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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2018 - دوره:5 - شماره:4

  tick  A Call For Barriers In Implementation Of Education Regulation: The Latest English Textbook As Main Instructional Media In Schools In Indonesia - صفحه:38-44

  tick  An Evaluation Of ‘English Skills For The Future’ For Tenth Grade Using The Perspective Of Revised 2013 Curriculum - صفحه:64-78

  tick  Anthropometric Factors And Physical Condition Dominant Determinants Batting Skills In Softball - صفحه:213-222

  tick  Application Of Multicultural Outing Class Method In Man 2 Model Medan - صفحه:288-297

  tick  Assessing The Impediments Of Good Governance Practices In Local Government Administration; Case Study In Jimma Town, Ethiopia - صفحه:379-388

  tick  Constructing Student`S Critical Thinking Skill Through Discovery Learning Model And Contextual Teaching And Learning Model As Solution Of Problems In Learning History - صفحه:175-183

  tick  Criminal Responsibility Of Village Chief In Approving Indigenous Inheritance Necessity Certificate - صفحه:402-408

  tick  Cultural And Traditional Sport Pacu Jalur Location In Regency Of Quantan Singingi Riau Province - صفحه:278-287

  tick  Design Of Interactive Learning Multimedia Development In General Administration Subject - صفحه:138-148

  tick  Development Of Learning Media Based On Prezi On Sociology Subject At 11th Grade Of Social Program - صفحه:442-452

  tick  Development Of Mobile Educational Game Of Economics - صفحه:355-362

  tick  Dialogue Journal: Exploring Its Use To Teach Writing - صفحه:184-195

  tick  Effect Of Subjective Norms Mediation To Entrepreneurship Intention At Entrepreneurship Learning In School - صفحه:349-354

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cooperative Learning Models Of Type Peer Tutor And Two Stay Two Stray In Junior High Schools Reviewed From Students Physics Learning Activities - صفحه:492-498

  tick  Effectiveness Of Indonesian National Police Chief Regulation Number 8 Of 2011 Regarding Fiduciary Execution Protection - صفحه:427-434

  tick  Enforcement Of Simple Claim Process As A Role Model Of Credit Agreement Conflict Resolution In Bank Perkreditan Rakyat (Bpr) - صفحه:394-401

  tick  Explore The Use Of Authentic Materials To Teach Reading For Junior High School - صفحه:298-307

  tick  Exploring The Interpretation Of Cultural Values In Babad Banyumas Manuscript As A Means To Understanding Banyumas Society - صفحه:96-107

  tick  Financial Literacy, Materialism And Financial Behavior - صفحه:370-378

  tick  Historical Learning In Border Of Indonesia-Timor Leste - صفحه:158-165

  tick  Ict Media Assisted Problem Based Learning For Critical Thinking Ability - صفحه:341-348

  tick  Implementation Of Standard Form Contract In Financing Agreement Of Sharia Banking In Islamic Law Perspective - صفحه:420-426

  tick  Influence Of Guided Inquiry-Based Outdoor Learning On The Concept Mastery Of Thematic Learning By Fourth-Grade Students At Primary School - صفحه:485-491

  tick  Integration Of Stereoscopic 3d Images In Primary School Textbooks - صفحه:45-55

  tick  Interactive Multimedia With Episodic Mapping Strategy For Teaching Short Story Writing To Grade Xi - صفحه:478-484

  tick  Junior High School Students’ Internal And External Problems In Speaking: A Preliminary Study Of Implementing Shadowing Technique To Improve Students’ Speaking Skills - صفحه:10-16

  tick  Ksa’S Islamic Political Agenda In Indonesia: A Review To The King Salman’S Visit In Indonesia - صفحه:509-518

  tick  Land Right Inheritance Obtained By The Children Of Mixed Marriage - صفحه:435-441

  tick  Learning English Vocabulary Through Online Games: Case Study Of Students In 4th Grade Of State Elementary School (Sdn) Jombor 01, Sukoharjo, Central Java, Indonesia - صفحه:470-477

  tick  Management Implementation Analysis Of Centralization Education And Training Student Sport Sepak Takraw Central Java - صفحه:331-340

  tick  Management Of Student Sport Education And Training Center (Pplop) Of Para- Athletics In Central Java - صفحه:499-508

  tick  Maubes Traditional House: The Cultural Legacy Of Letmafo Society, North Central Timor District, East Nusa Tenggara - صفحه:241-248

  tick  Peer Conformity Through Money Attitudes Toward Adolescence’S Consumptive Behavior - صفحه:30-37

  tick  Phatic Communication Politness Of Greating Arek Culture On Account Instagram: Pragmatic - صفحه:56-63

  tick  Reinterpretation Of Values In The Folksong Ilir-Ilir By Raden Sahid - صفحه:204-212

  tick  Strategy Development Of Community Base Tourism In Tidung Island, Jakarta - صفحه:17-21

  tick  Sub-Rosa Selling As A Settlement Of Nonperforming Loans Tied To Credit Agreement With Fiduciary Guarantee In Pt. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Limited) Ltd. - صفحه:409-419

  tick  Teaching Culture: The Prevailing Stance Of Indonesian Efl Teachers - صفحه:317-330

  tick  The Among System In The Senior High School History Learning - صفحه:271-277

  tick  The Effect Of Globalization And Modernisation On Selling Power Decrease Of Toys Street-Seller In The City - صفحه:249-255

  tick  The Implementation Of Project-Based Learning Model And Audio Media Visual Can Increase Students’ Activities - صفحه:166-174

  tick  The Influence Of Learning Role-Playing Model Toward Competence Of Writing Financial Report At Vocational High School - صفحه:149-157

  tick  The Media Literacy In 21st Century: Role Of Teacher In Historical Learning - صفحه:363-369

  tick  The Philosophical Values Of Siger In Saibatin And Papadun Society - صفحه:233-240

  tick  The Rationality On Regulation Of Village Government Function On First-Time Land Registration To Form The Land Ownership Certainty In Indonesia - صفحه:308-316

  tick  The Reflection Of Javanese Life Manner On The Dongkrek Art And Ritual Performance In Madiun Society - صفحه:108-114

  tick  The Strategies To Improve Critical Thinking Skills Through Problem-Based Quantum Learning Model At Primary School - صفحه:123-127

  tick  The Strategy Of Enhancing Student’S Social Awareness Through History Learning Based On Selimbur Caye Oral Tradition Values - صفحه:22-29

  tick  The Strategy To Improve Cultural Awareness Through Historical Learning Based On Kitab Kuntara Raja Niti - صفحه:89-95

  tick  The Values Of Character Education In The Didong Art Performance: A Study Of Enculturation Process In Gayonese Society - صفحه:196-203

  tick  Tolerance In Multicultural Education: A Theoretical Concept - صفحه:115-122

  tick  Using Sasak Language: Am I Too Old-Fashioned? - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Utilization Of Electronic Government In Realizing Transparency And Accountability Of Village Government: Synergy Of Implementation Of Electronic Village Budgeting And Electronic Monitoring System By Banyuwangi Government - صفحه:453-469

  tick  Vizualitation Of Portuguese Relics In Flores Of Local Historical Learning - صفحه:389-393

  tick  War Of Ngali Toward Dutch Colonialism In Bima - صفحه:128-137

  tick  Women`S Leadership And Gender Equality In Aceh: A Socio-Historical Perspective - صفحه:79-88

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