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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2020 - دوره:33 - شماره:4

  tick  A Novel Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Approach For Critical Rotating Machinery In The Time-Frequency Domain - صفحه:668-675

  tick  A Novel Multi-User Detection Approach On Fluctuations Of Autocorrelation Estimators In Non-Cooperative Communication - صفحه:546-551

  tick  A Phase Noise Reduction Technique In Lc Cross-Coupled Oscillators With Adjusting Transistors Operating Regions - صفحه:560-566

  tick  A Proposed Improved Hybrid Hill Climbing Algorithm With The Capability Of Local Search For Solving The Nonlinear Economic Load Dispatch Problem - صفحه:575-585

  tick  A Stochastic Model For Prioritized Outpatient Scheduling In A Radiology Center - صفحه:598-606

  tick  An Experimental And Analytical Study On Alccofine Based High Strength Concrete - صفحه:530-538

  tick  Design And Parameters Optimization Of Pteris Vittata Automatic Sowing Machine For Phytoremediation - صفحه:694-701

  tick  Design Of Broaching Tool Using Finite Element Method For Achieving The Lowest Residual Tensile Stress In Machining Of Ti6al4v Alloy - صفحه:657-667

  tick  Developments Made In The Field Of Drilling Fluids By Saint Petersburg Mining University - صفحه:702-711

  tick  Dynamic Meshing Characteristics Of Elliptic Cylinder Gear Based On Tooth Contact Analysis - صفحه:676-685

  tick  Effects Of Ageing And Forging On Short-Term Creep Behaviors Of Inconel-713c Superalloy At 850 °C - صفحه:639-646

  tick  Energy Absorption Analysis And Multi-Objective Optimization Of Tri-Layer Cups Subjected To Quasi-Static Axial Compressive Loading - صفحه:686-693

  tick  Estimation Of Hand Skeletal Postures By Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks - صفحه:552-559

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Study Of Perforated Steel Plate Shear Panels - صفحه:520-529

  tick  Hybrid Fuzzy Reference Signal Tracking Control Of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator - صفحه:567-574

  tick  Immobilization Of Laccase From Trametes Hirsuta Onto Cmc Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles - صفحه:513-519

  tick  Integrated Inspection Planning And Preventive Maintenance For A Markov Deteriorating System Under Scenario-Based Demand Uncertainty - صفحه:607-620

  tick  Optimizing The Properties Of Metakaolin-Based (Na, K)-Geopolymer Using Taguchi Design Method - صفحه:631-638

  tick  Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation With Reduced Common Mode Voltage And Current Losses For Six-Phase Induction Motor Drive With Three-Level Inverter - صفحه:586-597

  tick  Super-Resolution Of Defocus Blurred Images - صفحه:539-545

  tick  Sustainable Surface Water Management And Wastewater Treatment Plant Location: A Case Study Of Urmia Lake - صفحه:621-630

  tick  The Effect Of Transition Metals Incorporation On The Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles - صفحه:647-656

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