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   Iranian Evolutionary And Educational Psychology   
سال:2022 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  A Socioculturally Microgenetic Scrutiny On The Mediational Role Of Teacher/Peer Scaffolding Via Dialogic Collaboration In Efl Speaking Development - صفحه:156-177

  tick  Comparison Of Psychological Problems And Sleep Quality In Two Groups Of Cyberbullying Victims And Normal People - صفحه:103-114

  tick  Conceptual Model Of Managing Students' Learning Culture: Meta-Synthesis Approach - صفحه:36-53

  tick  Designing A Model To Promote Happiness In High School Students - صفحه:124-135

  tick  Effectiveness Of Neuropsychological Intervention On Reading Performance And Executive Functions In Dyslexic Children - صفحه:13-24

  tick  Identification Of Psychological Factors Related To Succession: A Qualitative Study - صفحه:178-190

  tick  Investigating The Effective Factors On Students' Academic Engagement Through The Schools Of Idealism, Realism And Pragmatism - صفحه:115-123

  tick  Predicting The Tendency To High-Risk Behaviors Based On Psychological Flexibility And Attachment Styles In Male And Female High School Students - صفحه:92-102

  tick  Relationship Between Spiritual Intelligence And Academic Engagement: Mediating Role Of Academic Conscience - صفحه:1-12

  tick  The Effectiveness Of A Positive Youth Development Education Program With An Islamic Approach On Social Health And Rumination Of Male Adolescents At Risk Of Methadone Addiction - صفحه:63-72

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Compassion-Based Acceptance And Commitment Group Therapy On Adjustment And Happiness In Patients With Major Depression Disorder - صفحه:25-35

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Individual Education Intervention On Academic Attitudes And Academic Self-Efficacy In Sixth Grade Elementary Students - صفحه:146-155

  tick  The Predictive Effect Of Early Maladaptive Schemas And Hardiness On Burnout Of Elementary School Teachers - صفحه:73-83

  tick  The Relationship Between Family Function, Marital Function And Perceived Social Support Of Mothers With Their Child Abuse Mediated By Anxiety - صفحه:84-91

  tick  The Relationship Between Sequential Implicit Learning And Visuospatial Working Memory Capacity: A Developmental Study - صفحه:54-62

  tick  The Role Of Self-Esteem, Five Personality Factors And Age In The Prediction Of Nomophobia Among Students - صفحه:136-145

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