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   Malaysian Journal Of Mathematical Sciences   
سال:2016 - دوره:10 - شماره:S

  tick  A Modified Nprp Nonlinear Conjugate Gradient Method With Global Convergence Properties - صفحه:91-101

  tick  Atomic Coupler With Two-Mode Squeezed Vacuum States - صفحه:103-110

  tick  Convergence Of Martingales In Orlicz-Kantorovich Lattice - صفحه:1-13

  tick  Evolution Of The Two-Mode Entangled States With An Atomic Coupler - صفحه:111-121

  tick  Nonhomogeneous Poisson Nonlinear Transformations On Countable Infinite Set - صفحه:143-155

  tick  On Equivalence Of Parameterized Surfaces With Respect To Linear Change Of Parameters - صفحه:75-89

  tick  On Phase Diagram Of Ising Model On The Cayley Tree With Restricted Competing Interactions Up To The Third-Nearest-Neighbor Generation - صفحه:167-180

  tick  On The Lower Bound Of Spectrum Of The Schrödinger'S Operator For Some Multi-Particle Systems - صفحه:61-74

  tick  On The Uniform Convergence Of Fourier Series - صفحه:55-60

  tick  Periodic Cellular Automata Of Period-2 - صفحه:131-142

  tick  R-Majorizing Quadratic Stochastic Operators: Examples On 2d Simplex - صفحه:37-47

  tick  Simulation Of Absorption Spectrum Of Photosynthetic Pigments Of Chlorella Vulgaris B Algae - صفحه:123-130

  tick  Simulation Of Magnetophoretic Blood Cells Sorter Platform - صفحه:157-166

  tick  Soliton Scattering On The External Potential In Weakly Nonlocal Nonlinear Media - صفحه:219-226

  tick  Solution Of Cubic-Quintic Duffing Oscillators Using Harmonic Balance Method - صفحه:181-192

  tick  Solvability And Number Of Roots Of Bi-Quadratic Equations Over P-Adic Fields - صفحه:15-35

  tick  The Black-Litterman Model In Central Bank Practice: Study For Turkish Central Bank - صفحه:193-203

  tick  The Gelfand-Naimark Theorem For C*Algebras Over Arens Algebras - صفحه:205-218

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