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   Knowledge Processing Studies   
سال:2023 - دوره:3 - شماره:4

  tick  A Future Research Study On Data-Oriented Strategic Training: Automotive Industry - صفحه:36-47

  tick  A Study On The Effectiveness Of Artificial Intelligence Approach On Sustainable And Intelligent Supply Chain Management In Food Industry - صفحه:104-119

  tick  Application Of Data Mining To Detect Accounting Fraud In Information Systems - صفحه:60-72

  tick  Application Of Organizational Information Structural Interpretive Model For Knowledge-Based Development Of Human Resources Capabilities - صفحه:48-59

  tick  Creating New Knowledge Based On Supply Chain Performance Management In Private Banks - صفحه:90-103

  tick  Designing A Knowledge-Based Human Resource Management Model In Voluntary Organizations - صفحه:25-35

  tick  Generating The Genealogy Of Digital Transformation Documents Using Visualization Techniques - صفحه:73-89

  tick  Identifying The Professional Competencies Of Teachers Of Students With Intellectual Disabilities In The Special Education System Of Iran - صفحه:143-153

  tick  Pathology Of Knowledge-Based Career Path Planning With High-Performance Approach With Data Processing Approach - صفحه:120-130

  tick  Providing An Information System Based On Virtual Currency Data In The Banking Industry - صفحه:12-24

  tick  The Dynamics Of The Social Capital Database Due To Economic, Social, Cultural, And Environmental Knowledge Acquisition Of The Industrial Development - صفحه:131-142

  tick  Visualization Of Social Capital Knowledge Based On A Pathology In The Education System Using A Fuzzy Approach - صفحه:1-11

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