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   Journal Of Quality Engineering And Production Optimization   
سال:2020 - دوره:5 - شماره:1

  tick  A Bi-Objective Optimization Model To Design A Reliable Biomass Supply Chain Network Under Uncertainty And Congestion Effect - صفحه:19-32

  tick  A Bi-Objective Vehicle-Routing Problem For Optimization Of A Bioenergy Supply Chain By Using Nsga-Ii Algorithm - صفحه:87-102

  tick  A Combinatorial Benders Cut For The Integrated Production Scheduling And Distribution Problem - صفحه:1-18

  tick  A Fuzzy Location-Allocation Problem For Sustainable Design Of A Municipal Solid Waste Management Network - صفحه:165-188

  tick  A Hybrid Bee Algorithm For Two-Machine Flow-Shop Scheduling Problems With Batch Delivery - صفحه:137-164

  tick  A Mathematical Programming Model For Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Network Design Under Uncertainty - صفحه:189-220

  tick  A Multi-Objective Model For Green Closed-Loop Supply Chain Design By Handling Uncertainties Ineffective Parameters - صفحه:221-242

  tick  An Extended Grey Relational Analysis Based On Copras Method For Sustainable Supplier Selection In Project Procurement Problems - صفحه:103-118

  tick  Developing Statistical Process Control To Monitor The Values Education Process - صفحه:33-54

  tick  Economic Single-Sampling Plans Based On Different Probability Distributions Considering Inspection Errors - صفحه:55-64

  tick  Planning Of Multiple Energy Hubs And Scheduling Of Preventive Maintenance Equipment Under Uncertainty And Energy Storage - صفحه:119-136

  tick  Solving An Emergency Resource Planning Problem With Deprivation Time By A Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithm - صفحه:65-86

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