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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:3

  tick  A Hybrid Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Making Model Based On Fuzzy Dematel With Fuzzy Analytical Network Process And Interpretative Structural Model For Prioritizing Larg Supply Chain Practices - صفحه:413-423

  tick  A New Approach Applying Multiobjective Optimization Using A Taguchi Fuzzybased For Tourist Satisfaction Management - صفحه:405-412

  tick  A New Approach To Provide High Water Permeable Polyethersulfone Based Nanofiltration Membrane By Air Plasma Treatment - صفحه:354-359

  tick  Effect Of Antifreeze Admixtures On Cold Weather Concrete - صفحه:366-372

  tick  Energy And Exergy Analysis Of A New Power, Heating, Oxygen And Hydrogen Cogeneration Cycle Based On The Sabalan Geothermal Wells - صفحه:445-450

  tick  Fluoride Precipitation Of Cu Over Fe In A Selected Ph Window - صفحه:424-429

  tick  Influence Of Chitin Nanofiber And Rice Husk Ash On Properties And Bearing Resistance Of Soft Clay Soils - صفحه:373-380

  tick  Investigation Of The Effect Of Lascorbic Acid On Class G Oil Well Cement - صفحه:360-365

  tick  Lowcost Vector Network Analyzer For Biomedical Applications - صفحه:400-404

  tick  Mistake Proofing Cam Mechanism Through Sixsigma Process: Case Study On Clothes Printing Machines - صفحه:438-444

  tick  Prediction Of Noise Transmission Loss And Acoustic Comfort Assessment Of A Ventilated Window Using Statistical Energy Analysis - صفحه:451-459

  tick  Quaternionbased Finitetime Sliding Mode Controller Design For Attitude Tracking Of A Rigid Spacecraft During Highthrust Orbital Maneuver In The Presence Of Disturbance Torques - صفحه:430-437

  tick  Reversible Logic Multipliers: Novel Lowcost Paritypreserving Designs - صفحه:381-392

  tick  Static Coil Design Considerations For The Magnetic Resonance Imaging - صفحه:393-399

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