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   Network Location Problem With Stochastic and Uniformly Distributed Demands  
نویسنده Arkat J. ,Jafari R.
منبع International Journal Of Engineering - 2016 - دوره : 29 - شماره : 5 - صفحه:654 -662
چکیده    This paper investigates the network location problem for single-server facilities that are subjected to congestion. on each network edge, customers are uniformly distributed, and their requests for service are assumed to be generated according to a poisson process. a number of facilities are to be selected from a number of candidate sites, and a single server is located at each facility with exponentially distributed service times. using queueing analysis, we develop a mixed integer mathematical model to minimize the total travel and the average waiting times for customers. for evaluation of the validity of the proposed model, a numerical example is solved and analyzed using gams software. in addition, since the proposed problem is np-hard, two metaheuristic algorithms including a genetic algorithm and a simulated annealing algorithm are developed and applied for large-size problems.
کلیدواژه Network Location ,Congested Facilities ,Distributed Demand ,Queueing Models ,Metaheuristic Algorithms
آدرس University Of Kurdistan, Department Of Industrial Engineering, ایران, University Of Kurdistan, Department Of Industrial Engineering, ایران

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