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   Malaysian Journal Of Mathematical Sciences   
سال:2016 - دوره:10 - شماره:S

  tick  Alternative Analysis Of 6-Nitro Bips Behaviour Based On Factorial Design - صفحه:431-442

  tick  Buckling Analysis Of Isotropic Circular Plate With Attached Annular Piezoceramic Plate - صفحه:443-458

  tick  Cost Investigation Of Multihoming-Based Scheme To Support Mobility Management In Nemo - صفحه:423-430

  tick  Dark Compactons In Nonlinear Schr�Dinger Lattices With Strong Nonlinearity Management - صفحه:299-304

  tick  Diagonally Implicit Hybrid Method For Solving Special Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations - صفحه:243-251

  tick  Dirichlet'S Theorem Related Prime Gap Statistics - صفحه:305-310

  tick  Formulation For Multiple Curved Crack Problem In A Finite Plate - صفحه:253-263

  tick  Haar Spectrum Of Bent Boolean Functions - صفحه:409-421

  tick  Low Cost Genetic Algorithm To Photovoltaic-Diesel Power System Design Problem - صفحه:277-297

  tick  Mathematical Modeling And Control Of Active Suspension System For A Quarter Car Railway Vehicle - صفحه:227-241

  tick  Mathematical Modelling And Development Of A Monoball Robot For Educational Purpose - صفحه:265-275

  tick  Mhd Flow And Heat Transfer Of A Jeffrey Fluid Over A Stretching Sheet With Viscous Dissipation - صفحه:311-323

  tick  Nearest Interval-Valued Approximation Of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers - صفحه:325-336

  tick  On Invariant Probability Measure Of A Piecewise-Smooth Circle Homeomorphism Of Zygmund Class - صفحه:347-359

  tick  Solutions Of Higher Order Boundary Value Problems By Homotopy Perturbation Method - صفحه:373-387

  tick  Some Coupled Coincidence Point Results Without Compatibility - صفحه:361-372

  tick  Spin-Zero Hawking Radiation: Bounds On The Zero-Angular-Momentum Mode Emission From Myers-Perry Black Holes - صفحه:337-345

  tick  Threshold Resonances And Eigenvalues Of Some Schrödinger Operators On Lattices - صفحه:389-407

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