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   Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Applied Literature: Dynamics And Advances   
سال:2020 - دوره:8 - شماره:2

  tick  A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Political Implications In Three Persian Translations Of Animal Farm - صفحه:61-86

  tick  Australian Aborigines’ Reconstructed History In Robert Merritt’S Play,The Cake Man - صفحه:265-281

  tick  Book Review: Chamot, A. U. And Harris, V. (Eds.) (2019). Learning Strategy Instruction In The Language Classroom: Issues And Implementation. Bristol:Multilingual Matters. 328 Pages. Isbn-13: 978-1-78892-339-2 - صفحه:283-291

  tick  Can Inspirational Quotes Help The Recall Of Abstract Vocabulary? - صفحه:141-157

  tick  Canon, Bestseller, And Peripheral Novels: Does The Position Of Literary Works In The English Literary Polysystem Influence The Iranian Translators’ Translational Behavior At The Textual Level? - صفحه:75-100

  tick  Editorial: Dear Jalda Reader - صفحه:1-2

  tick  Efl Teacher Educators And Efl Teachers’ Perspectives On Identity-Oriented Teacher Education Programs - صفحه:101-117

  tick  Facing The Challenge Of Generic Hybridity In Eap Research And Pedagogy - صفحه:23-37

  tick  Instructors And Students’ Use Of Literal, Reorganization, And Inferential Reading Strategies - صفحه:179-196

  tick  Jalda’S Interview With Professor James P. Lantolf Dialectical Emergence Of Language And Consciousness In Society - صفحه:3-21

  tick  Linguistic Mnemonics Affecting Learning L2 Idioms - صفحه:219-239

  tick  Postcolonial Borges: “Colonized Intellectual” And“Double Consciousness” In “The Nothingness Of Personality” - صفحه:241-263

  tick  Smartphones And Our Students: A Case Of Undergraduate Students In An Efl Context - صفحه:39-60

  tick  Teachers’ Strategies Used To Foster Teacher-Student And Student-Student Interactions In Efl Conversation Classrooms: A Conversation Analysis Approach - صفحه:119-140

  tick  The Feasibility And Applicability Of Grounded Theory Methodology In Translation Studies: Developing Translator Competence - صفحه:197-217

  tick  Uprising In “Uprising”: A Multimodal Analysis Of Bob Marley’S Lyrics Cosmas Rai Amenorvi - صفحه:159-178

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