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   کنفرانس بین المللی دوسالانه نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی   
سال:1399 - دوره:3 - سومین دوره کنفرانس بین المللی دوسالانه نفت، گاز و پتروشیمی - کد همایش: 99200-29885

  tick  A Brief Review Of Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Materials, Properties And Performance - صفحه:1-15

  tick  A Cfd Analysis On Proppant Transport In Fracture For Foam-Based Fracturing Fluid - صفحه:1-12

  tick  A Deep Learning Approach For Prediction Of Dead Oil Viscosity - صفحه:1-11

  tick  A Reservoir Characterization And Potentiality Of Economic Viability: A Case Study Of K-Creek Oil Field In Niger Delta. - صفحه:1-13

  tick  A Review Of Methods Of Completing Wells And Investigating Case Studies In Qatar, Indonesia And Iran With A Systematic Approach - صفحه:1-29

  tick  A Review Of Technologies For The Control Of Biological Pollutants In The Environment - صفحه:1-22

  tick  A Review On Sustainable Hybrid Water Treatment Processes - صفحه:1-25

  tick  A Thermoswitchable, Hydrophobically-Crosslinked Hydrogel As An Injectable Underwater Adhesive - صفحه:1-4

  tick  An Experimental And Numerical Approach To Breakdown Behavior In Gas Discharge Between Mn Nano-Flower Thinfilm As Cathode And A Stainless-Steel Ball As Anode - صفحه:1-12

  tick  An Experimental Study On The Performance Of Porous Pes And Pc Hollow Fiber Membranes On Air Humidification Process - صفحه:1-8

  tick  An Incremental-Analytical Solution For Variable-Coefficient Advection-Diffusion Equations In Simulating River Flow - صفحه:1-8

  tick  An Investigation Into The Effect Of Fracture Opening On Empirical Foam Parameters - صفحه:1-8

  tick  An Investigation Of Various Salts And Ph'S Effect On Fine Migration In Sandstone Reservoirs - صفحه:1-11

  tick  An Overview Of Plasma Application For Improved Oil Recovery - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Analysing The Methods Of Preparing Nanofluids For Enhanced Oil Recovery - صفحه:1-17

  tick  Application Of Ceramic Microfiltration Membrane In Separation Of Greywater - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Application Of Ion Exchange Resins To Reduce Hardness, Corrosion And Scaling Of Drinking Water - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Application Of Ion-Exchange Resins In Petrochemical Industries - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Assessing The Effect Of Crushing On The X-Ray Diffraction Pattern Of The Asphaltene Sample - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Assessment Of Different Factor On Remediation Of Tphs Contaminated Soil - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Bim (Building/Project Information Modeling), Ar/Vr Technology & Innovation In Safety Monitoring/Management Of Oil & Gas Project/Plants - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Catalytic Tri-Reforming Of Methane Using Flue Gas From Energy Intensive Processes For Synthesis Gas Production - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Cfd Simulation Of Top-Fired Steam Methane Reforming Furnace - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Combination Of Electrocoagulation And Electrooxidation For Produced Water Treatment - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Comparision Of Vapor Recompression With Vapor Recompression With An Intermediate Reboiler Methods For Separation Propane- Propylene Mixture - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Comparison Between Axial-Radial Plate Reactor And Shell And Tubes Reactor For Methanol Synthesis - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Comparison Of Pressure Swing Distillation And Extractive Distillation Methods In Separation Of Maximum-Boiling Hemogenous Azeotropic Acetone-Chloroform Mixture - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Comparison Of Vapor Recompression And Modified Vapor Recompression Methods In Separation Of Close Boiling Mixtures - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Comparsion Of Thermal And Catalytic Pyrolysis For Conversion Of Plastic To Fuel - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd) Analysis Of Flow Characteristics Of Heavy Crude Oil-In-Water Emulsion Through Pipelines - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Cubic Ordered Mesoporous Alumina Supported Nickel Catalysts In Drm Reaction: Effect Of Calcination Temperature - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Dendritic Polymer Immobilized On Nanosilica: An Effective And Recyclable Adsorbent For The Removal Of Copper Ions From Aqueous System - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Determination Of Rock Type Using Winland And Smlp Methods And Combining It With Petrophysical Analysis Of Well Logging Bangestan Reservoir In Shadegan Oil Field. - صفحه:1-21

  tick  Discharge Of Dense Effluents Containing Suspended Solids: A Cfd Analysis - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Effects Of Cast Extrusion Line Speed On The Crystallinity Of Lldpe Stretch Films - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Energy Audit And Process Simulation Of A Gas Refinery Stabilization Unit - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Equivalent Circulating Density Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Establishment Of Integrity Management System Of Oil And Gas Transmission Pipelines With Environmental Risk Assessment Approach Based On Api 1160 And Asme B31.8s Standards - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Estimate Of Thermal Conductivity Coefficient For Cfcs By Use Of Cubic Equations (Tkp Model) - صفحه:1-18

  tick  Estimation Of Energy Demand In Bushehr Province In The Household Sector Using Leap Model - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Ethanol Purification Using Carbon Nanotube-Filled Polydimethylsiloxane Mixed Matrix Membranes - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Evaluating The Effect Of Impurities On The Diffusion Coefficient Of Co2 By Molecular Dynamics Simulation: Application To Co2 Sequestration Process - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Evaluating The Effects Of New Natural Surfactants On The Wettability Alteration Of Carbonate Rocks And Water/Air Surface Tension Reduction - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Evaluation Of The Properties Polyether Block Amide / Polyethersolfon Membranes, Including Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles For Separation Co2 And Ch4 - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Evaluation Of Volatile Organic Compounds Released From Wastewater Treatment Plants Of Oil Refineries Using Emission Factor - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Experimental Evaluation Of Improvement Of Water Base Drilling Fluids Rheological Properties On Formation Damage - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Experimental Investigation And Prediction Of Pour Point Using Artificial Intelligence - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Immiscible Injection Of Co2 In The Sandstone Sand-Packs - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Ni+2 Ion Sorption From Synthtic Wastewater By Mof Mil-53(Cr) In A Fixed-Bed Adsorption Column - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Experimental Reduction Of Condensate Trapping By Caco3 Nanofluid Injection In Sandpacks - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Experimental Study Of Biochemical Eor In Oil-Wet Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Experimental Study Of The Effects Of SurfactantsOn Precipitation And Deposition Of Asphaltene InPipelines - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Experimental Study Of The Effects Of Surfactants On Precipitation And Deposition Of Asphaltene In Pipelines - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Experimental Study Of Water Alternating- Co2 Coreflooding Performance As Enhanced Oil Recovery - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Experimental Study On Membrane Efficiency Of Shales Through Pore Pressure Transmission Measurements - صفحه:1-20

  tick  Experimental Study On The Influence Of An Induced Magnetic Field On Corrosion Behavior Of Drilling Casing Of Oil And Gas Wells In Aqueous Hcl Solution - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Extraction And Determination Of Some Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Pollutants In Persian Gulf Water - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Fabrication And Characterization Of Coelectrospun Polycaprolactone/Chitosan Nanofibrous Mats - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Fabrication Of Platinum Nanoparticles By Fiber Laser Ablation In Water - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Flare Radiation And Dispersion Consequence Modeling; Case Study Ahvaz One Operational Area Flare - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Fuel Production Form Polypropylene Through Thermal Pyrolysis Process - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Fuzzy Ahp-Based Decision Making For Prioritizing Pet Chemical Recycling Methods - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Geochemical Characteristics Of Bangestan Reservoir In One Of The S.W. Iranian Oilfield - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Heat Integration Of Azeotropic Distillation Using Benzene And Cyclohexane As Entrainers And Pressure Swing Distillation For Separation Of Water–Ethanol Mixture - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Heat Integration Of Direct, Indirect, And Prefractionator Arrangements Using Multi-Effect Distillation Method In Separation Of Ternary Mixtures - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Hydrodynamic Optimization Of Membrane Bioreactors Using Baffles With Different Geometries By Computational Fluid Dynamics - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Hydrogen Produced In A Multi-Fuel Process By Methanol, Dimethyl Ether With Catalyst Cuo/Ceo2 - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Impact Of Anisotropic Permeability On Oil Recovery Using Sp Flooding: A Simulation Approach - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Implications Of Crude Oil Price Change On Managing Human Resource In Oil And Gas Organizations: A Focus Group Study - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Improving The Reliability And Economy Of Hydrate Blockage Prevention Techniques - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Incentives For Combined Photovoltaic And Battery Storage System In Industrial Scale - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Introducing A New Method In Energy Optimization Of N-Butane And I-Butene Separation Process - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Investigation Of Drilling Mud Based On Bentonite, Using Sepiolite Nanoparticles In It - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Investigation Of Gas-Cap Effects On Pressure-Transient Response In Naturally Fractured Reservoirs - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Investigation Of Parameters Affecting Zeta Potential - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Investigation Of The Effect Of Gas Relief Forces Management In The Face Of Crisis ( Natural Disasters, Floods And Earthquakes) On The Performance Of The Gas Supply System Elements - صفحه:1-32

  tick  Life Cycle Assessment (Lca) Of Phase Change Materials (Pcms): A Mini-Review On Building Applications - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Mathematical Modeling Of Counter-Current Spontaneous Imbibition In A Single Block - صفحه:1-21

  tick  Methanol Production From Glucose FermentationPlant As Feed Stream - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Modeling Of Water Fluid Behavior And Changes In Velocity, Concentration And Pressure In Symmetric Microchannel By Comsol Software - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Modelling Of Heat And Mass Transfer In Dcmd: Study Of Membrane Parameters - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Modification Of The Natural Gas Dehydration Unit To Reduce Btex Emission - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Network Debottlenecking And Flow Assurance Optimization For An Offshore Field In Sout East Asia - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Numerical Analysis Of Fluid Flow In A Deformable Porous Medium Using Finite Element Method - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Numerical Simulation Of Co2-Wag Process For Proper Design Of Operating Parameters - صفحه:1-17

  tick  Optimization And Recycling Of Wastewater In The Cooling Tower Of Bidboland Gas Refining Company - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Optimization Of Wax Inhibitor In One Of Iranian Oil Fields - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Pdms Mixed Matrix Membranes Modified By Graphene Nanosheets For Ethanol/Water Pervaporation - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Performance Of A Pilot-Scale Vermifilter For Domestic Wastewater Treatment - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Petrochemical Wastewater Pretreatment: A Review - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Petroleum Geology, Oil Pollution, And Human Health: Review Of Case Studies In Bushehr Province - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Petrophysical Evaluation Of Fahliyan Reservoir Formation - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Predicting The Carbon Dioxide Hydrate Formation Temperatures In The Presence Of Amino Acids - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Prediction Of Conductivity Coefficient For Fluorocarbon Refrigerants R11, R22 And R32 By Cubic Equations - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Prediction Of Lle Data Of The Mixture (Hexane+Benzene+Tetrahexylammonium Bromide:Ethylene Glycol) Using Cosmo-Sac Model - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Review Of Low Salt Water Injection In Carbonate Reservoirs To Increase Oil Harvest - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Role Of Carbon Nanotubes On The Rheological And Thermal Properties Of Polyethylene/Carbon Fiber Composites - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Saft-Γ Equation Of State To Model The High-Pressure Densities Of Imidozalium-Based Ionic Liquids With Cyano-Functionalized Anions - صفحه:1-15

  tick  Seems Dragon Is After A Closer Foothold In The Oil Fields: Elite & Corporate Social Responsibility In Sustainable Environmental Protection - صفحه:1-6

  tick  Severe Wellbore Instability In Gachsaran Formation Necessitating Casing While Drilling And Continuous Circulation System - صفحه:1-22

  tick  Simulation And Economic Study Of Biodiesel Production Process With Supercritical Methanol In Different Ratios Of Methanol To Oil - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Simulation And Modeling Of Nitrate Extraction In Membrane Contactors Using Comsol And Matlab - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Simulation Investigation And Interpretation Of Carbonated Water Injection In A Single Matrix Block - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Simulation Investigation Of Spontaneous Water Imbibition In A Matrix-Fracture System - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Simulation Of Stress And Strain Changes In Rock Fissured Matrix By Poroelastic Model And Calculating Porosity And Permeability Reductions By Comsol Software - صفحه:1-20

  tick  Simulation Of The Aerosol Nucleation Rate In An Amine Absorption Column - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Spectral Conversion Of Light Using Rhodamine 6g For Enhancing The Nitrate Removal Rate Of Green Microalgae Chlorella Sp. - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Stability Analysis Of Vertical Well Wall Using Numerical Modeling In One Of Iran'S Oil Wells - صفحه:1-17

  tick  Stretching Poly (Lactic Acid) Extruded Films At Different Drawing Speeds And Temperatures - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Study Of Methods For Remediation Of Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Media Using Analytical Hierarchy Process - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Synthesis Of Superhydrophobic, Hierarchical Teflon Coating And Its Applications: Reduction Of Organic And Inorganic Scales, Prevention Of Corrosion - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Ternary Blend Nanocomposites With Two Types Of Organoclays: A Study On Morphological Properties - صفحه:1-8

  tick  The Deterioration Of Oil Prices And Its Causes - صفحه:1-9

  tick  The Effect Of Blending Polycarbonate With Polyvinylchloride On The Membrane Surface Porosity And Pore Size - صفحه:1-7

  tick  The Effect Of Brine’S Salinity On The Content Of Emulsion Created In The Oil And Brine Interface - صفحه:1-8

  tick  The Feasibility Based Conceptual Decision-Making Approach For Carbon Capture And Storage (Ccs) Technologies In Green Technology Management - صفحه:1-13

  tick  The Mitigation Of Formation Damage In Seawater Flooding By Scale Inhibitors - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Thermodynamic Modeling Of H2s Solubility In [Bmim][Pf6] Using Sl, Srk And NbEquations Of State - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Thermodynamic Modeling Of Methane Hydrate Stability Conditions In The Presence Of Alkanolamine Aqueous Solutions - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Toward Mechanistic Understanding The Effect Of An External Mf On The Hcl Solutions: Experimental Study And Modelling Using Rsm - صفحه:1-11

  tick  Two-Dimensional Mathematical Modeling Of A New Generation Of Industrial Ammonia Synthesis Reactor - صفحه:1-12

  tick  Ultrasonic-Assisted Solvent Extraction Of Lipids From Microalgae - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Usage Of Sar Images In Oil Spill Detection, A Case Study In The Northern Persian Gulf - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Well Clustering And Association Rule Mining - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Xc Polymers In Drilling Mud - صفحه:1-11

  tick  ارزیابی مسئولیت پذیری اجتماعی شرکت های نفتی مستقر در شهرستان عسلویه (رویکرد زیست محیطی) - صفحه:1-18

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