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   Software Safety Analysis With Uml-Based Srbd and Fuzzy Vikor- Based Fmea  
نویسنده Oveisi Shahrzad ,Farsi Mohammad Ali
منبع International Journal Of Reliability, Risk And Safety: Theory And Application - 2018 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:35 -44
چکیده    Software often controls the behavior of mechanical and electrical systems, as well as interactions among their components in cyber-physical systems (cps). the risks in cps systems could result in losing tools, features, performance, and even life. therefore, safety analysis for software in these systems is a highly critical and serious issue. the use of reliability block diagram is a method for checking the safety and reliability of systems. a reliability block diagram is a diagrammatic method for showing how component reliability contributes to the success or failure of a complex system. in this paper, a method for generating rbds is presented analysis and demonstration of this method capability to evaluation of a software safety by use-case analysis, use-case diagram review, and use-case specification. then, a fuzzy vikor-based fmea is used for further evaluation due to the presence of uncertain data. finally, it is applied to a real cps.
کلیدواژه Software Safety ,Srbd ,Uml ,Fuzzy Vikor
آدرس Ministry Of Science, Research And Technology, Aerospace Research Institute, Iran. University Of Tehran, School Of Engineering Sciences, Department Of Algorithms And Computation, Iran, Ministry Of Science, Research And Technology, Aerospace Research Institute, Iran
پست الکترونیکی farsi@ari.ac.ir

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