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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2016 - دوره:29 - شماره:5

  tick  A Robust Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis Model For Measuring Efficiency: Considering Iranian Electricity Power Production And Distribution Processes - صفحه:646-653

  tick  A Sub-Threshold 9t Static Random-Access Memory Cell With High Write And Read Ability With Bit Interleaving Capability - صفحه:630-636

  tick  Analysis Of Temperature Effect On A Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module Performance - صفحه:722-727

  tick  Analytical Solution For Free Vibration Of A Variable Cross-Section Nonlocal Nanobeam - صفحه:688-696

  tick  Assessment Of Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Containing Granite Slurry Waste - صفحه:599-605

  tick  Effect Of Formation Of Ag2ti4o9 Phase On Photocatalytic Activity Of Ag-Tio2 Nanocomposite - صفحه:663-668

  tick  Effect Of Welding Heat Input On The Intermetallic Compound Layer And Mechanical Properties In Arc Welding-Brazing Dissimilar Joining Of Aluminum Alloy To Galvanized Steel - صفحه:669-676

  tick  Employing Foundation Nonlinearity To Mitigate Seismic Demand In Superstructure - صفحه:606-614

  tick  Introducing The Time Value Of Money In A Non-Consignment Vendor Managed Inventory Model - صفحه:637-645

  tick  Investigation Of Fluid-Structure Interaction By Explicit Central Finite Difference Methods - صفحه:590-598

  tick  Network Location Problem With Stochastic And Uniformly Distributed Demands - صفحه:654-662

  tick  Nonlinear Buckling Of Circular Nano Plates On Elastic Foundation - صفحه:697-705

  tick  Numerical Prediction Of Stator Diameter Effect On The Output Torque Of Ultrasonic Traveling-Wave Motor, Using Finite Elements Simulation - صفحه:715-721

  tick  Review On Titanium Nitride And Titanium Carbide Single And Multilayer Coatings Deposited By Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition - صفحه:677-687

  tick  Sampling Rate Conversion In The Discrete Linear Canonical Transform Domain - صفحه:615-620

  tick  Time-Periodic Electroosmotic Flow Of Non-Newtonian Fluids In Microchannels - صفحه:706-714

  tick  Transformer-Based Single-Source Multilevel Inverter With Reduction In Number Of Transformers - صفحه:621-629

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