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سال:2019 - دوره:1 - شماره:2

  tick  A Clean And Efficient Synthesis Of Spiro[4h-Pyran-Oxindole] Derivatives Catalyzed By Egg Shell - صفحه:142-152

  tick  An Efficient Facile And One-Pot Synthesis Of 2-Arylsubstituted Benzimidazole Derivatives Using 1-Methyl-3-(2-Oxyethyl)-1h-Imidazol-3-Ium-Borate Sulfonic Acid As A Recyclable And Highly Efficient Ionic Liquid Catalyst At Green Condition - صفحه:191-199

  tick  Co(Iii)@Fe3o4@Sio2 Salen Complex As A Highly Selective And Recoverable Magnetic Nanocatalyst For The Oxidation Of Sulfides And Benzylic Alcohols - صفحه:153-169

  tick  Effect Of Carbon Black And Fly Ash Co-Fillers Content On Mechanical And Thermal Behaviors Of Styrene Butadiene Rubber Compounds - صفحه:180-190

  tick  Partial Purification And Characterization Of Cresolase And Catecholase Activity Of Black Mulberrys (Morus Nigra) - صفحه:200-211

  tick  Photosensitizing Properties For Porphyrazine And Some Derivatives - صفحه:223-227

  tick  Physico-Chemical Evaluation Of A Biocompatible Microemulsion System Containing Ipm/Tween80/Isobutanol - صفحه:134-141

  tick  Qsar Models To Predict Physico-Chemical Properties Of Some Barbiturate Derivatives Using Molecular Descriptors And Genetic Algorithm- Multiple Linear Regressions - صفحه:170-179

  tick  Solvent Extraction, Spectrophotometric Determination Of Copper (Ii) From Environmental Samples Using O-Methylphenyl Thiourea As A Novel Reagent - صفحه:212-222

  tick  Synthesis And Molecular Docking Of Novel N-((2-Chloroquinolin-3-Yl) Methylene)-4-Methylbenzenamine Derivatives As Anti-Hiv-1 Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors - صفحه:125-133

  tick  Turmeric Extract As A Biocompatible Inhibitor Of Mild Steel Corrosion In 3.5% Nacl Solution - صفحه:228-241

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