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   Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Applied Literature: Dynamics And Advances   
سال:2020 - دوره:8 - شماره:1

  tick  A Cognitive Study Of Conceptual Metaphors In English And Persian: Universal Or Culture-Specific? - صفحه:9-31

  tick  A Metadiscourse Analysis Over Interactive Vs Interactional Resources Within English Academic Articles In Arts And Humanities - صفحه:225-245

  tick  A Model Of Authors’ Generic Competence Of Eap Research Articles: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis Approach - صفحه:199-224

  tick  An Investigation Of The Intervention Of Zimmerman & Hutchin’S (2003) Information Synthesization Vs. Visualization On Iranian Undergraduate Esp Accounting Learners’ Reading Comprehension Achievement Across Gender - صفحه:94-110

  tick  An Investigation Of The Online Farsi Translation Of Metadiscourse Markers In American Presidential Debates - صفحه:51-64

  tick  Book Review: Masayuki Teranishi, Yoshifumi Saito, And Katie Wales (Eds.), Literature And Language Learning In The Efl Classroom, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015. - صفحه:247-249

  tick  Editorial: Dear Jalda Reader - صفحه:1-2

  tick  Immortality In The Great Religions And Myths Of Iran, Mesopotamia, Sumer, And Greece - صفحه:77-92

  tick  Jalda’S Interview With Professor Luise Von Flotow - صفحه:3-7

  tick  Kitchen Sink Drama And Naturalism: Trends Of Post-War English Theatre - صفحه:139-149

  tick  Literature As History In Twelve Years A Slave And Its Movie Adaptation - صفحه:65-75

  tick  Motivational Determinants Of Code-Switching In Iranian Efl Classrooms - صفحه:151-173

  tick  Postcolonial Reading Of Joseph Conrad’S Lingard Trilogy - صفحه:175-198

  tick  The Effect Of Mobile-Assisted Teaching Of Collocations On Reading Ability Of Iranian Efl Learners - صفحه:111-138

  tick  The Effects Of Task Complexity On Input-Driven Uptake Of Salient Linguistic Features - صفحه:33-49

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