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   Journal Of Language Horizons, Alzahra University   
سال:2020 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  A Phenomenological Study Of An Effective English Language Classroom From The Iranian Efl Learners’ Perspectives At The Tertiary Level - صفحه:27-58

  tick  Efl Learners’ Written Lexical Retrieval Ability As Predicted By Cognitive And Metacognitive Strategies Of Self-Regulation - صفحه:9-26

  tick  Exploring The Impact Of Self-Efficacy And Learning Styles On Iranian Efl Learners’ Achievement Scores - صفحه:87-104

  tick  Exploring The Relationship Between Teacher Burnout, Personality Traits, And Psychological Distress Among Iranian Efl Teachers: A Mixed-Methods Study - صفحه:175-199

  tick  Iranian Efl Teachers’ Beliefs And Practices Regarding Written Corrective Feedback With A Focus On Teaching Experience - صفحه:247-271

  tick  Pragmalinguistic Variation In L2 Learners’ E-Requests To Faculty: Looking At Degree Of Imposition - صفحه:105-126

  tick  Problem-Based Learning And Its Impact On Efl Learners’ Engagement And Reading Comprehension - صفحه:149-174

  tick  Sculpting English Language Teaching Materials: A Narrative Self-Study Of A Practicing Materials Developer - صفحه:201-225

  tick  The Effect Of Bloom-Based Ilp Instruction On Iranian Efl Learners’ Use Of External And Internal Modification Strategies In The Speech Act Of Request - صفحه:273-297

  tick  The Effects Of Horizontal And Vertical Axes On Iranian Efl Learners’ Vocabulary Learning Regarding The Cognitive Domain Levels - صفحه:127-147

  tick  The Impact Of An Online Professional Development Course On Efl Teachers’ Tpack - صفحه:59-86

  tick  The Meaning-Making Of The Children’S Drawings As A Manifestation Of Their Visual Literacy Competence - صفحه:227-245

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