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   Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Boron-Doped Graphene By Molecular Dynamics Simulation  
DOR 20.1001.2.9920016766.1399.
منبع كنفرانس ملي توسعه فناوري نانو - 1399 - دوره : 5 - پنجمین کنفرانس ملی توسعه فناوری نانو - کد همایش: 99200-16766
چکیده    In this paper, we aimed to examine mechanical properties of one-layer boron-doped graphene sheet compared to defect-free graphene, using the molecular dynamics (md) simulations. we observed that the fracture stress, failure strain and young’s modulus of boron-doped graphene are decreased by increasing the concentration of boron atoms. as a result, failure behavior of graphene changes form ductile to brittle
کلیدواژه Mechanical Properties ,Molecular Dynamics Simulations ,Graphene ,Boron-Doped Graphene
آدرس Razi University, Iran, Razi University, Iran

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