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   Journal Of English Language Teaching And Learning   
سال:2019 - دوره:11 - شماره:23

  tick  A Change Without A Change!!: National Curriculum Reform And Efl Teachers’ Motivation In Iran - صفحه:293-325

  tick  A Comparative Study Of Writing Assessment Using Activity Theory-Based Assessment Model (Atbam) And A Traditional Approach - صفحه:1-25

  tick  Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Scaffoldings In Improving The Abstract Genre Structure In A Collaborative Learning Environment: A Call Study - صفحه:327-357

  tick  Cognitively Complex Tasks And Individual Differences: Two Influential Factors In Iranian Efl Learners’ Written Text Quality - صفحه:95-126

  tick  Contributions Of Kards To Iranian Efl University Teachers’ Professional Identity - صفحه:127-156

  tick  Definitional Clarifications In The Introductions Of Phd Theses: A Genre-Based Analysis - صفحه:57-93

  tick  Exploring English Language Literacy As A Form Of Narrative By Tracing Life And Resistance Stories In Curriculum - صفحه:253-275

  tick  Iranian Efl Learners' Beliefs Towards Teaching And Learning Of Pronunciation - صفحه:221-251

  tick  On The Relationship Between Teacher Resilience And Self Efficacy: The Case Of Iranian Efl Teachers - صفحه:277-292

  tick  On The Relationship Between Test-Taking Strategies And Efl Reading Performance - صفحه:189-219

  tick  Relationship Between Classroom Environment, Teacher Behavior, Cognitive And Emotional Engagement, And State Motivation - صفحه:27-56

  tick  Visual Representation Of Culture In A Locally Developed Efl Series - صفحه:157-187

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