For Steel Special Momentframes - صفحه:1-12- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Estimating The Duration Effects In Structural Responses By A New Energy-Cycle Based Parameter - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.431.8

  tick  Estimation Of Mltiple Strip Analysis Curve Using Idealized Trilinear Modal Pushover Analysis Curve - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Estimation Of Strong Ground Motion Parameters, For The August 11, 2012, Ahar-Varzaghan Earthquake, Using Empirical Green’S Function - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Estimation Of The Quality Factor And Source Parameters Of West Of Iran From Acceleration Spectra Of The Tazehabad-Kermanshah Earthquake 2018 - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.337.4

  tick  Estimation Of Uncertainty For Earthquake Source Inversions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.309.6

  tick  Evaluating A Rigid Seismic Connection To The Minor Axis Of Double I-Shaped Columns Using Side Plates - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluating Of The Earthquake Hazard Parameters With Bayesian Method For The Different Seismic Source Regions Of The Northern Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluating The Effect Of Connection Plate Thickness And Stiffness On Seismic Response Of High Voltage Current Transformers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluating The Effect Of Supporting Structure Lateral Stiffness On Seismic Response Of High Voltage Current Transformer - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluating The Interaction Between Multiple Irregular Topographies During Earthquakes - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.517.4

  tick  Evaluating The Sensitivity Of Analyzing The Seismic Hazard To The Type Of Empirical Attenuation Relationships - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.404.1

  tick  Evaluating The Spectral Acceleration Amplification Effects On The Seismic Response Of Elevated Steel Water Tanks - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Concentric Braced Frame Modeling Methods - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Fema P-58 Method For Estimating Residual Drift Demands In Buckling Restrained Braced Frames - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.471.8

  tick  Evaluation Of Higher Modes Effects In Estimation Of Seismic Response Parameters Of Tall Hybrid Mega Zipper Skeletons - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Behavior Of Site In Presence Of Tall And Massive Structures On Soft Soil Under High Frequency Earthquake - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Behavior Of Steel Frames Equipped With Off Center Bracing And Ebf Bracing Under The Near And Far Field Earthquakes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Behavior Of Steel Structures Equipped With Tadas Damper With Considering The Soil - Structure Interaction - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.384.1

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Capacity Of Plain Concrete Arch Bridges Based On Stress Intensity Factor - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.524.1

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Design Approach On Rc/Mr Building Using Different Probabilistic Methods - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.388.5

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Fragility Curve Of A Typical Embankment Dam - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.314.1

  tick  Evaluation Of Seismic Performance Of Steel Moment Frames Considering Deterioration Effects Using Ida - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.364.1

  tick  Evaluation Of Source, Path And Site Effects In Stochastic Method Of Simulating Strong Ground Motion For Sarpol-E Zahab, Iran Arthquake Of 2017 - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Standard No. 2800 Regulations In Designing Of Buildings With Great Importance - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Evaluation Of Tectonic Stress In The Makran Zone - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.542.9

  tick  Evaluation Of The Methods Estimating Structural Strength Reduction Factor Under Far Field Records - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.531.8

  tick  Evaluation Of The Methods For Calibration Of Optimal Load And Resistance Factors Based On Structural Reliability Theory - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.323.0

  tick  Evaluation Of The Seismic Behavior Of Base-Isolated Buildings Subjected To Different Type Of Ground Motions With Different Components - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.528.5

  tick  Examining The Effective Parameters Of Fuse In Seismic Behavior Of Low Damage Steel-Braced Frame Systems - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.460.7

  tick  Experimental Determination Of The Natural Frequency Of Vibration Of St. Stephanos Church Using Ambient Vibrations - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.489.6

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Brick Masonry Arches' (Vault And Rib Cover) Behavior Unreinforced And Reinforced By C-Frp Under Vertical And Horizontal Load Simultaneously - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.500.7

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of T-Stub Link-To-Column Connections In Eccentrically Braced Frame - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Experimental Study Of Soil-Structure Interaction On The Improved Ground By Micropiles Using Shaking Table - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Experimental Study On Seismic Behavior Of Masonry Buildings Retrofitted With Shotcrete - صفحه:1-3- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Experimental Study On The Seismic Behavior Of Steel Beam To Box-Column Moment Resisting Connections With Different Column Stiffeners - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.488.5

  tick  Explaining Sustainability Criteria In Post-Disaster Temporary Housing - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.320.7

  tick  Extraction Of Stiffness Submatrix Of Shear And Nonshear Buildings With Local Measurement Under Base Excitation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.525.2

  tick  Finding The Effective Philosophy For Seismic Rehabilitation Of Cylindrical Masonry Towers, Case Study: Tughrul Tower - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Finite Element Model Updating Of A Prestressed Concrete Beam Using The Opensees.Net Sofware - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Flexural Reinforcement And Shear Reinforcement Of Weak Reinforced Concrete Beams With Frp Plates - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.467.4

  tick  Flood Resistant Design And Construction In Seismic Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Fractal Disterbution Of Earthquake Epicenter And Faulting In The Sepidar Anticline, Sw Zagros - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.341.8

  tick  Fragility Curves For A 5-Story Steel Braced Frame In Near-Fault Area - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.403.0

  tick  Fuzzy Reliability Analysis Of Sheet Pile Wall Seismic Design - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Genetic Algorithms In Tsunami Studies - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Geodetic-Based And Geological-Based Earthquake Rates For Iran - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.374.1

  tick  Geomagnetic Anomaly Associated With 2018 Greece Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.478.5

  tick  Geomagnetic Data As A Precursor Of The September 5, 2018 Earthquake In Japan Mw= 6.6 - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.476.3

  tick  Geometry Of Oceanic Slab Beneath The Western Makran Subduction Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Geophysical Surveys For Ground Modelling Of Ashgabat City - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Ground Displacement And Building Damage Estimation Of The 2017 Kermanshah Earthquake Using Sar Remote Sensing - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Ground Response Spectra Induced By A Liquefiable Soil Layer As Natural Seismic Isolation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Half-Space Green’S Function For Lamb’S Problem - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  High Resolution 3d Velocity Model For The Makran Subduction Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Higher-Mode Effects In Single And Multi-Part Rocking Bracing Systems Behavior - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Identification Of 3d Lateral Variations In Pseudo-3d Medium Using Surface Wave - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Identification Of Ibarra-Medina- Krawinkler Hysteresis Model Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.392.9

  tick  Identification Of Tectonic Lineation Using Airborne Magnetic Data In Alborz, Iran - صفحه:1-3- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.375.2

  tick  Imaging Structure Of The Western Makran Subduction Zone By Receiver Functions Analysis - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Impact Of Load Combinations On Reliability Of Steel Beams According To Iranian Structural Steel Code - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Impact Of Number Of Selected Records On Probabilistic Seismic Performance Of Offshore Jacket Platforms - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Implementing Incremental Dynamic Analysis For Measuring Entropy-Based Sufficiency Of An Intensity Measure - صفحه:1-1- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.336.3

  tick  Improvement Of The Performance Of Reduced-Level Steel Beams (Rbs), By A New Type Of Stiffener, Under Cyclic Loading - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Improving Earthquake Disaster Management In Chain Supermarkets - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.387.4

  tick  Inexpensive Damage Detection Of Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Signal Processing And Machine Learning - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.434.1

  tick  Inferring Shallow Mantle Temperatures Under Iranian Plateau From Inversion Of Shear-Wave Velocity Model - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.312.9

  tick  Influence Of Reduced Seicmic Hazard Level In Rehabilation Considering Remaining Life Span - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Influence Of Rubber Granules Content On The Isolation Response Of An In-Filled Barrier Wall - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Innovations In Sustainable Seismic Design - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Interaction Of Underground Tunnel And Existing Shallow Foundations Affected By Normal Faults - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.480.7

  tick  Interseismic Slip-Rate Of The Kuhbanan-Lakar Kuh Faults System: Using Insar Technique - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.540.7

  tick  Introducing An Innovative Connection With Tubular Flange Section - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Introducing Eccentrically Braced Frame System Equipped With Distributor Fuses With Steel Plate - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.427.4

  tick  Introduction And Discussion Of Post-Earthquake Quick Inspection Method For Damaged Buildings In Japan - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigating Awareness Of Students In Sarpol-E Zahab And Malard About Earthquake And Safety - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigating Polarization Of Rayleigh Waves In Single Method Measurements Based On The Revised Raydec - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.482.9

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of Changing Performance Objective On Resilient Structures - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.470.7

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of Frp-Strengthening On The Performance Of Real-Scale Shs Brace - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.401.8

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of Masonry Infill Walls On The Performance Of Steel Resisting Moment Frames By Using Seismic Fragility Curves - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigating The Effects Of Length And Cross-Section Area Of The Yielding Zone Of Buckling Restrained Braces On The Cyclic Behavior Of Buckling Restrained Braced Frames - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.389.6

  tick  Investigating The Pounding Effects On The Seismic Collapse Capacity Of Adjacent Rc And Steel Smrfs - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigating The Topographical Effect On Seismic Response Of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (A Numerical Study) - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigation Of Dynamic Performance Of Reinforced Concrete Polymer Walls (Rbs) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.328.5

  tick  Investigation Of Forward Directivity Effect On The Ductility Demand And Reduction Factor Of Pbpd Ebf Frames - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigation Of Gate Braces Due To Earthquakes Near And Far From Fault - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigation Of Isotropy Of Intra-Event Residuals Of Pgv And Pgd Using Directional Semivariogram - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.541.8

  tick  Investigation Of Mantle Kinematics Beneath Nw Iran With The Comparison Of Teleseismic Direct S Waves And Sks - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigation Of Seismotectonics Of Makran Region Using Local Network Data - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Investigation Of Using Various Force Distribution Methods At Seismic Behavior Of Steel Mr Frames Designed By Ddbd Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Iran Strong Motion Network Renovation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.344.1

  tick  Joint Analysis Of The Alos-2 And Sentinel-1a Data On The 2017 Sefid Sang Earthquake, Northeastern Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Kinematic Soil-Structure Interaction Effects On Inelastic Systems With Embedded Foundation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Lessons From November 2017, M7.3 Ezgeleh Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.503.0

  tick  Light Steel Frame (Lsf) Systems: A Suitable Structure For Building In IranS Earthquake-Stricken Areas (A Review) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Liquefaction Potential Hazard In Ghazan Chay Dam Soil Layers With Using Standard Penetration Test Results - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.414.1

  tick  Liquefaction-Induced Excess Pore Pressure Generation Under Foundation And Free-Field With Dynamic Centrifuge Modelling - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Long-Range Correlations And Trends Between Consecutive Earthquakes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Magnetic Field Observations For The 11 November 2016 Mw=6.1 Japan, Earthquake - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.444.1

  tick  Magnetic Field Observations For The 8 December 2016 Mw 6.0 China Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.477.4

  tick  Magnitude Simulation Using The Generalized Pareto Distribution - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Mainshock Intensity Effects On Seismic Fragility Of Rc Mrfs Under Aftershocks - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Mechanical Properties Of Compressed Adobe Brick - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Microstructure And Deformation Tempurature Condition Of Aliabad-E Damaq Mylonitic Granite - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.376.3

  tick  Ml Shear Wave Velocity Tomography In Turkish Plateau - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Modal Energy Transfer In Large Structural Systems Using Recurrent Switching Technique - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Modal Identification Of Structures Via Video Processing And Blind Source Separation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Modeling And Investigation Of The Floor Isolation Effect And Application Of Yeilding Dampers By Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Modeling The Behavior Of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Exterior Joint Using Ansys With The Comparison Of Results Of Analytically And Experimentally - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.396.3

  tick  Models Used For Seismic Ssi Problems: A Review - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Modification Factors For Residual Drift Assessment ‎Of Adjacent Smrfs Considering Structural Pounding - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.498.5

  tick  Modified Cloud Analysis: Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis With Unscaled Records - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.304.1

  tick  Moment Magnitude Estimation Based On Andrews (1986) Method In Frequency Domain - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Monitoring Of Induced Seismicity In Dariyan Dam - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.380.7

  tick  Monitoring Of Induced Seismicity In Northeast British Columbia, Canada - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Monitoring Of Velocity Changes November 12th, 2017 Earthqukae, Sarepol-E Zahab With Mowing Window Cross Specral Technique - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Monitoring Seismic Activity In Damghan And Adjacent Regions By A Small-Aperture Seismic Array - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.407.4

  tick  Multi-Objective Shape Optimization Of Steel Shear Panel Dampers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Natural Disaster Management Open Access Repository In Iran (Ndm-Oar): The Importance And Necessity Of A Feasibility Study - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.418.5

  tick  Need Assessment For Emergency Supply In Evacuation Places After Earthquakes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.351.8

  tick  Neighbour Martix For Optimal Seismic Design Of Rc Frames For Minimum Total Life-Cycle Cost - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Neural Networks For The Prediction Of Seismic Damage In Reinforced Concrete Structures - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.502.9

  tick  Neutral Axis Length Variation Of Self-Centered Rc Shear Wall Under Lateral Nonlinear Static Load - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.493.0

  tick  New Frequency-Based Real-Time Magnitude Proxy For Earthquake Early Warning In Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.512.9

  tick  Non-Linear Seismic Response Of Low-Rise Liquid Storage Tank Isolated By Lead-Rubber Bearings - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.361.8

  tick  Nonlinear Adaptive Control Of Building Structures With Elasto-Plastic Behavior Of Elements Under Seismic Motion - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Nonlinear Cyclic Static Analysis Of Confined Masonry Walls Using Strut-And-Tie Model - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Nonlinear Damage Detection Of Structure Using The Sensitivity Of Time- Varying Modal Parameters - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Notes On Progressive Collapse Analysis Of Modular Moment Frames Under Directional Effects Of Pulse-Type Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.429.6

  tick  Numerical Evaluation Of Multi Level Ring Damper - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Numerical Evaluation Of Seismic Behavior Of Rubble Mound Breakwater Rested On Liquefiable Seabed Soil Layer - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of Surface Fault Rupture Hazard Mitigation For Spread Footing - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.550.7

  tick  Numerical Study And Nonlinear Model Of The Effect Of Gusset-Reinforced Stiffener On The Steel Plate Shear Walls With Openint - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Numerical Study And Regression Model For Lateral Spreading - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.516.3

  tick  Numerical Study Of Effects Of Superstructure On Dynamic Response Of A 3×3 Pile Group - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Numerical Study Of Seismic Behavior Of Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments Under Different Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.548.5

  tick  Numerical Study On 2d Reinforced Concrete Frames ‎With Nonductile Columns Using Ida Approach ‎ - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Numerical Study On The Seismic Behaviour Of A New Reduced Beam Section Connectionby Drilled Holes On The Beam Flange - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  On Faster Transient Analysis Of Structural Systems Against Earthquakes: Case Study Of An Earth Dam - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.332.9

  tick  On Measuring Misorientation Of Seismic Sensors Using Ambient Noise Data - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.441.8

  tick  On The Shallow Depth Quality Factors (Qp, Qs, Qc) In Fariman Area Using Aftershocks Of Mw6.0 Earthquake On April 05, 2017 - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.412.9

  tick  Online Modal Identification Of Structures By Natural Gradient Algorithm - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.457.4

  tick  Parametric Finite Element Evaluation Of Rc Beam-Column Joints - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Parametric Study Of Seismic Site Response Under Share Wave Velocity Variation Of Bedrock - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Pattern Of Seismicity Around Zagros Main Recent Fault - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Peak Ground Acceleration Prediction For Critical Aftershockes - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.472.9

  tick  Perception And Communication Of Seiemic Risk - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Performance Assessment Of Different Tabular Systems For Tall Buildings Against Wind And Earthquake Effects - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Performance Assessment Of Seismically-Designed Steel Moment Resisting Frames Against Numerical Simulated Of Blast Wave - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Performance Evaluation Of Rc Beam-Column Connections Using Strut And Tie Method - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Performance Level Of Eccentric Structures Due To T Orsion And Soil-Structure Interaction - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Performance Of Optimum Friction Tuned Mass Damper Connected To Multi-Degree Of Freedom Structures - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.324.1

  tick  Physical Modeling Of Response Of Buried Pipe With Constraints To Reverse Faulting - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Polyphase Inversion Tectonics In Western Alborz - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.409.6

  tick  Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Of Sarpol-E Zahab Concrete Buildings After 6.4 Magnitude Aftershock - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Post-Earthquake Reconnaissance Of Sarpol-E Zahab Steel Buildings After 6.4 Magnitude Aftershock - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Power Network Seismic Reliability Analysis By Simplified Parallel And Series Systems Concept - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.453.0

  tick  Predicted Ground Motions For Interface Earthquakes In The Makran Subduction Zone Based On A Stochastic Finite-Fault Model - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Predicting Strain Demand Histories Imposed On Box-Shaped Underground Structures In Seismic Events - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Prediction Equation For Arrival Times Of Near-Source Strong Ground Motions Velocity Pulses Using Pulse-Like Records - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Presentation Of A New Method For Assessment Direct Losses Ftom Earthquake In Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.486.3

  tick  Prioritized Slip Load Optimization Of Friction Damped-Based Structures - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Probabilistic Output-Only Identification Of Soil-Structure Systems Using Shear Beam Model - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Progressive Collapse Analysis And Comparison Of Intermediate And Special Steel Moment Frame Under Fire Conditions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Propagation Of Right-Lateral Strike-Slip Deformation Towards The Internal Part Of The Lurestan Zone, Zagros Belt, West Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.307.4

  tick  Pseudo-Static Reliability Stability Analysis Of Infinite Slope With Triangle Wedge Failure - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.549.6

  tick  Pseudo-Static Slope Stability Analysis By Random Finite Element Method - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.445.2

  tick  Punching Mechanism In Reinforced Concrete Frames Retrofitted By Steel Frame - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Quasi-Static Shear-Compression Tests On Six Rubble Stone Masonry Walls - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.535.2

  tick  Questionnaire-Based Quantification Of Seismic Resilience In Iranian Hospital - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.452.9

  tick  Rapid Building Damage Mapping By Optical Satellite Images - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.521.8

  tick  Rapid Estimation Of Magnitude And Δ From B-Δ Method For Mohammad Abad Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.513.0

  tick  Re-Framing Earthquake Resilience Bridging The Gap Between Theory And Implementation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Recent Advances In Probabilistic Prediction Of Seismic Sliding Displacement Of Slopes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.514.1

  tick  Recent Findings In Seismic Hazard Models Of Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.373.0

  tick  Reliability Analysis Of Seismic Stability Of Unsaturated Soldier-Piled Excavation - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Resiliency Comparison Of R/C Framed Structures With Wall & Slab Systems - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Reverse Fault Rupture Mitigation Measures For Continuous Shallow Tunnels - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.515.2

  tick  Risk-Targeted Seismic Design Map For Iran: Achievements And Challengs - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Safety Evaluation Of Buildings By Aftershocks - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Anisotropy In Western Makran Subduction Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Assessment Of Oil Reservoir Using Numerical Fem And Analytical Formulation Of Design Standards - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Behavior Of High-Rise Steel Building On Pile Groups Ccounting For Soil-Structure Interaction Effects On Soft Soil - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.348.5

  tick  Seismic Behaviour And Design Of Beam-Column Connections In Precast Industrial Buildings - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.353.0

  tick  Seismic Behaviour Factor For Unreinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Collapse Risk Assessment Of A Steel Mrf Considering Near-Fault Directivity Effects - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.501.8

  tick  Seismic Control Of Offshore Steel Jacket Platforms Using Tuned Liquid Column Damper - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Displacement Of Cohesive Frictional Slopes Using Newmark’S Method - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Ductility Demands Of Rocking Structures Under Pulse-Like Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Effective-Stress Analysis Of Caisson Quay Wall With Liquefiable Backfill - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Fragility Analysis Of Highway Curved Bridges - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Fragility Analysis Of Multi-Story Rc Shear Wall-Frame System For Assesment Of Global Behavior - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Fragility Assessment Of Bridges: A State Of Art Review - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.485.2

  tick  Seismic Fragility Assessment Of Curved Steel Box-Girder Bridges - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Fragility Assessment Of Damaged Rc Frame Under Consecutive Excitations - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Fragility Assessment Of Steel Structures Equipped By Hybrid Ring Damper - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Ground Deformation Mapping For The 2017 Mw6.1 Mainshock Of Sefidsang-Ne Iran Earthquake Using Sentinel-1a Interferometry - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Hazard Analyzing And Evaluating In Esfahan Nuclear Site - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Hazard Assessment Of Shahr-E Kord Iran - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.437.4

  tick  Seismic Performance Assessment Of Concrete Moment-Resisting Frames With Construction Error Against Near-Fault Strong Ground Motions - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Performance Assessment Of Optimally Designed Base Isolation System Under Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.425.2

  tick  Seismic Performance Evaluation Of Code-Designed Grandstand Structure Of A Roofless Sport Stadium - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Composite Decks With Full And Partial Interaction - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Deep Excavations Restrained By Anchorage System Using Quasi Static Approach - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Facade Mass Isolation System In Tall Buildings - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.394.1

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Moment-Resisting Steel Structures With Slit-Friction Hybrid Damper - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Rocking Concrete Shear Walls With Innovative Rotational Resilient Slip Friction Joints - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.358.5

  tick  Seismic Performance Of Rubber Bearing With Perforated Yielding Shear Devices - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.459.6

  tick  Seismic Response Assessment Of Offshore Wind Turbines Using Endurance Time Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.397.4

  tick  Seismic Response Control By Orb-Bowl (Ob) Tmd System - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Response Of A Landfill Cover: A Case Study Of Nazlou Landfill In Urmia - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.382.9

  tick  Seismic Response Of Bearing With Yielding Shear Plate Installed On The Steel Moment Frame - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Response Of Pre-Cast Concrete Shear Walls With Controlled Rocking Motion Using Self-Centering Friction Devices - صفحه:1-1- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Retrofit Of A Typical Highway Bridge In Tehran Using Fluid Viscous Dampers - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Retrofit Of Defective Exterior Rc Ceiling-Column - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.301.8

  tick  Seismic Risk Analysis Of A Dome-Roof Adobe House Considering In-Plane And Out-Of-Plane Response Of Walls - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Site Response Induced By A Sedimentary Basin: 1d And 2d Numerical Analysis - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Structural Response Of Steel Frames Considering Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of Rc Bridge With Unequal Piers Using Energy-Based Damage Index - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.370.7

  tick  Seismic Vunurability Assesment Of Buildings Based On Fragility Curves: A Review - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Seismic, Thermal, And Gravity Modeling Of The Iranian Lithosphere - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.311.8

  tick  Seismically Triggered Landslide Potential In The Reservoir Of Gotvand Dam, Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.383.0

  tick  Seismotectonic And Crustal Structure In The Central Iran - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.473.0

  tick  Seismotectonics Of Saydoon Dam Sites In The Izeh Fault Zone, Sw Of Iran - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Selection Of Ground Motion Prediction Equations For Seismic Hazard Analyses In Makran Region, Iran - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.306.3

  tick  Shakemaps Of Sarpol–E Zahab Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.510.7

  tick  Shear Wave Quality Factor Tomography In Nw Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.506.3

  tick  Siesmic Performance Of Regular And Irregular Brb Frames Under Seismic Sequence - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Simplified Method For Evaluation Of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects In Liquefiable Soils - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Simulation For Large Deformation In Geomaterials With Molecular Dynamics Approach - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Single-Phase Metamaterial (Spm) As A Dissipater For Attenuation Of Vibration In Two-Dimensional Elastodynamics Problems - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Site Amplification Effects On Inversion Results (Case Study: Zagros And Alborz Regions) - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.440.7

  tick  Site Effects At Dasht-E Zahab In Ezgeleh-Sarpol-E Zahab Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Site Effects Using Hvsr And Ssr Techniques In Ramsar City - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.315.2

  tick  Site Response Variations By Ground Improvement - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.346.3

  tick  Site-Specific Response Analysis Versus Implementing The Mean Shear Wave Velocity Within Psha - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Some Contribution To Rational Design Of Piled Raft Foundation For Oil Storage Tanks On Non-Liquefiable Ground: Application Of Dynamic Centrifuge Modeling - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Some Lessons From The Sarpole-Zahab Earthquake Of November 2017 - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.402.9

  tick  Source Inversion Of M7.3 12 Nov. 2017 Sarepol-E Zahab Earthquake Using Fuzzy Inversion Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Source Parameters Of The 2005 Zarand Earthquake In Kerman Province - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Spatial Statistics And Point Pattern Analysis Of Earthquake Disribution In The Zagros Region (Iran) - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Spectral Acceleration Amplification Effects On The Ductility Demand Of Self-Standing R.C. Chimneys - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.530.7

  tick  Spectral Analysis Of 12november 2017 And 25november 2018 Earthquake In Western Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.509.6

  tick  Stability Analysis Of Arch Dam Abutments Due To Vertical Seismic Excitations - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Statistical Analysis Of The Inter-Event Time And Distance Distribution Of Large Earthquakes In Iran - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Statistical Modeling Of The Beginning And End Of Relief Time By Red Crescent In Earthquakes Between 1395-1396: A Survival Study - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.319.6

  tick  Strengening Joints Of Rc Frames With Stiffened Steel Plates - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.367.4

  tick  Strong Ground Motion From The November 12, 2017 Mw 7.3 Sarpol-E Zahab Earthquake: Analysis Of Source And Site Condition - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Strong Ground Motion Simulation Of 2017 Earthquake In Khorasan- Razavi, Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Structural Seismic Assessment Of The Kashan Historical Bazaar Considering The Soil-Structure Interaction - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Study On Response Of Cspsw And Spsw To Nonlinear Excitations - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.360.7

  tick  Studying The Effect Of Uncertainty Of Shear Wave Velocity And Standard Penetration Test On Uniform Hazard Spectrum - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Studying The Effects Of Soil- Structure Interaction On The Performance Point Characterestics Of Highrise Framed Tube Structures Containing Truss Belts - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Stusy Of Kinematic Parameters Of Earthquakes In The Zagros Region - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.543.0

  tick  Suggest A New Analytical Type Of Panel Zone In Seismic Calculations Of Steel Frames - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.390.7

  tick  Supersonic Crack Propagation In Brittle Fracture Fault Zone : Can Explain Kerman And Kermanshah Faults? - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.308.5

  tick  Sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction Through Risk Sensitive Land Use Planning - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Synthetic Stochastic Earthquake Scenario Predictive Model, Case Study: The Iranian Plateau Sequences - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.406.3

  tick  System Reduction In Space For Dynamic Finite Element Analysis Of Beam-Columns Assemblies Against Earthquakes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.331.8

  tick  Tectonic Studies And Earthquake Risk Based On Tectonic Morphology Studies In Saveh Rectangle - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.377.4

  tick  Teleseismic Virtual-Source Imaging Of The North Zagros Continental Collision Zone - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Tension Estimation Of Elastic Cables Using Viberational Method - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Application Of The Force Analogy Method (Fam) In Pushover Analysis For Steel Moment Resisting Frames - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Assessment Of The Seismic Performance Of The Rc Buildings Having One Or Two Soft-Stories Retrofitted With Gapped Inclined Bracing - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Best Earthquake Report To Assess The Earthquake Macroseismic Parameters - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Collapse Assessment Of The Low-Rise Asymmetric Ductile Rc Frame Buildings With A Less-Sensitive Intensity Measure To The Spectral Shape Effects - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.327.4

  tick  The Double Difference Relocation Of Aftershock Sequence Of 2017 Ezgeleh Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.442.9

  tick  The Earthquake Datasets And Services Maintained By The International Seismological Centre (Isc) - صفحه:1-1- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.507.4

  tick  The Effect Of Aftershocks On Structural Lifetime - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Confinement On Concrete Strength And Ductility By Frp Jackets And Angles - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.468.5

  tick  The Effect Of Inhomogeneity On Seismic Soil Deposit Response: A Review - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Lateral Force On Stability Margin Of Flexible Frame Systems - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.430.7

  tick  The Effect Of Material Constitutive Model On Seismic Response Of Concentric Braced Frames - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.330.7

  tick  The Effect Of Site Soil On Seismic Performance Of Steel Damped Structure At Close Distance Of Active Fault - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Soil Parameters On The Response Of Structures Subjected To Multicomponent Earthquake Excitation - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Spatial Correlation Of Horizontal And Vertical Spectral Accelerations On Seismic Performance Of A Bridge Network - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Structural System On Selection Of Input Ground Motions For Performance Based Seismic Design - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of The Disproportionate Effective Moment Of Inertia Caused By Cracks On The Seismic Response Of The Concrete Building - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Using Additional Isolated Upper Floor On The Performance Point Of R.C. Frame Structures In Armenia - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Using Arc-Surfaced Dampers On Reduction Of The Collapse Probability Induced By Forward Directivity - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effect Of Vertical Excitations On The Collapse Risk Assessment Of Rc Frame-Core Wall Structures - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Effects Of Subsurface Holes On Dynamic Responses Of Earth Dam (Case Study: Tang-E Sorkh Earth Dam - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Efficiency Of Using Three Component Array-Based Ellipticity Methods For Site Characterization - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Evaluation Of Progressive Collapse In Tall Steel Structures With Tubular System Under The Impact Of Earthquake Load - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Extent And Method Of Reflection Of Tehran,Dec 20, 2017(Malard) Earthquake News In Media - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The First Very-Small-Aperture Seismic Array In Iran For Monitoring Earthquakes And Volcanic Activities In Damavand Region; A Prelude To An Early Warning System For Metropolitan Tehran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.443.0

  tick  The Fundamental Period Of Four-Layer Soil Deposits - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Impact Of Damage Functions Used To Determine The Cat Bonds Trigger - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.451.8

  tick  The Influence Of Geometric Characteristics On The Performance Of Steel Shear Wall - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Investigation Of Safe Residual Drift Of Symmetric Rc Corewall Structures Against Immediate Aftershocks - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Kinematic Analysis And Evolution Of The Stress Fields In The Zagros Foreland Folded Belt, Fars Salient, Iran - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Multi- Fault Surface Rupture Of Hojedk Earthquake, Dec, 2017 In Kerman Province, Southeast Iran, The Bedding Slip Of Young Fold - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Necessity Of 2d/3d Site Effect Studies In Big Cities Of Iran: Premilinary Results Of Tehran Experiment - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Necessity Of Reviewing The Map Of Active Faults Of Tehran - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The North Zagros Crustal Structure From Teleseismic Reflected P Phase - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Reliability Of The Foundation Seismic Design Using Iranian National Building Code - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Resilience Of Special And Ordinary Moment Resisting Frames - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.529.6

  tick  The Right To The City & Safe Life And The Challenges Of The Legal System Governing The Safety Of Buildings In Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Seismotectonics Of Central Alborz - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.340.7

  tick  The Seismotectonics Of The Western And Southern Margins Of Lut Block, Central Iran - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Shear Wave Velocity Structure Of The Central Alborz Region Using Combinated Method Of Ambient Noise Cross-Correlations - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.439.6

  tick  The Side-Effects Of Retrofitting Rc Frames With Steel X-Braces - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.334.1

  tick  The Sismic Evaluation Of Under Mainshock- Fire Damaged Buildings Under- Aftershock Earthquakes - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.303.0

  tick  The Study Of The Narrative Of The Experience Of The Governor Of Sar-Po-Le Zahab From The Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.522.9

  tick  The Uncertinity In Seismic Risk Assessment In Near-Fault Area - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.349.6

  tick  The Use Of Improved Risk Targeting Approach In Seismic Hazard Assessment Of Makran Region - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  The Verification Of Visco-Plastic Damper - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.325.2

  tick  The Weighted Rms Stacking To Retrieve Empirical Green 'S Functions From Ambient Seismic Noise - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.474.1

  tick  Three-Dimensional Coda Wave Attenuation Tomography Of A Volcano: A Case Of 1982–84 Seismic Unrest At Campi Flegrei Caldera, Southern Italy - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Torsional Response Of Short Span Truss Type Deck Suspension Bridges Under Closed Form Approximation Of Pulse Type Ground Motions - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Trust Platform: The First Building-Specific Seismic Risk Assessment Tool For Iran - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Upper Crustal Seismic Anisotropy In The Southeastern Termination Of The Zagros Mountains And Qeshm Island - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Upper Mantle Structure Beneath The Zagros Continental Collision Zone And Surrounding Regions From Seismic Tomography And Shear-Wave Splitting - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Upper Mantle Structures Of The Nw Iran Using 3d Teleseismic Tomography - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Upper-Mantle Shear Wave Velocity Structure Of The Northern Zagros From Teleseismic Tomography And Transdimensional Joint Inversion Of Long And Short Period Seismic Data - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Use Of Cross-Correlation Method To Detect Aftershocks Of Mourmoury Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.413.0

  tick  Using The Airborne Geomagnetic Data For Recognizing The Causative Fault Of The 2013 Goharan Earthquake - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.343.0

  tick  Using The Piano Keys Sound As Artificial Accelerations - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Verifying The Choice Of Numerical Model Of A Building By In Situ Investigation After Realization - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.335.2

  tick  Vertical Impedance Function Of Rigid Strip Footing Over Heterogeneous Half-Space With Increasing Strength With Depth - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Vibration Control Of Seismic Structures Using Facade Mass Isolation Model - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.424.1

  tick  Vibration-Based Tension Force Estimation Of External Post-Tensioned Tendons: Experimental Study - صفحه:1-2- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Viscoelastic Connection: An Efficient Tool For Random Seismic Pounding Mitigation - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  Wavelet Analysis For Tidal Gauges Including Tsunami Data - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  آنالیز و طراحی میراگر اصطکاکی با لنت ترمز بتنی و ارائه روش طراحی در ساختمان‌های میان‌مرتبه مجهز به آن - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.333.0

  tick  آنالیز پاسخ لرزه ای دیوار خاک مسلح - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.345.2

  tick  اثر اندرکنش خاک و سازه بر روی عملکرد لرزه ای سیستم دوگانه قاب و دیوار بتن آرمه - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.518.5

  tick  اثر سربار اعمالی بر رفتار لرزه‌ای دیوارهای وزنی پشت شکسته - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  اثر ورق تقویتی بال و نبشی جان در اتصال پس کشیده تیر فولادی به ستون مرکب - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  اثرات لرزه‌ای غیرخطی ساختگاه در توپوگرافی‌های پرشده آبرفتی متخلخل اشباع - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.317.4

  tick  ارائه روشی جدید جهت برآورد طیف انرژی هیسترتیک با لحاظ نمودن اثرات نوع خاک - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.326.3

  tick  ارائه یک مدل بهبود یافتۀ خود – تنظیم شونده، برای میراگرهای سیال تنظیمی (Tld) جهت کاهش پاسخ لرزه‌ای سازه‌ها - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.492.9

  tick  ارتقاء عملکرد لرزه‌ای قاب خمشی فولادی در برابر زلزله نزدیک گسل پالس‌گونه به کمک میراگر تسلیم‌شونده U شکل - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.393.0

  tick  ارزیابی آسیب‌پذیری و تحلیل شکنندگی پلهای بتنی مقاوم‌سازی شده با در نظرگیری مولفه قائم زلزله - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  ارزیابی احتمال خرابی دیوارهای برشی و تیرها در سیستم‌های دوگانه قاب خمشی و دیوار برشی بتنی - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.432.9

  tick  ارزیابی تاب‌آوری لرزه‌ای قاب خمشی فولادی 9 طبقه مبتنی بر روش Fema P-58 - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.365.2

  tick  ارزیابی حاشیه ایمنی فروریزش قاب‌های خمشی فولادی با نامنظمی جرمی در ارتفاع - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  ارزیابی ضریب نامعینی بر روی سازه های فولادی دارای سیستم مقاوم جانبی مهاربند واگرا - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  ارزیابی عملکرد لرزه ای و تغییر مکان نسبی در سیستم های نمای شیشه ای - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.420.7

  tick  ارزیابی عملکرد لرزه‌ای سازه‌های فولادی مجهز به میراگرهای فلزی منحنی‌شکل - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  ارزیابی لرزه ای ساختمان های نامنظم در ارتفاع دارای دیوار برشی فولادی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.523.0

  tick  ارزیابی مشخصه‌های دینامیکی سازه‌ها با استفاده از تحلیل دینامیکی سازه‌ها - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.423.0

  tick  ارزیابی میراگرهای فلزی منحنی شکل بر بهبود عملکرد لرزه‌ای قاب‌های فولادی - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.491.8

  tick  ارزیابی همبستگی پارامترهای جنبش نیرومند زمین در زلزله های دور ازگسل و پاسخ سازه های قاب خمشی فولادی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.532.9

  tick  ارزیابی پارامترهای موثر بر رفتار لرزه‌ای پل‌های قوسی بتن‌آرمه - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.494.1

  tick  استفاده از جداسازهای ژئوسنتتیکی به منظور کاهش پاسخ لرزه ای مدفن های زباله - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  استفاده از لینک برشی تعویض پذیر در قابهای فولادی به عنوان سیستم باربر جانبی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی آزمایشگاه پاسخ دینامیکی سازه یک درجه آزادی به همراه میراگر مایع تنظیم شده مجهز به بافل - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.533.0

  tick  بررسی آزمایشگاهی رفتار برش درز ملات مصالح بنایی مقاوم‌سازی شده با مصالح مرکب پایه سیمانی مهندسی شده - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.499.6

  tick  بررسی اثر مولفه قائم در ساختمان های بتنی با نامنظمی جرمی و سختی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی اثرات درزهای قائم روی رفتار لرزه‌ای سد بتنی قوسی تحت جنبش‌های متفاوت تکیه‌گاهی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.465.2

  tick  بررسی به مقیاس در آوردن دوگانة شتاب‌نگاشت‌ها برای تحلیل تاریخچه زمانی در سازه‌های قاب خمشی فولادی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.426.3

  tick  بررسی تاثیر تغییرات وزن و عمق مدفون شدگی فونداسیون بر تغییر مکان جانبی سازه درسیستم اندرکنش خاک - سازه - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی تاثیر اجرای ضوابط تجویزی آئین نامه ای در ایجاد مودهای خرابی ساختمان های بنایی کلاف دار در زلزله ازگله کرمانشاه - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.456.3

  tick  بررسی تاثیر زلزله آبان ماه 1396 سرپل ذهاب بر سد تنظیمی هیروی با استفاده از داده های ابزاردقیق - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.381.8

  tick  بررسی تحلیلی عملکرد لرزه‌ای دیوارهای مصالح بنایی غیرمسلح تقویت شده با استفاده از تسمه‌های فولادی قطری - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.368.5

  tick  بررسی تحلیلی قاب‌های بتن مسلح میان‌پر مصالح بنایی تحت سطوح بارهای محوری مختلف - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.435.2

  tick  بررسی دو بعدی اثرات ساختگاه در پاسخ لرزه ای گودها و ساختمان های مجاور - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.519.6

  tick  بررسی رفتار لرزه‌ای دیوارهای بتن‌آرمه تقویت شده با ورق‌های Frp - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.433.0

  tick  بررسی رفتار لرزه‌ای قاب فولادی واگرا با فیوز قائم ورقه‌ای با حالت سینوسی و ذوزنقه‌ای در ضخامت‌های مختل - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی رفتار لرزه‌ای مخازن آب هوایی فولادی آسیب دیده در زلزله ازگله کرمانشاه (1396) با احتساب اندرکنش خاک– سازه - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی زلزله‎های حوزه نزدیک بر پاسخ لرزه‎ای سازه‎های فولادی با مهار‎بندی واگرا با نامنظمی‌جرمی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی ضریب کاهش مقاومت تسلیم بواسطه شکل‌پذیری برای زلزله های حوزه نزدیک و دور از گسل - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی عملکرد دیوارهای بنایی غیرمسلح در زلزله سرپل ذهاب - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.487.4

  tick  بررسی عملکرد لرزه‌ای قاب‌های بتن مسلح مقاوم سازی شده با سیستم مهاربند واگرا - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی عملکرد لرزه‌ای قاب‌های میان‌پر مقاوم سازی شده توسط بتن پاششی - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی عملکرد میراگر مایع تنظیم شده با پره ثابت بر پاسخ ساختمان معیار پنج طبقه تحت زلزله حوزه دور و نزدیک - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی لرزه ای اتصال پین فیوز پیچی اصطکاکی در قاب خمشی (Pin-Fuse Sbc) و مقایسه آن با اتصال تیربه ستون متداول - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.421.8

  tick  بررسی و ارزیابی کارآمدی ضریب اهمیت در تحقق سطوح عملکردی در ساختمان های فولادی با سیستم مهاربندی واگرا (Ebf) به روش استاتیکی خطی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی و ارزیابی کارآمدی عملکرد قاب مهاربندی هم محور فولادی در تحقق سطح عملکردی قابلیت استفاده بی وقفه به روش استاتیکی خطی و غیرخطی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  بررسی و مقایسه در روند تخریب سازه آجری و بتنی با استفاده از انفجار - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.369.6

  tick  بررسی پارامتریک دیوارهای بنایی مقاوم‌سازی شده با مصالح مرکب پایه سیمانی مهندسی شده - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.469.6

  tick  بررسی پاسخ ماندگار قاب های خمشی فولادی مجهز به میراگر اصطکاکی پال تحت اثر تحریکات لرزه ای - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  تاثیر بار سیکلیک چرخ خودرو بر شیارافتادگی راه های شوسه با بستر مسلح شده با ژئوسل - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  تاثیر حضور شمع های مسلح کننده خاک در پاسخ لرزه ای سطح زمین با استفاده از روش عددی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.416.3

  tick  تاثیر موقعیت قرارگیری ساختگاه بر روی پاسخ لرزه‌ای سیستم‌های تک درجه آزاد فولادی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.464.1

  tick  تبیین معیارهای مسکن موقت پس از زلزله بر مبنای تحلیل پارامترهای نظام انسانی در استقرار فضایی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  تحلیل خطر لرزه‌ای در گستره شهرهای اهواز و بهبهان با استفاده از روش‌های آماری، قطعی و احتمالاتی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.436.3

  tick  تحلیل دینامیکی لوله‌های مدفون تحت اثر بار انفجار با روش دیفرانسیل کوادرچر - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  تحلیل شکست توده های سنگیِ ترک دار تحت بار فشار-برشی - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  تعیین شتاب بیشینه زمین طراحی بر مبنای رویکرد ریسک-محور برای شهرهای بندری مهم جنوب ایران - صفحه:1-11- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.321.8

  tick  توسعه تحلیل پوش اور مدال بهینه شده به منظور برآورد پاسخ لرزه ای قابهای خمشی فولادی در محدوده فروریزش - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  توسعه منحنی های شکنندگی ساختمان های نامتقارن بتن آرمه مجهز به میراگر ویسکوز - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  خوشه بندی کاتالوگ لرزه ای زاگرس با استفاده از مدل توالی همه گیر پسلرزه ها (Etas) - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  رزیابی پاسخ لرزه‌ای ساختمان‌ها با در نظر گرفتن اندرکنش دینامیکی خاک و سازه با لایه‌بندی متفاوت خاک - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.417.4

  tick  شبیه سازی فروپاشی ناشی از زمین لرزه در ساختمان های بسیار بلند با هسته مرکزی لوله قابی و ابرمهاربندها - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.354.1

  tick  شناسایی پسلرزه ها در زمین لرزه های 2017 هجدک با استفاده از پارامترهای لرزه خیزی - صفحه:1-5- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.378.5

  tick  طراحی لرزه‌ای مبتنی بر تغییرمکان قاب‌های خمشی بتن‌آرمه با در نظر گرفتن اثر اندرکنش خاک و سازه - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  کاربرد شبیه سازی مونت کارلو در ارزیابی خطر لرزه ای منطقه لنگرود- تخمین زمین لرزه های سناریو - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.505.2

  tick  محاسبات پیشرو روش Hvsr تحت رویکرد میدان پخشی و وارون‌سازی پروفیل سرعت موج برشی در ایستگاهی واقع درشهر تهران - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  محاسبه سختی جانبی قاب‌های خمشی بتن مسلح تحت اثر میانقاب‌ها و بازشوها - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مدل تحلیلی برای شبیه‌سازی رفتار گهواره‌ای پایه پل تاب‌آور مرکزگرا - صفحه:1-6- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.362.9

  tick  مدل تحلیلی رفتار هیسترتیک اتصال تیر به ستون پیش ساخته ی بتنی گروتی- تزریقی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مدل‌سازی سانتریفیوژی روند توسعه گسلش شیب‌لغز در ماسه خشک و مرطوب با استفاده از مخزن گسلش جدید - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مروری بر به کارگیری سبکدانه در بتن خودترمیم با باکتری از دیدگاه سازه ای - صفحه:1-9- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.454.1

  tick  مطالعه موردی سازه پروژه بیمارستان آتیه غرب 2 مجهز به سیستم میرایی اصطکاکی – دورانی - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مقایسه ی رفتار غیرخطی ساختمان های طراحی شده با دو روش نیرویی و تغییرمکانی - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.455.2

  tick  مقایسه پاسخ‌های لرزه‌ای قاب‌های خمشی فولادی با و بدون هسته گهواره‌ای - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مکان یابی ایستگاه های لرزه نگاری با رویکرد تصمیم گیری با معیارهای چندگانه - صفحه:1-10- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.342.9

  tick  مکان یابی بهینه محرک های هیدرولیکی فعال، بر پایه روش بهینه سازی چند هدفه مسابقه طناب کشی، برای کنترل رفتار لرزه ای پل بزرگراه - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.

  tick  مکانیابی مرکز فرماندهی مدیریت بحران زلزله (E.O.C) با استفاده از منطق فازی (مطالعه موردی: منطقه 5 شهرداری تهران) - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.419.6

  tick  منحنی شکنندگی پل‌های بزرگراهی چند دهانه با در نظر گرفتن پارامترهای خسارت چندگانه - صفحه:1-7- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.329.6

  tick  پاسخ لرزه‌ای سازه‌های غیرخطی جداسازی شده تحت برخورد - صفحه:1-8- DOR:20.1001.2.9819010854.1398.8.1.527.4

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