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   Journal Of Quality Engineering And Production Optimization   
سال:2019 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  A Bio-Bjective Mathematical Model For Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Problem - صفحه:85-98

  tick  A Multi-Objective Optimization Model For Split Pollution Routing Problem With Controlled Indoor Activities In Cross Docking Under Uncertainty - صفحه:99-126

  tick  An Interactive Possibilistic Programming Approach To Designing A 3pl Supply Chain Network Under Uncertainty - صفحه:127-152

  tick  Comparing Mixed-Integer And Constraint Programming For The No-Wait Flow Shop Problem With Due Date Constraints - صفحه:17-24

  tick  Comparing Two-Echelon And Singleechelon Multi-Objective Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problems - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Determining Economic Order Quantity (Eoq) With Increase In A Known Price Under Uncertainty Through Parametric Non-Linear Programming Approach - صفحه:197-219

  tick  Determining Maintenance Opportunity Window (Mow) In Job-Shop Systems By Considering Manpower Of Maintenance - صفحه:41-54

  tick  Optimal Process Adjustment Under Inspection Errors Considering The Cycle Time Of Production - صفحه:25-40

  tick  Optimizing And Solving Project Scheduling Problem For Flexible Networks With Multiple Routes In Production Environments - صفحه:175-196

  tick  Robust Economic-Statistical Design Of Acceptance Control Chart - صفحه:55-72

  tick  Stock Evaluation Under Mixed Uncertainties Using Robust Dea Model - صفحه:73-84

  tick  Using Metaheuristic Algorithms Combined With Clustering Approach To Solve A Sustainable Waste Collection Problem - صفحه:153-174

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