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   Journal Of Applied Linguistics And Applied Literature: Dynamics And Advances   
سال:2019 - دوره:7 - شماره:2

  tick  A Comparative Study Of Test Anxiety Between Students Of Biological Sciences And Humanities At University College Of Rub-Bi Rashid - صفحه:155-165

  tick  Analyzing Iran Daily And Us Today In Terms Of Meta-Discourse Elements - صفحه:7-28

  tick  Book Review: Alan Maley (Editor), Developing Expertise Through Experience. British Council, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2019. Isbn 978-0-86355-951-8, 241 Pages - صفحه:213-217

  tick  Canonical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Personality Traits And Attitude With Motivation And Efl Learners’ Written Production Task - صفحه:135-154

  tick  Editorial - صفحه:1-3

  tick  Intercultural Competence: A Neglected Essential In The Iranian Elt Textbooks - صفحه:167-183

  tick  Jalda’S Interview With Professor Nigel Love - صفحه:4-5

  tick  Metadiscourse Use In Popular And Professional Science: The Case Of Hedges And Boosters - صفحه:99-120

  tick  Realizations And Functional Patterns Of Shell Nouns In Applied Linguistics Research Articles - صفحه:201-211

  tick  Syntactic Feature Of Efl Speakers’ Conference Presentations: The Case Of Passive Voice And Pseudo-Cleft - صفحه:121-134

  tick  The Effect Of Visual Representation, Textual Representation, And Glossing On Second Language Vocabulary Learning - صفحه:185-200

  tick  The Persian Cultural Schema: Compliment Response Strategies On Social Networking Sites Among Persian Efl Learners - صفحه:61-81

  tick  The Relationship Among L2 Motivational Self-System, Reading Comprehension Ability, And Gender: A Study Of Efl Learners In Iran - صفحه:29-45

  tick  The Role Of Dialogic Blogs In Learners’ Writing Achievement - صفحه:47-60

  tick  Transition To A Phd Program In Tefl: A Cross-Sectional Account Of Students’ Concerns - صفحه:83-98

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