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   کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در نوآوری و فناوری   
سال:1395 - دوره:1 - اولین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در نوآوری و فناوری - کد همایش: 95151-21601

  tick  A Remote Exercise Training, Monitoring And Assessment Based On Virtual Reality Environment And Depth Sensor- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  A Survey On Factors Affecting Taxpayers’ Satisfaction Of Tax Infotmation System- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  A Theoretical Approach To The Chaotic Time Series Prediction Using Mimo Anfis- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Applicability Of Concentration-Volume Fractal Model In Order To Delineate Extraction Blocks; Case Study: Sangan, A' Anomaly- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Bottom-Up Development Of Innovation Strategy, Based On National Indices In Global Innovation Index- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Competitive Intelligence As A Sustainable Competitive Advantage For Innovativeness- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Competitive Strategies Of Knowledge And Innovation Commercialization: A Unified Swot And Fuzzy Ahp Approach- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Culture Of Innovation In Government Agencies- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Data Mining Techniques For Customer Churn Prediction- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Developing Knowledge-Standards Created By Academic Research And Development- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Digital Media Business: Law And Copyright Challenges- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Evaluating Reverse Impact Of Trade Agreements Of Energy Trading Companies In Trade Creation- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Evaluating The Effects Of Price Fluctuations On Performance Of Oil And Gas Companies- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Evaluation Of The Growth Of The Turkish Health System And How To Implement It In Iran- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Future Studies Of Future Cities: New Concepts In Urban Planning- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Green Innovation And Smes Development: The Role Of Green Entrepreneurship In Smes Development In The Market Turbulence Conditions- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Identifying The Factors Of Pollution Problems In Urban Transportation And Providing Executive Approaches In Tehran City- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Impact Of Co-Creation On Innovation Capability And Firm Performance: A Structural Equation Modeling- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Impact Of Opportunity Confidence On New Value Creation Intention: Does Experience Matter?- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Innovation, Creativity And Entrepreneurship In Structural Engineering Subtitle- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Investigation Of Shielding Gas Composition On Formation Of Porosity In Flux Core Arc Welding Of A516 Gr70- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Managing Big Data Challenges In The Health Care Business- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Media Entrepreneurship: An Innovation-Based Conceptualization- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  New Venture Creation: How Start-Ups Grow?- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Ranking Of Successful Affecting Factors Of Smes Entry To International Markets With Fuzzy-Ahp- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Restrictions And Legal Challenges For Foreign Investment In The Media Market In Iran- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Scenario Planning Of Internet Banking Using A System Dynamics Simulation- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Security Implications And Requirements (Cloud Environment)- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Service Performance In Public Healthcare System: Data Envelopment Analysis- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Study The Effect Of Perceived Value And Trust On Customer Loyalty In Web-Based Service Industry Case Study: Digikala Website- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Sustainable And Flexible Human Resource Management For Innovative Organizations- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Conceptual Model Of Successful Affecting Factors Of Smes Entry To International Markets- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Effect Of National Income On Government'S Expenditures In The Context Of The Median Voter Model In Iran- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Effect Of Service Quality And Innovation On Word Of Mouth Marketing Success- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Impact Of Educational Expenditures Of Government On Economic Growth Of Iran- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Impact Of The Trading House Capabilities On Their Performance With Respect To The Role Of The Level Of Contact With Customer- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Land Rental System And Diffusion Of Telecom Infrastructure In Ghana: An Institutional And Transaction Economics Approach- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Relationship Between Audit Report Delay And Investment Opportunities- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Relationship Between The Power Of Competition In Markets And Tax Avoidance: Evidences From Tehran Stock Exchange- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  The Role Of Technology In The United Nations Convention On Climate Change- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  To Investigate The Solutions For Privacy In The Analysis Of Big Data- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Using Fuzzy Logic Controller And Innovation Switching Control For Increase The Stability Of The Frequency Wind Turbine Under Maximum Wind Speed Changes- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Why Hiding Knowledge In Knowledge-Based Organizations? (Case Study: Organizations In Iran)- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  Women Entrepreneurship: Effect Of Social Capital, Innovation And Market Knowledge- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  الگوی مفهومی مدیریت خلاقیت و نوآوری در تولید محتوای تلویزیونی برای سازمان صداوسیما- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  بررسی تاثیر تبلیغات، آگهی‌ها و حضور در نمایشگاه ها بر شاخص های مالی- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  بررسی تطبیقی سازمان های مالیاتی با تاکید بر طرح جامع مالیاتی و مدل های فناوری اطلاعات- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  بررسی کیفیت بهداشتی هوای شهر ارومیه بر اساس شاخص Aqi طی سال های 92 و 93- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  بررسی میزان تاثیر عوامل تشکیل دهنده شاخص درآمد سرانه- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  بررسی چگونگی رشد سیستم سلامت ترکیه و نحوه پیاده‌سازی آن در ایران- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  تاثیر فرآیند مدیریت دانش بر توسعه عملکرد نوآورانه سازمانهای دولتی- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  تحلیل کارآمدی فعالیتهای مرتبط با مدیریت پژوهش و فناوری در حوزه ارتباط صنعت و دانشگاه های کشور و ارائه راهکار جهت بهبود حوزه ارتباط صنعت و دانشگاه در ایران51- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  توسعه مدل قیمت گذاری دارایی های سرمایه ای با تکیه بر مدل فاما و فرنچ: تاثیر تغییرات تولید ناخالص داخلی بر بازده سهام در بورس اوراق بهادار تهران- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  توسعه و بررسی عوامل تاثیر گذار بر بروز حباب قیمت در بورس اوراق بهادار تهران- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  جایگاه فناوری اطلاعات در عملیات حسابداری- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  شناسایی نیازهای مشتریان خدمات فروشگاه زنجیره‌ای با استفاده از مدل کانو وQfd (مورد مطالعه: فروشگاه هایپراستار در شهر اصفهان)- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  کاهش آلودگی های زیست محیطی با استفاده از ساختمان های کربن صفر(Zcb)- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  محرمانگی در اینترنت اشیا- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  نقش دانشگاهها در توسعه نوآوری و کارآفرینی- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

  tick  نقش دوگانه نوآوری و فناوری در پیشرفت جوامع صنعتی و غیر صنعتی رویکرد آموزش محوری در خلاقیت و نوآوری جوامع غیر صنعتی- DOR:20.1001.2.9515121601.1395.

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