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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2019 - دوره:32 - شماره:2

  tick  A Coupled Rigidviscoplastic Numerical Modeling For Evaluating Effects Of Shoulder Geometry On Friction Stirwelded Aluminum Alloys - صفحه:313-321

  tick  A New Cost Model For Estimation Of Open Pit Copper Mine Capital Expenditure - صفحه:346-353

  tick  Adaptive Image Dehazing Via Improving Dark Channel Prior - صفحه:249-255

  tick  Analysis Of Aeolian Vibrations Of Transmission Line Conductors And Extraction Of Damper Optimal Placement With A Comprehensive Methodology - صفحه:328-337

  tick  Designing A Robust Control Scheme For Robotic Systems With An Adaptive Observer - صفحه:270-276

  tick  Enhancing Performance Of Infill Masonry With Skin Reinforcement Subjected To Cyclic Load - صفحه:223-228

  tick  Experimental Study For Protection Of Piers Against Local Scour Using Slots - صفحه:217-222

  tick  Fabrication Of Nanoporous Functionalized Hydroxyapatite As High Performance Adsorbent For Acid Blue 25 Dye Removal - صفحه:193-200

  tick  Finite Time Terminal Synergetic Controller For Nonlinear Helicopter Model - صفحه:236-241

  tick  Further Study Of Adsorption Of Crude Oils Onto Acetylated Corn Silk And Its Kinetics And Equilibrium Isotherm - صفحه:229-235

  tick  Influence Of Different Culture Selection Methods On Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production At Shortterm Biomass Enrichment - صفحه:184-192

  tick  Islanding Detection Method Of Distributed Generation Based On Wavenet - صفحه:242-248

  tick  Mechanical Strength Improvement Of Mud Motor’S Elastomer By Nano Clay And Prediction The Working Life Via Strain Energy - صفحه:338-345

  tick  Metallurgical And Mechanical Behavior Of Aisi 316 Aisi 304 During Friction Welding Process - صفحه:306-312

  tick  Novel Unified Control Method Of Induction And Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors - صفحه:256-269

  tick  Performance Analysis Of A Novel Threephase Axial Flux Switching Permanent Magnet Generator With Overlapping Concentrated Winding - صفحه:286-295

  tick  Prediction Of Solubility Of Βcarotene As A Component In A Multicomponent System In Highpressure Carbon Dioxide - صفحه:201-206

  tick  Textural And Structural Characterizations Of Mesoporous Chitosan Beads For Immobilization Of Alphaamylase: Diffusivity And Sustainability Of Biocatalyst - صفحه:207-216

  tick  Truck Scheduling In A Crossdocking Terminal By Using Novel Robust Heuristics - صفحه:296-305

  tick  Voltage Regulation Of A Negative Output Luo Converter Using A Pdpi Type Sliding Mode Current Controller - صفحه:277-285

  tick  Window Air Conditioner With Orthodox Refrigerants - صفحه:322-327

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