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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2018 - دوره:5 - شماره:3

  tick  An Analysis On The Judges’ Consideration Basis In Penalizing The Actor Of Cultural Conservation Object Vandalism; Case Study In Decree Of The State District Of Mojokerto Number: 52/Pid.Sus/2018/Pn. Mjk - صفحه:211-218

  tick  Assessing English Language Teachers’ Awareness And Implementation Of Motivational Strategies In Efl Class: Chilalo And Tokuma High Schools In Oromia Region Arsi Zone In Focus, Ethiopia - صفحه:203-210

  tick  Boedi Oetomo: The Multi Ethnic And Pioneering Organization To The Spirit Of Nationalism - صفحه:43-51

  tick  Content Analysis Of Competences And Scientific Approach In English Textbook - صفحه:219-233

  tick  Correlation Between: Understanding Of Nationalism And Historical Consciousness Toward Students’ Democratic Attitude In Banda Aceh Senior High School - صفحه:60-71

  tick  Determinants Of Household Food Insecurity In Kemisse Special Zone: Case Study At Dawachefa Wereda, Ethiopia - صفحه:192-202

  tick  Development Model Of Basic Technique Skills Training Shot-Put Obrien Style Based Biomechanics Review - صفحه:167-171

  tick  Digging The Traces Of Islam In Baritan Tradition - صفحه:52-59

  tick  English Teachers’ Perception On Educational Supervision - صفحه:172-179

  tick  External Conjunction On The Moses Story In Al-Qu’Ran Surah Thaha English Translation - صفحه:246-253

  tick  Follow The Money As An Attempt Of State Financial Loss Restoration In CriminalAction Of Money Laundering With Corruption As Predicate Crime - صفحه:323-333

  tick  Higher Order Thinking Skills As Effect Of Problem Based Learning In The 21st Century Learning - صفحه:96-105

  tick  Implementation Of Surakarta Regional Governtment Policy About Difable Labors’ Power In Surakarta, Indonesia - صفحه:273-279

  tick  Influence Of Contextual Learning Model And Learning Motivation In The Ability To Solve The Comparison Story - صفحه:159-166

  tick  Inheritance Sharing Model That Can Be Done Not As The Provision In Al-Quran - صفحه:280-285

  tick  Integration Sumpah Satie Bukik Marapalam Values In Historical Learning Through Problem-Based Learning - صفحه:28-34

  tick  Juridical Study On The Corporate Criminal Liabilities For Money LaunderingCriminal Action With The Defendant Labora Sitorus (A Study On The Decision OnAppeal Number: 1081 K/Pid.Sus/2014) - صفحه:339-346

  tick  Justice Dimensions Of Islamic Inheritance Law In Determining The Inheritance Rights Of Parents, Children And Husband/Wife - صفحه:286-300

  tick  Karawitan Learning Ethnopedagogy As A Medium Of Creating Adiluhung CharacterIn Students - صفحه:317-322

  tick  Legal Certainty Aspect Of Rural Land Consolidation In Kepuharjo Village - صفحه:254-263

  tick  Local Knowledge In Joglo Majapahit: Analysis Of Local Wisdom Models Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi In Rural Java - صفحه:113-122

  tick  Local Wisdom Of Kasepuhan Ciptagelar: The Development Of Social Solidarity In The Era Of Globalization - صفحه:35-42

  tick  Participatory Communication And Sustainability Development:Case Study Of Coal Mining Environment In East Kalimantan, Indonesia - صفحه:133-139

  tick  Participatory Communication In Corporate Social Responsibility (Csr) Practices: Evaluation Process In Cross-Sector Partnership For Sustainable Development - صفحه:140-149

  tick  Peer Observation As A Means To Develop Teachers’ Professionalism - صفحه:151-158

  tick  Planting Organic Rice Movement In The Attempt Of Realizing The Farmers’ Sovereignty In Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta - صفحه:347-350

  tick  Role Of Parents In Religious And Social Education Of Children - صفحه:180-191

  tick  Role Of The Shareholders Within The Composition Of Authentic Deed By The Notary - صفحه:307-316

  tick  Social Capital Traders In Pahingan Tradition In Boyolali Sunggingan Market(Phenomenology Study At Boyolali Sunggingan Market) - صفحه:334-338

  tick  Social Exchange In Broiler Breeding Using Core-Plasma Partnership System - صفحه:301-306

  tick  The Batik Latoh As The Result Of Maritime Culture Of Lasem Community - صفحه:19-27

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Historical Teaching Material Based On Problem Based Learning (Pbl) To Improve The Senior High School Students Ability Of Historical Explanation - صفحه:123-132

  tick  The Enactment Of Portfolio Assessment In Teaching Writing - صفحه:264-272

  tick  The Ideal Concept Of Presidential Threshold Arrangement To Achieve Constitutional Rights Of New Political Parties In A Simultaneous General Election In Indonesia - صفحه:88-95

  tick  The Implementation Of Discovery Learning Model With Scientific Learning Approach To Improve Students’ Critical Thinking In Learning History - صفحه:106-112

  tick  The Implementation Of Multicultural Education In History Learning At Sman 3 Surakarta - صفحه:11-18

  tick  The Implementation Of Willem Iskandar’S Thought In The Historical Learning - صفحه:234-245

  tick  The Living History Approach To Improve The Empathy In Historical Learning - صفحه:72-80

  tick  The Strategy In Improving Students' Tolerance Attitude Through The Historical Model Of Ethnic Settlements Diversity In Palembang - صفحه:1-10

  tick  The Values Of Tunggul Wulung Tradition In The Purview Of National Identity: A Socio-Historical Study - صفحه:81-87

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