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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2019 - دوره:6 - شماره:6

  tick  A Critical Study On The Reasons Of The Unity Of The Truth Of Existence In Ibn Arabī’S Mystical School And Ṣadr Al-Muti'Allihīn'S Philosophy - صفحه:81-91

  tick  A Review Article Regards Distortion In The Encyclopedia Of Islam - صفحه:739-749

  tick  A Study And Critique Of Ibn Taymiyyah Theological Principles On The Question OfThe Visibility Of God - صفحه:820-832

  tick  Ability To Teach Indonesian Language In Elementary Schools: Comparative StudyOf Teachers Who Have Taken Professional Education And Have Not Participated InProfessional Teacher Education - صفحه:781-787

  tick  Adoption Of Innovation Of Go-Car Driver Application In Conventional Taxi DriverIn Semarang City - صفحه:847-861

  tick  An Analysis Of Translation In Translated Drama Script Entitled Waiting For Godot - صفحه:195-200

  tick  An Overview Of The Persian Efl Learners’ Spelling Difficulties - صفحه:127-158

  tick  Analysis Of Factors Affecting Internal Audit Quality: Study At The Inspectorate Of Maluku Province, Ambon City And West Seram District - صفحه:116-126

  tick  Application Of Liquid Bioactivator Contains Trichoderma Spp. And Elements Of Boron (B) As Growth Of Growth And Improvement Of Red Onion (Allium Cepa L.) Results - صفحه:509-525

  tick  Authority Of Commission Of Corruption Eradication In Prosecution Of MoneyLaundering - صفحه:809-819

  tick  Authority Of General Election Commission For The Electoral Constitutional Rights - صفحه:97-102

  tick  Authorization Entities (Legal Guarantee Review) - صفحه:57-63

  tick  Binding Of The Sea Ship As Hypotic Institution In Syariah Finance According To Indonesian Legal System (Case Study Decision 1221 / Pdt.G / 2009 / Pa South Jakarta) - صفحه:470-478

  tick  Completion Of Dispute Election Selection Of The Simultaneous Village Head In West Lombok District Based On Regent Regulation Number 26 Of 2018 Concerning Selection Of The Village Head - صفحه:302-314

  tick  Concept Of Social Studies Curricula In Junior High Schools In Indonesia AndThailand - صفحه:952-963

  tick  Correlation Between Social Support From Orphanage Administrator And Future Orientation Of Teenager Living In Orphanage - صفحه:243-255

  tick  Creating New Independent Entrepreneurs Based On Partnership: Case Study On O’Chicken Partnership - صفحه:363-370

  tick  Criminal Accountability Of Government Officials Based On Discretion AuthoritiesIn The Perspective Of The Indonesian Welfare Law State - صفحه:874-885

  tick  Deletion Of Mortgage Rights On Certificate Of Ownership In The Event That The Mortgage Title Certificate Is Lost In The Kampar Regency - صفحه:600-608

  tick  Development Of Scientific-Based Educative Multimedia Games To ImproveIndonesian Narrative Writing Skills For Elementary School Students - صفحه:788-795

  tick  Effect Of Inductive Thinking Learning Model Towards The Understanding Of Science Concept, Science Process Skills, And Critical Thinking Ability Of Junior High Schools - صفحه:234-242

  tick  Existence Of Religious Court In Indonesia As The Executor Mortgage Right OfIslamic Bank Financing - صفحه:862-873

  tick  Fact Checking Of Hoaxes By Masyarakat Antifitnah Indonesia - صفحه:159-172

  tick  Factors That Affect Governance Of Land Administration Services In Anjatan District - صفحه:322-327

  tick  Guidelines For Implementation Of Legal Certainty Concerning Diversion InChildren Criminal Justice System - صفحه:770-775

  tick  How Is The Program Planning For Strengthening Character Education InElementary Schools - صفحه:796-803

  tick  How The Economic Inflation Affects The Financial Statement - صفحه:526-539

  tick  Human Resource Scorecard (Hrsc) And Objective Matrix As Performance Measurement And Performance Booster Method To Optimize Production Performance - صفحه:173-184

  tick  Human Resources Management In Middle School Vocational State 4 Mataram - صفحه:286-292

  tick  Implementation Of Character Education In Historical Learning In The Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 - صفحه:487-496

  tick  Implementation Of Character Education Management In Junior High School 1 Praya - صفحه:381-389

  tick  Implementation Of Corporate Guarantee For The Debt Of Debtor At Pt Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, Padang Branch - صفحه:609-618

  tick  Implementation Of Non-Cash Food Assistance (Bpnt) In Rantau Utara Region, Labuhanbatu - صفحه:328-336

  tick  Independence Of Constitutional Court Judgment In Reaching Justice Law - صفحه:92-96

  tick  Influence Of Peers’ Conformity And Sensation Seeking Towards Smoking Behavior On Adolescents - صفحه:103-115

  tick  Information Seeking In The Elite Pdi Perjuangan About Gibran Election As The Solo Mayor - صفحه:10-20

  tick  Integrated Service Post (Ppt) As A Communicator Of Domestic Violence Cases (Case Study Of Chracter And Atribution Ppt As A Communicator Of Domestic Violence Cases In Surakarta) - صفحه:588-599

  tick  Investigating The Barriers To Economical Justice From The Perspective Of Holy Quran - صفحه:390-406

  tick  Juridical Consequences Of Amendments To The Articles Of Association Of A Limited Liability Company That Are Not Recorded At The Ministry Of Law And Human Rights In Indonesia - صفحه:430-439

  tick  Language As A Barrier To Health Care For Oromo Speaking Patients In Hospitals: A Case Study On Jimma And Wollega Public Hospitals - صفحه:693-711

  tick  Learning School Of Leading School In Senior High School - صفحه:371-380

  tick  Legal Certainty Of Functional Coordination Between Police Investigator And Public Prosecutor In Pre-Prosecution - صفحه:651-665

  tick  Legal Consequence Of Cancellation Of Agreement Which Is Made In The Front Of Notary (Study Of Decision Number 105 / Pdt.G / 2014 / Pn.Pdg) - صفحه:463-650

  tick  Legal Consequences Of The Deed Of Sale By Ppat Containing Non Actual Transaction Price - صفحه:201-204

  tick  Legal Protection For A Notary In The Case Of Data Falsification By The Parties(Case Study Number 385 K / Pid / 2006) - صفحه:677-681

  tick  Legal Protection Of Workers With A Certain Time Agreement On Labor ServiceProviders By Pt. Dayatama Polanusa - صفحه:804-808

  tick  Legal Standing Of Testimonium De Auditu On Child Sex Crime - صفحه:666-676

  tick  License For Civil State Apparatus For Divorce (Asn) And Completion Religious Courts In Class In Padang Based On Decision Number 270 / Pdt.G/2019/Pa.Pdg - صفحه:440-448

  tick  Messages Of “Arba'Een Walking” As “Media” - صفحه:924-935

  tick  Notary Responsibility For The Deed Canceled By The Court(Case Study On Decision Number 34 / Pdt / 2017 / Pt Yyk) - صفحه:776-780

  tick  Notary Responsibility To Make Apartment Agreement According To Indonesian Legal System - صفحه:634-642

  tick  Overview Of School Well-Being In Students With High Academic Achievement In Featured High School - صفحه:256-272

  tick  Polahi Tribe Inbreeding Culture In Gorontalo - صفحه:315-321

  tick  Presenting A Desirable Model Of Social Security Organization Management In Light Of Its Administrative And Financial Independence In Iran - صفحه:30-47

  tick  Rating Analysis Of Service Quality, Comfort, Cleanliness, Food And Location Of Hotels In Diy To Customer Satisfaction In Hotel Customers In Traveloka - صفحه:682-692

  tick  Recruitments Evaluation Of Head School Candidates In Education Foundation Darul Mujahidin Nw Mataram - صفحه:414-424

  tick  Reform Of Criminal Law Through Restorative Justice In Returning State Losses From Corporation As The Perpetrator Of Corruption - صفحه:497-508

  tick  Regional House Of Representatives (Dprd) Supervision Of The Implementation Of The Bukittinggi City Regional Regulation Regarding Public Roadside Parking Service Levy - صفحه:205-215

  tick  Relationship Between Transformational Leadership, Compensation, And Organizational Climate With Teachers' Performance - صفحه:216-233

  tick  Relationship Of Innovation Characteristics With Teacher Adoption Levels On Kkni-Based Curriculum - صفحه:555-562

  tick  Responsibility And Management Of Company Assets In The Event Of Fraud(Case Study Of The Supreme Court'S Decision Number 3007 K / Pdt. / 2014) - صفحه:425-429

  tick  Review Of Sale And Purchase Agreement According To Indonesian Legal System - صفحه:619-626

  tick  Status Of Sale And Purchase Agreement For Transfer Of Land Right According To Indonesian Legal System - صفحه:627-633

  tick  Student Entrepreneurial Interests That Are Influenced By Income Expectations, Entrepreneurship Education, And Self Efficacy - صفحه:572-580

  tick  Supervision Of The Protocol Of The Deceased Conveyancer In Padang City - صفحه:293-301

  tick  The Analysis Of Marketing Mix Strategy Effect On Students Decision To Choose Faculty Economics And Business Of Universitas Dharmawangsa Medan - صفحه:71-80

  tick  The Effect Of Emotional Weakness On Work Satisfaction And Organizational Commitments In The Office Of Customs Control And Service Excise On Madya Customs Type B Kualanamu - صفحه:407-413

  tick  The Effect Of Supervision And Managerial Competence On The Principal Of The Job Satisfaction Of Teachers In Smp 5 Kisaran - صفحه:21-29

  tick  The Effect Of Work Climate, Self Efficacy, And Spirituality At Workplace On Burnout Of Regional Government Hospital Nurses In Mataram - صفحه:349-362

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy In Children With AutismSpectrum - صفحه:750-769

  tick  The Effectiveness Of The Resiliency Training On The Perceived Stress Of TheMothers Of The Children With Autism - صفحه:936-943

  tick  The Facilities And Infrastructure Provision For Tourism Development In Semangat Gunung Village, Merdeka District, Karo Regency - صفحه:479-486

  tick  The Future Of Land Ownership Regulation In Indonesia - صفحه:712-720

  tick  The Impact Of Translation Techniques Toward Accuracy And Acceptability Of Circumstance In “The Old Man And The Sea” By Ernest Hemingway Into “Lelaki Tua Dan Laut” By Sapardi Djoko Darmono - صفحه:273-285

  tick  The Importance Of Spirituality Therapy And Its Elements; Prayer, ReligiousWorship, And Prayer With God In Nursing Care - صفحه:909-923

  tick  The Influence Of School Head Academic Supervision On The Achievement Of The National Standards Of Middle School Education In Bima City - صفحه:48-56

  tick  The Inheritance Rights Of Indonesian Citizens Adopted By Foreign CitizensReviewed From Indonesian Inheritance Law - صفحه:721-729

  tick  The Intellectual-Political Process Of The Mongols′ Socialization In IslamicCivilization - صفحه:944-951

  tick  The Intelligence Relations; Emotional, Intellectual, And Spiritual To Students 'Ethical Attitudes - صفحه:563-571

  tick  The Legal Responsibility Of The Board Of Commissioners For Their Actions Based On The Power Of Attorney Of The Board Of Directors Of A Limited Liability Company - صفحه:449-459

  tick  The Payment Nafkah (Living) For Children As A Result Break Up Of Marriage In Jurisdiction Territory Of Religion Court Pekanbaru City - صفحه:460-469

  tick  The Performance Of Employees Influenced By Leadership Styles AndCompensation - صفحه:581-587

  tick  The Performativity Of Non-Heterosexual Subjects: A Textual Analysis Of Arisan! 2(2011) - صفحه:901-908

  tick  The Relationship Of Religion And Spirituality In The School Of Thought Of WilliamJames - صفحه:730-738

  tick  The Use Of The Contra Actus Principle In Dissolution Of Social Organizations From The Perspective Of The Democratic State - صفحه:337-348

  tick  Transfer Of Rights Of Customary Land To Private Parties: Reconstruction Thought Of Right To Controlled By The State - صفحه:540-554

  tick  Translation Analysis Of Clause Complex Shifting On Children Literature - صفحه:886-900

  tick  Translation Analysis Of Political Terms In The Movie Of “Snowden” And “WhiteHouse Down” - صفحه:833-846

  tick  Translation Techniques Of The Responses Of Refusal Speech Act In Percy Jackson The Last Olympian - صفحه:64-70

  tick  Verbal And Non-Verbal Expression In Javanese Language Of The Coastal Community In Banjar Kemuning Village, Sidoarjo - صفحه:185-194

  tick  Yusuf Al-Qaradawi Concept On Professional Zakat - صفحه:1-9

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