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   International Journal Of Optics And Photonics   
سال:2022 - دوره:16 - شماره:1

  tick  Computational Modeling Of Thermal Effects In Optogenetic Neurostimulation - صفحه:61-68

  tick  Control Of The Nonclassical Properties Of The Two-Mode Kerr Nonlinear Optical System Based On The Nonlinear Coherent States Approach - صفحه:27-36

  tick  Effect Of Ti-Doping On Thermo-Optical And Electronic Properties Of Ws2 Nanosheets - صفحه:9-18

  tick  Effects Of Silicon Impurity On Optical Properties Of Sc2c(Oh)2 Monolayer: A Dft Study - صفحه:99-106

  tick  Fibroin Silk Synthesis And Fabrication Of Silk Fibroin/Graphene Oxide Nano-Sheet Film For Humidity Sensing - صفحه:19-26

  tick  Folded-Resonator Design Of Thin-Disk Laser With Variable Thermally-Induced Intra-Cavity Dioptric Power - صفحه:69-78

  tick  Improvement Of Quality Factor And Reduction Of Spectral Bandwidth Of Microcavity Oled By Bragg Mirrors - صفحه:79-90

  tick  Interaction Of Plasmon-Exciton At Interface Of A Metal Thin Film And A C-Shaped Dielectric Columnar Thin Film Including Exciton Molecules - صفحه:37-46

  tick  Investigation Of The Effect Of Recombination On Superluminescent Light-Emitting Diode Output Power Based On Nitride Pyramid Quantum Dots - صفحه:3-8

  tick  Modifying The Soft Contact Lens For Color Vision Deficiency Correction By Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles - صفحه:47-60

  tick  Numerical Investigation Of The Laser Pulse Self-Guiding Through Air In Multiphoton Ionization Regime - صفحه:107-116

  tick  The Effect Of Linewidth Enhancement Factor On The Period-One Dynamics Of Cavity Solitons - صفحه:91-98

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