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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:7

  tick  A Congested Double Path Approach For A Hub Location-Allocation Problem With Service Level At Hubs - صفحه:1049-1058

  tick  A New Statistical Approach For Recognizing And Classifying Patterns Of X Control Charts - صفحه:1040-1048

  tick  A Novel Protection Guaranteed, Quality Of Transmission Aware Routing And Wavelength Assignment Algorithm For All-Optical Networks - صفحه:995-1001

  tick  Assessing The Impact Of Size And Site Of Distributed Generations And Smart Meters In Active Distribution Networks For Energy Losses Cost - صفحه:1002-1010

  tick  Attitude Estimation Of Nano-Satellite According To Navigation Sensors Using Of Combination Method - صفحه:964-969

  tick  Cutting Force Prediction In End Milling Process Of Aisi 304 Steel Using Solid Carbide Tools - صفحه:1074-1081

  tick  Damped Vibrations Of Parabolic Tapered Non-Homogeneous Infinite Rectangular Plate Resting On Elastic Foundation - صفحه:1082-1089

  tick  Drift Change Point Estimation In Autocorrelated Poisson Count Processes Using Mle Approach - صفحه:1021-1030

  tick  Effect Of Micellization Ph On Properties Of Sphere-Like Mesoporous Hydroxyappatite - صفحه:1068-1073

  tick  Evaluation Of Cell Growth And Substrate Consumption Kinetic Of Five Different Lactobacilli In A Submerged Batch Whey Culture For Lactic Acid Production - صفحه:970-977

  tick  Experimental Investigation On Hydrous Methanol Fueled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine Using Spark Assisted Method - صفحه:1099-1107

  tick  Flexural Behavior Of Polyester Polymer Concrete Subjected To Different Chemicals - صفحه:978-983

  tick  Isotonic Change Point Estimation In The Ar(1) Autocorrelated Simple Linear Profiles - صفحه:1059-1067

  tick  Lot Streaming In No-Wait Multi Product Flowshop Considering Sequence Dependent Setup Times And Position Based Learning Factors - صفحه:1031-1039

  tick  Modelling And Numerical Simulation Of Cutting Stress In End Milling Of Titanium Alloy Using Carbide Coated Tool - صفحه:1090-1098

  tick  Offline Language-Free Writer Identification Based On Speeded-Up Robust Features - صفحه:984-994

  tick  Sensorless Indirect Field Oriented Control Of Single-Sided Linear Induction Motor With A Novel Sliding Mode Mras Speed Estimator - صفحه:1011-1020

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