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   Iranian Evolutionary And Educational Psychology   
سال:2021 - دوره:3 - شماره:4

  tick  Comparing The Effectiveness Of Instructional Package Of Cognitive- Metacognitive Strategies And Cognitive Intervention In Solving The Mathematical Verbal Problem And Cognitive Functions In Students With Special Learning Disabilities - صفحه:395-418

  tick  Comparison Of School Connectedness, Adjustment And Academic Buoyancy In Iranian And Afghan Elementary Students - صفحه:596-605

  tick  Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Motivational Interview And Motivational Interview With The Orientation Of Islamic Ontology On The Motivation To Change Domestic Violence - صفحه:447-456

  tick  Comparison Of The Mindfulness And Imagery Rescripting And Reprocessing Therapy Effectiveness On Self-Efficacy Among Mothers Of Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder - صفحه:432-446

  tick  Effect Of The Jigsaw-Based Cooperative Learning Method On Sense Of Connectedness With School And Social Skills In Sixth Grade Elementary Students - صفحه:564-573

  tick  Improving Job Performance Of University Department Managers Based On Talent Management And Critical Thinking - صفحه:471-486

  tick  Investigating Teachers' Viewpoint About Challenges Of Technical And Vocational Education - صفحه:517-527

  tick  Predicting Chronic Pain And Self-Regulation Based On Positive And Negative Emotions In Patients With Chronic Pain - صفحه:557-563

  tick  Predicting Commitment And Self-Regulation Based On Identity Processing Styles Among Students In University Of Hormozgan - صفحه:528-535

  tick  Predicting Emotional-Social Competence Based On Academic Engagement, Self-Efficacy And Perception Of School Climate In High School Students - صفحه:574-582

  tick  Psychological And Social Roots Of Academic Exhaustion Of High School Students In Hormozgan Province: Developing A Model Of The Education Sustainability - صفحه:457-470

  tick  The Comparison Of Effectiveness Of Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy And Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program On Covert Relational Aggression Of Couples - صفحه:583-595

  tick  The Effect Of The Mixed Empathy And Anger Management Intervention On Loneliness, Emotional Autonomy And Responsiveness To Stress In Divorce Students - صفحه:536-545

  tick  The Effectiveness Of The Acceptance And Commitment-Based Treatment Matrix Model On Improving The Quality Of Life Of Patients With Major Depression - صفحه:419-431

  tick  The Relationship Between Mental Well-Being And Academic Stress With The Ability To Solve Social Problems In High School Students - صفحه:546-556

  tick  The Relationship Between Parental Psychological Control And Imposter Syndrome Through The Mediation Of Academic Procrastination In Gifted Students - صفحه:487-496

  tick  Toward Designing A Model Of Professional Skills For Iranian Efl Teachers - صفحه:497-516

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