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   Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Applied Literature: Dynamics And Advances   
سال:2022 - دوره:10 - شماره:1

  tick  A Corpus-Based Cross-Disciplinary Analysis Of “Objectivity” Manifestations In Academic Texts - صفحه:119-140

  tick  A Survey Of Efl Teachers’ Research Engagement - صفحه:79-98

  tick  A Thematic Analysis Of Anthems Of Ghana’S Public Universities:A Case Of Six - صفحه:141-154

  tick  Ambrose Of Lost In The Funhouse: A Confluence Of Quantum Mechanics, Dasein, And Baroque - صفحه:181-199

  tick  Book Review: Anthony Green, Exploring Language Assessment And Testing:Language In Action (2nd Edition), London: Routledge. 2021, 290 Pages.Isbn: 978-1-138-38878-9 (Paperback) - صفحه:235-239

  tick  Development And Validation Of Kolb 4.0 Learning StyleQuestionnaire - صفحه:35-55

  tick  Enhancing English Vocabulary Retention Among Iranian Trainee Teachers Through Literature-Based Interactive Input-Output Tasks - صفحه:57-78

  tick  Ethical Conversation With The Other In Conrad Aiken’S “Silent Snow, Secret Snow”: A Levinasian Reading - صفحه:155-167

  tick  Hybridity, Mimicry, And Uncanny: Postcolonial Character In Bharati Mukherjee’S The Bride Tree - صفحه:219-234

  tick  Is Iranian Efl Teachers’ Professional Competence Significantly Correlated With Their Job Performance?If Yes, How Much And How? - صفحه:13-34

  tick  Jalda'S Interview With Professor Jean-Marc Dewaele - صفحه:3-12

  tick  Spiritual Shelley: A Study Of The Ideological Sublime In Percy B. Shelley'S Hymn To Intellectual Beauty - صفحه:169-180

  tick  Thirst For Knowledge In Patricia Cornwell’S Postmortem - صفحه:201-217

  tick  “We Examine The Relationship …”: Grammatical Subject In Research Article Abstracts: Disciplinary And Functional Analysis - صفحه:99-118

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