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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2020 - دوره:7 - شماره:3

  tick  A Comparative Interpretation Of The Word Kalemat In The Verse 124 Of SurahBaqarah From Shia And Sunni Point Of View - صفحه:335-351

  tick  An Application Of Open To Public Principles In Electronic Trial Through Elitigation - صفحه:119-131

  tick  Analysis Of Mathematic Creative Thinking Ability Of 10th Grade High SchoolStudents About Solution Mathematics Problems - صفحه:314-320

  tick  Analyzing The Position Of Mystical Intuition, Imagination And Reason In MolaSadra And Ibn Arabi Theosophy - صفحه:143-155

  tick  Applying The Straftoemetingsleiddraad In A Corruption Case In Indonesia - صفحه:359-367

  tick  Bali Tourism Destination And Russian-Tourist Market Development - صفحه:105-118

  tick  Community Participation In Regional Regulation Number 8 Of 2009 ConcerningNon-Smoking And Non-Smoking Areas In The Padang Panjang City - صفحه:245-255

  tick  Community Preparation In Tangse District In Flash Flood Disaster Mitigation - صفحه:368-376

  tick  Comparison Of Problem-Based Learning And Discovery Learning Model - صفحه:305-313

  tick  Defense Readiness From Nahj Al-Balāgha'S Perspective With Emphasis On TheCharacteristic Components Of Human Capital - صفحه:67-80

  tick  Elimination Of Autonomic Regions As A Strategic Step To Achieve The Purpose OfRegional Autonomy And Good Governance In Indonesia - صفحه:30-42

  tick  Implementation Of Regional Regulation Of Bungo Regency Number 7 Of 2012Concerning Entertainment Tax To Increase Regional Tax Deposits - صفحه:300-304

  tick  Implementation Of The Coordination Function Of The Regional DevelopmentPlanning Board In Sorong City And Raja Ampat Regency - صفحه:52-58

  tick  Juridical Analysis Of The Implementation Of Proof In Verstek Decision On LandDisputes In Padang District Court - صفحه:94-104

  tick  Legal Analysis Of The Imposition Of Sanctions For Children As Perpetrators OfCriminal Acts Of Abuse Resulting In Death - صفحه:59-66

  tick  Legalization Of Cooperative Legal Entity By Notary Author Of Cooperative DeedThrough Online System Services - صفحه:81-93

  tick  Maintaining The Integrity Of Tax Court Judges To Make Equitable Decisions - صفحه:24-29

  tick  Organizational Culture And The Core Value Of The Professional Mentality AmongStudents Of Russian And Iranian Colleges: A Pilot Study - صفحه:186-192

  tick  Performance Model In Public Services: Case Study At The Population And CivilRegistry Office Of Maros Regency - صفحه:9-15

  tick  Policy Implementation: Obstacle Limitation Surface (Ols) At Sultan HasanuddinMakassar International Airport From The Policy Accuracy Aspect - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Principles Of Good Corporate Governance In Law Number 40 Year 2007Concerning Limited Liability Companies - صفحه:236-244

  tick  Procurement Of Goods And Services By Pt Pln (Persero) Mataram Branch Anti-Monopoly Perspective And Unfair Business Competition - صفحه:256-267

  tick  Reconstruction Of Public Accountant Ethics Through Hamka'S Religious RationalEthics Perspective - صفحه:16-23

  tick  The Concept Of Psychological Impact Compensation For Rape Victims - صفحه:268-272

  tick  The Effect Of Bank Soundness Level Ratio On The Profit Growth In The State-Owned Banks - صفحه:321-334

  tick  The Effect Of Work Motivation And Compensation On Employee Performance - صفحه:292-299

  tick  The Implementation Of Ultra Petita Decisionsin Civil Dispute - صفحه:132-142

  tick  The Meaning Of Customary Criminal Sanctions In The Baduy Customary LawCommunity - صفحه:206-211

  tick  The Role Of Religious Society In Establishing Religious Government - صفحه:352-358

  tick  The Role Of Social Responsibility Accounting On Achieving CompetitiveAdvantages (An Empirical Study From Perspectives Of A Number Of Employees InAccounting And Financial Departments In A Number Of Private Universities In IraqiKurdistan Region) - صفحه:212-235

  tick  The Role Of The State Attorney Towards The Implementation Of Social Security ForWorkers In Construction Work On Government Projects In The Solok City, WestSumatra - صفحه:156-166

  tick  The Study Of Perception And Behavior Of Madurese Ethnic Towards MaternalHealth In Jember Regency - صفحه:273-282

  tick  The Torch Theory Of Youth Leadership In Nusantara Malay Archipelago: FourTypologies In Indonesian Cities - صفحه:167-185

  tick  Tourism Potential Of The Republic Of Uzbekistan And Opportunities For ItsDevelopment - صفحه:283-291

  tick  Typology Of Kadhimiya Imams Educational Activities In Improving Scientific AndReligious Aspects Of Shia'S Life - صفحه:43-51

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