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   Iranian Evolutionary And Educational Psychology   
سال:2022 - دوره:4 - شماره:4

  tick  A Content Analysis Exploring Life Skills Components In Elementary School Social Studies Textbooks - صفحه:32-41

  tick  A Narrative Review Of Mate Choice: Evolutionary, Cognitive Orientation And Combined Perspectives - صفحه:195-203

  tick  Analysis Of Internal, External And Institutional Structure In The Effectiveness Of Tourism Education Courses: A Study Based On Confirmatory Factor Analysis - صفحه:243-251

  tick  Classroom Leadership Based On Cooperative Approach Versus Traditional Teaching Method Effects On The Social Skills And Academic Self-Efficacy - صفحه:123-137

  tick  Cognitive Factors Association With Medication Adherence Among Hypertension Patients - صفحه:204-212

  tick  Comparison Of Psychological Profiles Of Couples Applicants For Divorce With Cohabitation Less Than Five Years And More Than Five Years - صفحه:146-154

  tick  Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Executive Function Training And Intervention Based On Cognitive Games On Reading Performance In Elementary Students - صفحه:84-94

  tick  Designing A Model Of Educational Guidance For The First Period Of Secondary School Students (Tehran City Case Study) - صفحه:232-242

  tick  Designing A Model Of Professional Development Courses For Faculty Members Of Farhangian University With A Flipped Learning Approach: A Meta-Synthesis Study - صفحه:13-31

  tick  Effectiveness Of Matrix Treatment On Depression And Temptation In Consumption In Amphetamine Dependent Individuals - صفحه:76-83

  tick  Effectiveness Of Sand Play Training On Social Skills, Multiple Problem Behaviors And Peer Relationship In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder - صفحه:155-164

  tick  Examining A Professional Competency Model For Teachers In The E-Learning Environment - صفحه:252-259

  tick  Explaining A Model Of Applying Critical Thinking Components In High School Curriculum Development: A Qualitative Approach - صفحه:223-231

  tick  Identifying Training-Based Functions Of Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs) In Leading Organizations' Development - صفحه:165-185

  tick  Iranian-Islamic Wisdom Scale (Iiws): Conceptualization, Development And Validation In Iranian Culture - صفحه:95-112

  tick  Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Depression Symptoms In Patients With Persistent Depression Disorder - صفحه:138-145

  tick  Predicting Organizational Well-Being Based On Leadership Style: A Structural Model Study - صفحه:42-50

  tick  Predicting Students' Psychological Well-Being Based On Personality Traits: The Mediating Role Of Perfectionism - صفحه:213-222

  tick  Sensation Seeking And Extramarital Relationships: Mediation Role Of Marital Frustration - صفحه:64-75

  tick  Shaped Mentality: Challenges Ahead Of Education During Corona Pandemic - صفحه:186-194

  tick  The Comparison Effect Of The Positive Thinking Training With And Without Written Disclosure And Acceptance And Commitment Therapy On Perceived Stress In Women With Breast Cancer - صفحه:51-63

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Life Skills Training On Academic Boredom And Compassion In High School Students Of Zahedan - صفحه:1-12

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Solution-Focused Therapy On Couples' Marital Adjustment In Conflicted Couples - صفحه:113-122

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