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   Journal Of Language Horizons, Alzahra University   
سال:2020 - دوره:4 - شماره:2

  tick  A Critical Analysis Of The Iranian Charter Of Professional Ethics For Translators: A Case For Revision - صفحه:61-80

  tick  An Ethnographic Inquiry Into Persian And English Education In The School Of The Embassy Of India In Iran: Marginalization Of Persian In Its Homeland - صفحه:37-60

  tick  Blended Learning In The Development Of Efl Productive Skills: Implementing Web-Based Activities In High School Setting - صفحه:123-143

  tick  Developing Voice In Efl Learners’ Argumentative Writing Through Dialogical Thinking: A Promising Combination - صفحه:145-166

  tick  Domination Of Positivism In Academic Writing Of Iranian Applied Linguists: A Critical Corpus-Based Approach - صفحه:167-186

  tick  Engage Model As An Innovation In The Efl Classroom: Perceptions Of Cognitively More And Less Active Efl Learners - صفحه:261-286

  tick  Exploring The Impact Of Common Vs. Restricted Social Networks On English Foreign Language Learners’ Writing Skill - صفحه:81-100

  tick  Identity Processing Styles As Predictors Of L2 Pragmatic Knowledge And Performance: A Case Of Common English Speech Acts - صفحه:187-209

  tick  Immunity Among Iranian Efl Teachers: Sources, Impacts, And The Developmental Path - صفحه:211-238

  tick  Language Teachers’ Perception Of An Elt Program: The Case Of Iranian English Reform Developed For Secondary Schools - صفحه:101-122

  tick  Models Of Dynamic Assessment Affecting The Learning Of English Lexical Collocations - صفحه:239-259

  tick  On The Construct Validity Of The Iranian Ministry Of Health Language Exam (Mhle) - صفحه:9-36

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