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   Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Applied Literature: Dynamics And Advances   
سال:2022 - دوره:10 - شماره:2

  tick  Book Review: New Materialist Explorations Into Language Education - صفحه:289-292

  tick  Cultivating Intercultural Communicative Competence Through Interculturally-Laden Tasks: A Qualitative Inquiry. - صفحه:183-209

  tick  Developing And Validating A Potential Evaluation Inventory To Assess Efl Teachers’ Engagement - صفحه:145-181

  tick  Editorial - صفحه:1-2

  tick  Efl Teachers’ Burnout Levels And Their Commitment To Iran Language Institute - صفحه:95-115

  tick  Explicitation As A Translation Universal: Some Controversial Issues - صفحه:277-287

  tick  Exploring Where Perceived Teacher Enthusiasm And Learner Engagement Meet In The Language Classroom - صفحه:35-52

  tick  Fluid Intelligence And Self-Efficacy In Iranian Female And Male Efl Teachers’ Burnout: Possible Relationships And Differences - صفحه:71-93

  tick  Investigating The “Infinite Real” In Jennifer Egan’S A Visit From The Goon Squad: A Metamodernist Approach - صفحه:245-259

  tick  Jalda’S Interview With Dr. Ali Derakhshan - صفحه:3-7

  tick  Politics Of Dasein And The Tragedy Of Dasein In Martin’S A Song Of Ice And Fire - صفحه:261-276

  tick  The Cyclical Model Of Self-Regulated Learning And Metacognitive Awareness Of Iranian Efl Learners’ Grammar Strategies - صفحه:117-144

  tick  The Role Of Guided Reading Method In Reading Comprehension Improvement Of Iranian Oil And Gas Industry Engineers - صفحه:53-70

  tick  Towards The Development Of An Assessment Literacy Questionnaire: The Case Of Iranian Efl Teachers - صفحه:9-34

  tick  Trauma And Recovery In Jeannette Walls’S The Silver Star - صفحه:211-226

  tick  “The Salmon’S Spring Out Of The Water”: A Deleuzean Reading Of Freedom In Iris Murdoch’S The Unicorn - صفحه:227-244

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