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   International Journal Of Industrial Mathematics   
سال:2021 - دوره:13 - شماره:3

  tick  A Numerical Algorithm For Solving Impulsive Fuzzy Initial Value Problem Based On Fuzzy Methods - صفحه:221-237

  tick  An Interval Model In Interdiction Network Flow - صفحه:279-285

  tick  Effect Of ‎C‎Ross-Section On The Mixing Of Liquid Species In Helix Micromixers, A Numerical Approach‎ - صفحه:353-360

  tick  Efficient ‎M‎Edian And Center Problems: A Bi-Objective Mixed Integer Programming Approach - صفحه:313-321

  tick  Hybrid Genetic For The Single-Source Capacitated Multi-Facility Weber Problem - صفحه:286-299

  tick  Leap Zagreb ‎I‎Ndices Of Some Graph Operations‎ - صفحه:199-209

  tick  Modeling A Concentration Pattern On Critical Paths In Control Of Project Delays - صفحه:211-219

  tick  Multiplication-Like ‎Modules‎ - صفحه:343-352

  tick  Numerical ‎S‎Olution Of A Sir Fractional Model Of The Distribution Of Computer Viruses Using Dickson Polynomials - صفحه:323-331

  tick  Solving ‎F‎Ully Interval Linear Programming Problems Using Ranking Interval Numbers‎ - صفحه:301-312

  tick  Some Improvments Of The Cordero-Torregrosa Method For The Solution Of Nonlinear Equations - صفحه:333-341

  tick  The Generalized Returns To Scale For Multiplicative Models In Data Envelopment Analysis - صفحه:251-260

  tick  T‎‎‎‎He Impact Of Geometric Proportions On Daylight Performance And The Proportions Derived From Nature In Traditional Houses (Case Study:Ardabil’S ‎Houses) - صفحه:261-277

  tick  Uncertain Bcc Data Envelopment Analysis Model With Belief Degree: A Case Study In Iranian Banks - صفحه:239-249

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