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   Journal Of Advanced Sport Technology   
سال:2019 - دوره:3 - شماره:2

  tick  A New Fitness Dependent Maximal Protocol For Determination Of Heart Rate Deflection Point - صفحه:9-18

  tick  Biomechanical Evaluation Of Time As A Golden Measure In The Assessment Of Change Of Direction Speed Performance - صفحه:166-175

  tick  Comparison Of Muscle Activity And Timing Between A Custom Shoe With Hydrodynamic Mechanism And Regular Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Shoe - صفحه:138-145

  tick  Comparison Of The Emg Frequency Spectrum Of Lower Limb Muscles During Weight Training With Traditional And Novel Equipment - صفحه:19-31

  tick  Designing A Web-Based Health Document Automation For Fitness Clubs - صفحه:93-103

  tick  Designing And Manufacturing Of The Mechanical Displacement Helper System - صفحه:71-80

  tick  Designing The Prototype Of Smart Athletes Recording Equipment Based On Internet Of Things Using The Arduino Board - صفحه:42-49

  tick  Effects Of The Biomechanical Design Of The Full Body Swimsuit On Its Tensile Behavior In The Shoulder Area - صفحه:81-92

  tick  Electromyographic Patterns Of Lower Limb Muscles During Gait In Congenital Blindness And Sighted People - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Identification Of Barriers To Research And Technology In Sports Sciences In Iran - صفحه:104-119

  tick  Immediate Effects Of Various Foot Orthoses On Lower Limb Muscles Co-Contraction During Single-Leg Drop Jump - صفحه:32-41

  tick  Introducing A Practical Model For Developing A Bicycle Sharing System In Shiraz - صفحه:146-157

  tick  Musculoskeletal Modeling Of Optimal Soccer Kick To Evaluate Selected Muscles Function - صفحه:129-137

  tick  The Effect Of Four-Week Vibration Training On Adiponectin And Fibrinolysis Markers Levels In Overweight Women - صفحه:120-128

  tick  The Effect Of Lateral Wedge Insole On Inter-Joint Coordination During Walking In People With Medial Knee Osteoarthritis - صفحه:158-165

  tick  The Effect Of Using Air Brace On The Ground Reaction Force Component In People With Ankle Sprain - صفحه:176-184

  tick  The Presence Of New Technologies Affected On Ticket Sales Management In The World Sport Mega Events - صفحه:50-60

  tick  Using Eye Tracking Technology To Investigation The Impact Of Celebrity Athlete Endorsement On The Attention To Advertising - صفحه:61-70

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