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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2014 - دوره:27 - شماره:6

  tick  A New Comparative Method To Evaluate The Fracture Properties Of Laminated Composite - صفحه:991-1004

  tick  A Node-Based Mathematical Model Towards The Location Routing Problem With Intermediate Replenishment Facilities Under Capacity Constraint - صفحه:911-920

  tick  A Size-Dependent Bernoulli-Euler Beam Formulation Based On A New Model Of Couple Stress Theory - صفحه:951-960

  tick  A Wavelet Support Vector Machine Combination Model For Daily Suspended Sediment Forecasting - صفحه:855-864

  tick  Adsorption Of Malachite Green From Aqueous Solution Using Activated Ntezi Clay: Optimization, Isotherm And Kinetic Studies - صفحه:839-854

  tick  An Intelligent Algorithm Based Controller For Multiple Output Dc-Dc Converters With Voltage Mode Weighting Factor - صفحه:889-898

  tick  Analytic Approach To Free Vibration And Buckling Analysis Of Functionally Graded Beams With Edge Cracks Using Four Engineering Beam Theories - صفحه:979-990

  tick  Analytical Analysis Of The Dual-Phase-Lag Heat Transfer Equation In A Finite Slab With Periodic Surface Heat Flux - صفحه:971-978

  tick  Appling Metaheuristic Algorithms On A Two Stage Hybrid Flowshop Scheduling Problem With Serial Batching - صفحه:899-910

  tick  Ballistic Performance Of Hybrid Armor With Ceramic Inserts And Polymeric Matrix For Different Threat Levels - صفحه:945-950

  tick  Discrimination Of Power Quality Distorted Signals Based On Time-Frequency Analysis And Probabilistic Neural Network - صفحه:881-888

  tick  Electrodeposition Of Nano Hydroxyapatite Coating On Biodegradable Mg-Zn Scaffold - صفحه:939-944

  tick  Improving The Performance Of Bayesian Estimation Methods In Estimations Of Shift Point And Comparison With Maximum Likelihood Estimation Approach - صفحه:921-932

  tick  Material Flow In Rotary Drums - صفحه:829-838

  tick  Micro-Modeling Of Masonry Infilled Rc Moment Resisting Frames To Investigate Arrangement Of Compressive Diagonal Struts - صفحه:865-880

  tick  Optimal Thermodynamic Design Of Turbofan Engines Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm - صفحه:961-970

  tick  Preparation Of Porous And Dense Bulk Samples In Calcium Magnesium Silicate Systems Using Steel Slag And Different Additive By Conventional Sintering Method - صفحه:933-938

  tick  Surface Pressure Contour Prediction Using A Grnn Algorithm - صفحه:819-828

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