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   Advanced Journal Of Chemistry-Section A   
سال:2020 - دوره:3 - شماره:4

  tick  Adsorption And Photocatalytic Removal Of Arsenic From Water By A Porous And Magnetic Nanocomposite: Ag/Tio2/Fe3o4@Go - صفحه:408-421

  tick  Effect Of Pure And Binary Azeotropic Fluids On Heat Pipes Performance - صفحه:442-453

  tick  Electronics Structure And Optical Properties Of Ag2bio3, (Ag2)0.88fe0.12bio3: A First Principle Approach - صفحه:542-550

  tick  Evaluation Of Medicinal Effects Of Isoxazole Ring Isosteres On Zonisamide For Autism Treatment By Binding To Potassium Voltage-Gated Channel Subfamily D Member 2 (Kv 4.2) - صفحه:462-472

  tick  In Silico Approach Towards The Prediction Of Drug-Likeness, In Vitro Microbial Investigation And Formation Of Dihydropyrrolone Conjugates - صفحه:378-390

  tick  Measurement And Correlation Of Lle Data For The Ternary System Water+Phosphoric Acid+1-Pentanol At 278.2 K And 288.2 K - صفحه:432-441

  tick  Mitigation Of Cu(Ii) From Aqueous Solution By Using Sandal Santalum Album Distillation Biomass - صفحه:473-484

  tick  Optimization Of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Fabrication Via Chemical Electroless Plating Method; Actuation Application Study - صفحه:454-461

  tick  Processing Of Nanostructured Tio2 And Modification Of Its Photocatalytic Behavior For Methylene Blue Degradation - صفحه:422-431

  tick  Spectroscopic Behavior, Fmo, Nbo Analysis Of Pethidine And Diclofenac Drugs By Theoretical Approach - صفحه:391-407

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization And Antibacterial Activity Studies Of Some Transition Metal Chelates Of Mn(Ii), Ni(Ii) And Cu(Ii) With Schiff Base Derived From Diacetylmonoxime With Ophenylenediamine - صفحه:524-533

  tick  Synthesis, Spectroscopy And X-Ray Crystallography Structure Of Pyridine 4-Carbaldehyde Semicarbazone Schiff Base Ligand - صفحه:534-541

  tick  Theoretical Investigation To Corrosion Inhibition Efficiency Of Some Chloroquine Derivatives Using Density Functional Theory - صفحه:485-492

  tick  Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyesters Using Aromatic Rigid Diols, Unsaturated Fumaric Acid And Flexible Sebacic Acid - صفحه:510-523

  tick  Utilization Of Sustainable Energies For Purification Of Water - صفحه:493-509

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