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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:7

  tick  A New Approach In Developing Optimal Defrost/Demist Performance In A Passenger Car - صفحه:1081-1089

  tick  A New Mathematical Model To Optimize A Green Gas Network: A Case Study - صفحه:1029-1037

  tick  An Integrated Approach For Collection Center Selection In Reverse Logistics - صفحه:1005-1016

  tick  Analysis Of Milling Process Parameters And Their Influence On Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites - صفحه:1074-1080

  tick  Batch Study On Cod And Ammonia Nitrogen Removal Using Granular Activated Carbon And Cockle Shells - صفحه:937-944

  tick  Calculation And Analysis Of Groove Elastic Support’S Radial Stiffness - صفحه:1066-1073

  tick  Designing An Economic Repetitive Sampling Plan In The Presence Of Two Markets - صفحه:1017-1028

  tick  Durable Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Supplimentary Cementitious Materials - صفحه:964-971

  tick  Effect Of Underwater Ambient Noise On Quadraphase Phase-Shift Keying Acoustic Sensor Network Links In Extremely Low Frequency Band - صفحه:981-987

  tick  Energy And Second Law Of Thermodynamics Analysis Of Shower Cooling Tower With Variation In Inlet Air Temperature - صفحه:1090-1097

  tick  Fabrication Of Spiral Stent With Superelastic/ Shape Memory Nitinol Alloy For Femoral Vessel - صفحه:1048-1053

  tick  Managing Environmentally Conscious In Designing Closed-Loop Supply Chain For The Paper Industry - صفحه:1038-1047

  tick  Modelling Of Eyeball With Pan/Tilt Mechanism And Intelligent Face Recognition Using Local Binary Pattern Operator - صفحه:1098-1104

  tick  Probabilistic Approach To The Seismic Vulnerability Of Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures By The Development Of Analytical Fragility Curves - صفحه:945-954

  tick  Quadrature Amplitude Modulation All Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing-Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing-Optical Wireless Communication System Under Different Weather Conditions - صفحه:988-994

  tick  Sedimentation Stability Of Oil Well Cements In Directional Wells - صفحه:1105-1109

  tick  Settlements And Consolidation Rates Under Embankments In A Soft Soil With Vertical Drains - صفحه:972-980

  tick  Slip Velocity In Flow And Heat Transfer Of Non-Newtonian Fluids In Microchannels - صفحه:1054-1065

  tick  Soft Foundation Strengthening Effect And Structural Optimization Of A New Cement Fly-Ash And Gravel Pile-Slab Structure - صفحه:955-963

  tick  Testing Soccer League Competition Algorithm In Comparison With Ten Popular Meta-Heuristic Algorithms For Sizing Optimization Of Truss Structures - صفحه:926-936

  tick  The Effect Of Measurement Errors On The Performance Of Variable Sample Size And Sampling Interval X̄ Control Chart - صفحه:995-1004

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