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   International Journal Of Iron And Steel Society Of Iran   
سال:2021 - دوره:18 - شماره:1

  tick  Effect Of Tempering Treatment On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of The Hsla-100 Steel - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Effect Of Zirconia Addition On The Properties Of Dolomite Magnesia Refractories Used In Steel Industries - صفحه:33-43

  tick  Effects Of Addition Of Waste Toner Particles On Tribological Properties Of Ni-P Coatings Before And After Heat Treatment - صفحه:23-32

  tick  Evaluation Of Reduction Of Electric Arc Furnace (Eaf) Dust Using Volatile Matter Of Non-Coking Coal - صفحه:44-55

  tick  Investigating The Impact Of Exchange Rate And Oil Price Fluctuations On Iran’S Steel Exports To China With Sanctions In Focus: A Wavelet And Multivariate-Garch Approach - صفحه:98-105

  tick  Investigation Of Simple Shear Extrusion Steel Mold And Mechanical Properties Of Nanostructured Extruded Samples Of Al6061 - صفحه:106-112

  tick  Investigation The Effect Of Sol-Gel Method Approach On Microstructural Of Nio/Mgal2o4 Nanocatalysts Applicable For Steel Industry: Modified Sol-Gel Method And Sol-Gel Citrate - صفحه:56-63

  tick  Modeling Of Weld Bead Geometry And Optimization Of Gmaw Welding Parameters On Ck45 Steel - صفحه:113-123

  tick  Optimization Of Blast Furnace Through Reducing Coke Consumption And Co2 Emission Using Hsc Software - صفحه:74-82

  tick  Relationship Between Steel Shell Temperature And Nano Mgcr2o4 Addition On Steel Snorkel Life Time In Ruhrstahl-Heraeus Vacuum Steel Refining Units - صفحه:11-22

  tick  The Effect Of Heat Treatment And Cold-Work On Precipitation And Recrystallization Of Biodur108 Hns Steel - صفحه:64-73

  tick  Wear Behavior Of Laser Cladded Ni Based-Wc-La2o3 Hybrid Composite Coating On H13-Steel At Elevated And Ambient Temperatures - صفحه:83-97

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