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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:8

  tick  A Semi-Empirical Model To Predict The Attached Axisymmetric Shock Shape - صفحه:1643-1651

  tick  An Extension To The Economic Production Quantity Problem With Deteriorating Products Considering Random Machine Breakdown And Stochastic Repair Time - صفحه:1567-1578

  tick  Assessment Of Changes In Shear Strength Parameters For Soils Below Circular Machine Foundation - صفحه:1491-1498

  tick  Augmented Reality System And Maintenance Of Oil Pumps - صفحه:1620-1628

  tick  Characteristics Of Shale Gas Reservoir In Jiyang Depression And Its Significance In Drilling And Exploitation - صفحه:1677-1686

  tick  Control Of Electric Wheelchair Suspension System Based On Biodynamic Response Of Seated Human Body - صفحه:1629-1636

  tick  Design And Experimental Study Of A Combined Pneumatic Plot Seed-Metering Device For Cotton - صفحه:1652-1661

  tick  Durability Performance Of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating Alccofine And Fly Ash - صفحه:1522-1528

  tick  Early Age Shrinkage Behavior Of Triple Blend Concrete - صفحه:1459-1464

  tick  Effect Of Wire Pitch On Capacity Of Single Staggered Wire And Tube Heat Exchanger Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulation - صفحه:1637-1642

  tick  Emission Reduction Strategies For Small Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Valve Timing And Swirl Ratio - صفحه:1608-1619

  tick  Evaluation Of Dynamic Probing Testing Effect In Hand Excavated Pit On Test Results Using Numerical Modeling - صفحه:1553-1559

  tick  Experimental Study Of The Combined Use Of Fiber And Nano Silica Particles On The Properties Of Lightweight Self Compacting Concrete - صفحه:1499-1511

  tick  Generation Process And Performance Evaluation Of Engineered Microsphere Agarose Adsorbent For Application In Fluidized-Bed Systems - صفحه:1450-1458

  tick  Investigation Of Wear Behavior Of Biopolymers For Total Knee Replacementsthrough Invitro Experimentation - صفحه:1560-1566

  tick  Mechanical Behavior Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced High Strength Concrete With Graded Fibers - صفحه:1465-1471

  tick  Mechanical Properties Analysis Of Bilayer Euler-Bernoulli Beams Based On Elasticity Theory - صفحه:1662-1667

  tick  Numerical Analysis Of Stress Distribution During Tunneling In Clay Stone Rock - صفحه:1472-1478

  tick  Numerical And Experimental Investigations On The Behavior Of Steel-Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected To Eccentric Loading - صفحه:1529-1543

  tick  Numerical Modeling Of Non-Equilibrium Plasma Discharge Of Hydrogenated Silicon Nitride (Sih4/Nh3/H2) - صفحه:1440-1449

  tick  Predicting Shear Capacity Of Panel Zone Using Neural Network And Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:1512-1521

  tick  Ranking Passive Seismic Control Systems By Their Effectiveness In Reducing Responses Of High-Rise Buildings With Concrete Shear Walls Using Multiple-Criteria Decision Making - صفحه:1479-1490

  tick  Study On Rheological Property Control Method Of “Three High” Water Based Drilling Fluid - صفحه:1687-1695

  tick  Taguchi Approach And Response Surface Analysis For Design Of A High-Performance Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Bundle Interconnects In A Full Adder - صفحه:1598-1607

  tick  Temperature Effect On Creep And Fracture Behaviors Of Nano-Sio2-Composite And Alsi12cu3ni2mgfe Aluminum Alloy - صفحه:1579-1589

  tick  The Effect Of Linear Change Of Tube Diameter On Subcooled Flow Boiling And Critical Heat Flux - صفحه:1590-1597

  tick  The Efficiency Of Hybrid Bnn-Dwt For Predicting The Construction And Demolition Waste Concrete Strength - صفحه:1544-1552

  tick  Vibration And Noise Reduction Optimization Design Of Mine Chute With Foam Aluminum Laminated Structure - صفحه:1668-1676

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