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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2021 - دوره:4 - شماره:4

  tick  A Teleconference To Increase Nurses’ Knowledge And Attitudes To Prevent And Control Covid-19 Infection - صفحه:374-380

  tick  Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of A New Dipharmacophore Derivative Of Propionic Acid - صفحه:388-394

  tick  Clinical Management Of Cardiovascular Care On The Basis Of Big Data: Electronic Medical Records - صفحه:395-403

  tick  Determinants Of Caregiver Behaviour To The Quality Of Life Among Psychiatric Patients After Removal Of Shackles In Klaten And Sukoharjo - صفحه:316-324

  tick  Effect Of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation With Rehabilitation Program On Motor Function And Adl In Upper Extremity Ischemic Stroke: A Randomized Controlled Trials - صفحه:308-315

  tick  Evaluation Of Mental Health Of Chemotherapy-Treated Cancer Nurses - صفحه:351-363

  tick  Relationship Between Flat Foot And Lower Limb Muscle Activation Among 12 Years Old Children - صفحه:381-387

  tick  Self-Care And Its Related Factors Among Patients With Congestive Heart Failure In Surakarta, Indonesia - صفحه:364-373

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Community Development Model By Using Whatsapp Toward Old Women Behavior In Early Detection Of Cervical Cancer - صفحه:341-350

  tick  The Feasibility Of Mobile Health Application “Me-Co Care” In Supporting Health Services In The Community - صفحه:325-332

  tick  The Protective Effect Of Powdered Tart Cherry Supplements Or Eating Local Iraqi Tart Cherry Fruit On Moderate To Border Level Of Uric Acid And Lipid Profile In Human Serum - صفحه:333-340

  tick  Vulvovaginitis In Girls: Clinico-Psychological Aspect - صفحه:404-410

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