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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2019 - دوره:6 - شماره:2

  tick  A Resolution Of A Dispute Of Customary Land Registration In Sungai Tarab Village Tanah Datar District - صفحه:176-187

  tick  Accrual Earnings Management And Real Earnings Management: Increase Or Destroy Firm Value? - صفحه:8-19

  tick  An Honest Discussion About Learning As A Bilingual Student In American Schools - صفحه:667-670

  tick  Analysis Of Budget Development Disaster Management In The Central Aceh District Disaster Management Agency - صفحه:339-347

  tick  Analysis Of Electronic Evidence As An Evidence Tools In Criminal Case Post Decision Of Constitutional Court Number: 20/Puu-Xvi/ 2016 - صفحه:770-783

  tick  Analysis Of The Level Of Resilience Of Post Disaster Earthquake State High School Students In Pidie Jaya District - صفحه:636-643

  tick  Application Of Republic Of Indonesia Supreme Court Regulation No. 13 Of 2016 Concerning Procedures For Subscribing To Criminal Cases By Corporations In Corporate Criminal Responsibility In Indonesia Based On The Decision Of The Central Jakarta District Court Number: 94 / Pid.Sus-Tpk / 2017 / Pn. Jkt.Pst - صفحه:385-392

  tick  Arrangement And Implementation Of Notary Privileges After The Decision Of The Constitutional Court Number 49/Puu-X/2012 - صفحه:152-163

  tick  Attitudes Of Iraqi Students Toward Learning English Language - صفحه:425-437

  tick  Case Study Of False Statement In Notarial Deed In The Perspective Of The Law On Notary Position - صفحه:524-537

  tick  Certainty Of Legal Distribution Of Inheritance Through Grants (Study In Dompu District, Dompu Regency) - صفحه:490-501

  tick  Codeswitching In Bilingual Society: A Case Of Bima Family - صفحه:810-816

  tick  Conformity Of Javanese Cultural Values In Early Marriage : Case Study Of Farmer Family Communication - صفحه:1-7

  tick  Constructing Identity With Dialect Diversity - صفحه:33-41

  tick  Dating The Sūrah Al'Ikhlās Sūrah Altawḥīd - صفحه:201-213

  tick  Development Of Guided Inquiry-Based Accounting Learning Module To Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes In State Vocational High School 1 Karanganyar - صفحه:846-850

  tick  Differences In The Level Of Self-Esteem In Science Class And Social Class Students Of Sma Negeri 1 Taman Sidoarjo In Terms Of Gender - صفحه:50-61

  tick  Effect Of Marketing Mix And Product Quality On Purchase Decision To The Spesial Sb Packaging Beef Meatball Through Brand Image And Purchase Intention - صفحه:86-96

  tick  Energizing Students’ Academic Writing Competence Through Research Group Activity (A Supervisor Intervention) - صفحه:589-596

  tick  Energizing Students’ Academic Writing Competence Through Research Group Activity (A Supervisor Intervention) - صفحه:681-688

  tick  First-Time Registration Of Ownership Of Land Obtained Through Sale And Purchase Under The Hand Whose Proof Of Ownership Is Lost - صفحه:671-680

  tick  Harmonization Of Common But Differentiated Responsibility Principles As An International Law Norm Towards National Law For The World Climate System Protection - صفحه:126-138

  tick  Illocutionary Speech Acts Use By Jokowidodo In First Indonesia Presidential Election Debate 2019 - صفحه:735-740

  tick  Implementation Of Investigator’S Authority For Confiscating The Notary Original Deed In Bukittinggi Police Station - صفحه:246-255

  tick  Implementation Of Issuance Of Substitute Certificate And Legal Implications (Study At The Land Office Of North Lombok Regency) - صفحه:597-607

  tick  Implementation Of Learning Methods And Levels Of Self Regulated Learning In Writing - صفحه:481-489

  tick  Improving Students’ Preparedness Toward Earthquake Disasters Through Multimedia At Sman 1 Meulaboh - صفحه:830-836

  tick  Judges’ Considerations In The Cancellation Decision Of The Marriage Establishment (Ithbat) Of Polygamy (The Analysis Of Supreme Court Decision No.351/K/Ag/2016) - صفحه:164-175

  tick  Juridical Analysis Regarding The Decision Of The Central Supervisory Board Against Violation Conducted By Notary (Case Study: Decision Of The Notary Central Supervisory Board Number: Pts.04/B/Mppn/Vii/2017) - صفحه:393-402

  tick  Language And The Upward Mobility In Social Classes: A Sociolinguistic Study At Dusun Tutuk-Jerowaru East Lombok - صفحه:438-446

  tick  Law Enforcement In Impositioning Imprisonment Towards Gambling Crime Offender (Case Study Of Decision Number: 24/Pid.B/ 2012/Pn.Pp) - صفحه:514-523

  tick  Legal Certainty On Sale And Purchase Deed Made By The District Head Of Sutera District, South Pesisir Regency As Temporary Land Deed Official (Study On Sale And Purchase Deed Number 180/Ajb/Cs-2017) - صفحه:550-562

  tick  Legal Protection Against Notary Employee Who Acts As Witness In Making Deed - صفحه:538-549

  tick  Legal Protection Against Providers Of Guarantees For Land Rights In The Event Of Default Debtors (Study At Bank Mandiri Bima Branch) - صفحه:658-666

  tick  Legal Protection To The Holder Of Freehold Estate Certificate For Land In Nagari Gadut Of Agam Regency - صفحه:502-513

  tick  Location Mapping And Tsunami Disaster Evacuation Pathway Using Dijkstra Algorithm In Kota Sigli District Pidie District - صفحه:748-759

  tick  Management Analysis Of Indonesian Petanque Federation Province Fopi Central Java In Supporting Sports Achievement In Indonesia - صفحه:837-845

  tick  Model Of Diversification Of The Sasak Language Dialects:Understanding The Way Sasak Ancestors Migrated - صفحه:20-32

  tick  Patient-Centered Communication In The Era Of National Health Insurance At Surakarta City Indonesia - صفحه:850-862

  tick  Payment System And Brideprice Recording In Belu-Indonesia - صفحه:303-310

  tick  Position Of Notary As Party Manager And Its Implications Viewed In A Legal Perspective - صفحه:720-734

  tick  Pre-Trial Authority After The Decisions Of The Constitutional Court No.21-Puu-Xii-2014 - صفحه:357-370

  tick  Punishment Arrangement On The Action Of Sexual Violence Against Children In Legal Regulations Of Indonesia - صفحه:237-245

  tick  Ratio Legis Of The Government Regulation No. 10 Of 1983 Towards An Obligation To Distribute Salary From Ex-Husband Who Works As Civil Servant To Ex-Wife After Divorce - صفحه:457-471

  tick  Relationship Between The Level Of Anxiety With Preparedness Of Staff Of The Social Service Of The Province Of Aceh In The Disaster - صفحه:619-626

  tick  Rhetorical Metaphor In Barrack Obama Speech Family - صفحه:817-822

  tick  Settlement Of Will In Inheritance Dispute Case Against The Decision Of The Supreme Court Of The Republic Of Indonesia Number: 485 K/Ag/2013 - صفحه:576-588

  tick  Struggle Of The Local Elite In Gorontalo - صفحه:195-200

  tick  Study Of Community Capacity Enhancement In Fire Disaster Mitigation In Kuta Alam Sub-District, Banda Aceh - صفحه:331-338

  tick  Study Of Preparedness For The Aceh Disaster Management Agency In Theof The Tsunami Disaster In Aceh Province - صفحه:644-657

  tick  Tappan-Pelepai Woven Fabric, Social Status And Caring For Local Culture In A Multicultural Society At Lampung, Indonesia - صفحه:608-618

  tick  The Acceptability Of Predicting Utterances In Deception Point Novel - صفحه:289-294

  tick  The Accuracy Of Directive Speech Act Responding Command Turn Taking In Game Of Thrones Novel - صفحه:472-480

  tick  The Commodification Of Chinese Stereotypes In Humour Of Stand Up Comedy Indonesia - صفحه:376-384

  tick  The Consumption Of Ergogenic Supplements In Physical Fitness Training(Survey Of Members Of The Fitness Centers In Sleman District) - صفحه:311-322

  tick  The Designing Syllabus In Teaching Writing Narrative Text Putri Mandalika At Ma Central Lombok - صفحه:371-375

  tick  The Development Of Android-Based Mobile Learning Media In Healthy Lifestyle Teaching Materials For Senior High School Students - صفحه:188-194

  tick  The Education Value Of “Ki Bodronolo” Folklore - صفحه:700-709

  tick  The Effect Of Disclosure And Earnings Quality On The Cost Of Equity In Indonesia - صفحه:42-49

  tick  The Effect Of Leadership Style, Self-Efficacy And Employee Training On Employee Performance At The Sierra Leone Airport Authority - صفحه:760-769

  tick  The Effect Of Organization Culture Head Master’S Entrepreneurial Competence And Organization Climate On The Quality Of Education Services Of Islamic Junior High Schools At Islamic Boarding Schools In Praya Central Lombok - صفحه:823-829

  tick  The Effect Of Professionalism And Experience On Audit Judgment With Task Complexity As A Moderating Variable - صفحه:97-112

  tick  The Effect Of Teachers Work Environment And Work Satisfaction On The Performance Of Ips Teachers Of The Demak Regency - صفحه:798-809

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Group Work Technique In Improving The Students’ Speaking Skill A Survey At Second Semester Students Of English In Academic Years 2017-2018 - صفحه:280-288

  tick  The Elements Of Grammatical Cohesion In The Sermon Of Fadak - صفحه:214-223

  tick  The Impact Indonesia’S Sinking Of Illegal Fishing Ships On Major Southeast Asia Countries - صفحه:62-76

  tick  The Impact Of E-Planning Program Quality, Implementation Of Internal Control System And Leadership Style On The Performance Of State Civil Apparatur (Study In Department Of Education Of East Nusa Tenggara) - صفحه:77-85

  tick  The Implementation Of Imprisonment Sanction Followed By Rehabilitation Sanction For Narcotics Abusers (A Case Study Of Verdict Number 47/Pid.Sus/2017/Pn.Slk) - صفحه:224-236

  tick  The Implementation Of Multicultural Educational Communication Within The Islamic Education And Character Development (Iecd) Subject At Elementary Schools In Indonesia - صفحه:256-267

  tick  The Influence Of Classroom Learning Environment Toward Students’ Vocabulary Acquisition: A Study On Second Semester Junior High School Students - صفحه:710-719

  tick  The Influence Of Environmental Knowledge On Green Purchase Intention The Role Of Attitude As Mediating Variable - صفحه:627-635

  tick  The Influence Of Investment Decisions And Financing Decisions On Firm Value With Profitability As Intervening Variables(Empirical Study On Companies Listed In Indonesian Sharia Stock Index) - صفحه:447-456

  tick  The Investigation Of Yemen Crisis From The Perspective Of International Law And The Actions Of Iran And Saudi Arabia - صفحه:689-699

  tick  The Making Of Inheritance Certificate In The Process Of Transferring Right Over Land By Inheritance In Padang - صفحه:348-356

  tick  The Position Of Auction Treatise Deed In The Process Of Motor-Vehicle Title Transfer (The Case Study In Pekanbaru) - صفحه:268-279

  tick  The Practicality Of Student Activity Sheet Integrated Scientific Approach To Stimulate Skills Of Elementary School Students In Solving Problems Surrounding Natural Environment - صفحه:741-747

  tick  The Registration Of Land Ownership Transfer Due To Inheritance For Foreigners In West Sumatera - صفحه:412-424

  tick  The Relationship Of Indonesia’S Poverty Rate Based On Economic Growth, Health, And Education - صفحه:323-330

  tick  The Role Model Of Guiding Team Of Regional Government And Development In The Prosecutor District Of Padang Panjang In The Prevention Attempt Of Corruption - صفحه:563-575

  tick  The Roles Of Micro And Small Enterprises In Empowering Women: The Case Of Jimma Town, Ethiopia - صفحه:139-151

  tick  The Settlement Of Land Consolidation Dispute In Padang Bypass Road Construction Through Court (A Study On Case No. 146/Pdt.G/2015/Pn Pdg) - صفحه:403-411

  tick  The Termination And Inter-Time Replacement Of Regional House Of Representatives Leader Of Mentawai Island Regency - صفحه:113-125

  tick  Theory Of Reign Shahid Sadr'S Answer To The Question Of Determinism - صفحه:784-797

  tick  Transformation Of The Value Of Religious Characters In Civic Education Learning In Elementary Schools - صفحه:295-302

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