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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2017 - دوره:30 - شماره:8

  tick  A Robust Reliable Forward-Reverse Supply Chain Network Design Model Under Parameter And Disruption Uncertainties - صفحه:1160-1169

  tick  An Effective Image Demosaicking Algorithm With Correlation Among Red-Green-Blue Channels - صفحه:1190-1196

  tick  An Efficient Predictive Model For Probability Of Genetic Diseases Transmission - صفحه:1152-1159

  tick  An Experimental Study On Thermophysical Properties Of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes - صفحه:1223-1230

  tick  Analysis Of Inner Surface Roughness Parameters Of Load-Carrying And Support Elements Of Mechanical Systems - صفحه:1170-1175

  tick  Bit Swapping Linear Feedback Shift Register For Low Power Application Using 130nm Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Technology - صفحه:1126-1133

  tick  Enhancement Of Heat Transfer Over A Double Forward Facing Step With Square Obstacle Through Taguchi’S Optimization Technique - صفحه:1253-1259

  tick  Estimating Solar Radiation And Developing Iran’S Atlas Map Of Optimum Monthly Tilt Angle - صفحه:1197-1204

  tick  Experimental Determination Of The Optimum Ball Impacts For Solution Of Silo Obstruction - صفحه:1215-1222

  tick  Fault Detection Method On A Compressor Rotor Using The Phase Variation Of The Vibration Signal - صفحه:1176-1181

  tick  Image Enhancement Using An Adaptive Un-Sharp Masking Method Considering The Gradient Variation - صفحه:1118-1125

  tick  Modeling And Analysis Of Outrigger Reaction Forces Of Hydraulic Mobile Crane - صفحه:1246-1252

  tick  Numerical Study Of Pure Electroconvection And Combined Electro-Thermo-Convection In Horizontal Channels - صفحه:1270-1278

  tick  Performance Enhancement And Environmental Impact Analysis Of A Solar Chimney Power Plant: Twenty-Four-Hour Simulation In Climate Condition Of Isfahan Province, Iran - صفحه:1260-1269

  tick  Push Back Design In Two-Element Deposits Incorporating Grade Uncertainty - صفحه:1279-1287

  tick  Research On Safety Risk Of Dangerous Chemicals Road Transportation Based On Dynamic Fault Tree And Bayesian Network Hybrid Method - صفحه:1144-1151

  tick  Robot Arm Performing Writing Through Speech Recognition Using Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm - صفحه:1238-1245

  tick  Role Of Interatomic Potentials In Simulation Of Thermal Transport In Carbon Nanotubes - صفحه:1231-1237

  tick  Stochastic Unit Commitment In The Presence Of Demand Response Program Under Uncertainties - صفحه:1134-1144

  tick  Studies On Effect Of Injection Timing Of Graphene Nanoparticles Blended Simarouba Biodiesel Blend On Compression-Ignition Engine - صفحه:1205-1214

  tick  The Investigation Of Subsidence Effect On Buried Pipes In 3d Space - صفحه:1182-1189

  tick  Thermostable Α-Amylase From Lignocellulosic Residues Using Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens - صفحه:1110-1117

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