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  tick  A Study Of The Predictability Of Iranian Efl Teachers’ Resilience And Motivation From Their Level Of Burnout

  tick  A Study Of Writing Tasks In Newly-Developed Iranian Senior High School English Textbooks

  tick  Are The Students Of Farhangian University In Markazi Province Satisfied With The Virtual Training During The Corona Epidemic?

  tick  Comparative Diachronic Study Of Lexical Bundles In English Novels

  tick  Culturally Responsive Teaching In Tefl Curriculums: Exploring Efl Teachers' Experiences

  tick  Deconstructing Foreign Languages Education Policy In Iran: A Documentary Analysis

  tick  Dynamic Written Corrective Feedback: Toward Developing Students’ Writing Accuracy, Goal-Achievement And Teachers’ Pedagogical Knowledge

  tick  Efl Learners’ Anxiety When Using Lms And Whatsapp: A Mixed-Methods Study

  tick  Efl Teacher-Supervisors’ Attitudes Toward Supervision In Iranian Language Schools

  tick  Efl Teachers' Perceived School Goal Structure: Understanding The Link Between Teachers' Perceptions And Their Professional Development

  tick  Encapsulation In Student Writing: Across Disciplinary Study

  tick  English Language Teachers' Assessment Literacy: A Self-Appraisal Assessment Literacy Measure

  tick  Enriching Student Teaching Experiences Through Follow-Up Collegial Discussions

  tick  Evaluating “English For The Students Of Medicine” Textbook: Focusing On Reading Comprehension Activities

  tick  Evaluation Of Pre-Intermediate Three (Pre-3) English Textbook Of Iran Language Institute

  tick  Evaluation Of Reading Comprehension Questions In English For The Students Of Computer Textbooks: Examining The Possible Generation Gap

  tick  Examining Biomarkers Of Stress Over The Process Of Teaching Among Teachers Of English As A Foreign Language

  tick  Exploring The Effects Of Flipped Instruction On Efl Students' Achievement And Perceptions: Old Habits Die Hard

  tick  Focusing On The Role Of Internship Prospect As An Activity Based Learning Among University Efl Learners: A Case Study

  tick  Interlanguage Pragmatics And Emotional Intelligence: Is Efl Learners’ Politeness Strategies Manifested In Requests Under Question?

  tick  Investigating The Effect Of Implementation Of Paperless Settings On The Performance Of Efl Learners Compared To Paper Based Settings

  tick  Investigating The Effects Of Blended Learning On Achievements And Attitudes Of Efl High School Students For Developing Listening Comprehension

  tick  Iranian Language School Managers’ Attitudes Towards Efl Teacher Supervision

  tick  Learning English Vocabulary In The Gamified Flipped And Blended Classrooms: A Triangulated Study

  tick  Literature Teaching Models And Efl Learners’ Cultural Awareness

  tick  Massed Versus Spacing Instruction Impression On Efl Learners' Writing Attainment: Fluency, Accuracy And Complexity In Focus

  tick  Mind, Brain, And Education From Theory To Practice: Examining Educators’ Knowledge And Value Of Brain Science And Its Impact On Literacy Practices

  tick  Phraseological Complexity And Academic Writing Proficiency: A Corpus-Based Study Of Abstracts Authored By Apprentice And Expert Writers

  tick  Rasch Measurement As A Measurement Model To Construct Scales For Assessing Efl Learners’ Productive Skills

  tick  Shad Vs Bbb: A Comparative Study Of Online English Teaching In Iran

  tick  Spiritual Intelligence And Complexity, Accuracy And Fluency In Efl Learners’ Oral Performance

  tick  Structural And Functional Properties Of Lexical Bundles Across Three Time Periods

  tick  Teacher Reflection: The Impact Of Demographic Characteristics

  tick  The Correlation Between Advanced Efl Learners' Metacognitive Awareness And Their Listening Comprehension

  tick  The Effect Of Online Classes On The Language Learning Motivation Of Iranian High School Students During Covid-19 Pandemic

  tick  The Effect Of Socio-Economic Status On Motivation In Learning English As A Foreign Language: A Study In Iran

  tick  The Effect Of Two Collaborative Output Tasks On Efl Learners’ Grammatical Accuracy

  tick  The Efficiency Of Nlp Techniques On Iranian Undergraduate Efl Learners’ Efficacy, Self‐Concept And Academic Achievement

  tick  The Impact Of Demographic Characteristics On The Self-Efficacy Perception Of Iranian English Teachers

  tick  The Impact Of Skyroom On Vocabulary Learning Of 11th Grade Students In Gonabad Schools

  tick  The Impact Of Teacher-Selected Vs. Student-Selected Discussion Groups On Speaking Fluency Of Extrovert Vs. Introvert Iranian Efl Learners

  tick  The Influence Of Summary Writing On The Development Of Efl Learners’ Reading Comprehension Across Two Proficiency Levels

  tick  The Investigation Of The Relationship Between Brain Executive Function And Writing Skills With The Mediating Role Of Self-Regulatory English Learning Strategies

  tick  The Representation Of Multiple Intelligences In Esp Textbooks; A Content Analysis Of Technical High School Course Books Regarding Language Learners’ Mi Profile

  tick  Using The Augmented Reality Game-Supported Flipped Classrooms For Teaching Reading Comprehension Skills To Medical Students

  tick  Using Total Physical Response Method In Early Young Learner Foreign Language Teaching Environments

  tick  Visual And Auditory Input Enhancement: Can They Promote Academic Vocabulary Learning?

  tick  بررسی ارتباط خود تنظیمی و انگیزه تحصیلی در دانش آموزان متوسطه اول شهرستان دهلران

  tick  مروری بر مطالعات بازخورد اصلاحی در فرایند زبان دوم/خارجی‌آموزی

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