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   Journal Of English Language Teaching And Learning   
سال:2019 - دوره:11 - شماره:24

  tick  A Visual Analysis Of English Language Textbooks: Celebrities’ Role As Cultural Figures - صفحه:55-78

  tick  An Analysis Of Efl Narrative Structure And Foreign Language Proficiency - صفحه:29-53

  tick  Authenticity Of “Language Town” As An Innovation In Assessing Learners’ Speaking Ability: Moving Towards A Virtual Language Town (Vlt) - صفحه:289-302

  tick  Exploring Phrasal Complexity Features In Graduate Students’ Data Commentaries And Research Articles - صفحه:115-153

  tick  Perceptual Learning Styles Preferences: A Comparison Between Language Learners In Second And Foreign Language Settings - صفحه:303-322

  tick  Professional Identity And Teaching Quality: The Case Of Iranian Efl Teachers - صفحه:201-225

  tick  The Effect Of Collaborative Dialogue On Efl Learners’ Noticing Of Pragmatic Forms - صفحه:1-28

  tick  The Effect Of Dogme Language Teaching (Dogme Elt) On L2 Speaking And Willingness To Communicate (Wtc) - صفحه:261-288

  tick  The Effect Of Task Type On Autonomous Efl Learners’ Interactive Negotiations In A Text-Based Synchronous Computer-Mediated Context - صفحه:177-200

  tick  The Effect Of Teaching Formulaic Sequences Through Spaced And Non-Spaced Retrievals On Iranian Efl Learners’ Oral Fluency - صفحه:79-114

  tick  The Political Aspects Of Positivist Elt Research Articles - صفحه:155-176

  tick  The Role Of Sequencing Isolated Form Focused Instruction And Complexity In Developing English Grammatical Knowledge By Iranian Monolinguals And Bilinguals - صفحه:323-350

  tick  “This Is A Food Ad But It Is Presenting Gender Stereotypes!”: Practicing Critical Language Awareness In An Iranian Efl Context - صفحه:227-259

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