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   Critical Literary Studies   
سال:2019 - دوره:1 - شماره:2

  tick  A Thematic Investigation Into T. S. Eliot’S “The Hollow Men:” With Reference To Textual Approach - صفحه:159-184

  tick  Author-Function And Modes Of Writing In Narration: Reading Alexander Solzhenitsyn’S One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich And Julian Barnes’ The Noise Of Time - صفحه:141-159

  tick  Configuration Of Self-Mythology Through Trauma Studies In Paul Auster’S Invention Of Solitude - صفحه:57-72

  tick  Educational System As A Discourse Of Power: Reading Salinger’S Catcher In The Rye In Terms Of Adorno’S Theory Of Halbbildung - صفحه:245-259

  tick  Hybrid Marginality, Intercultural Bonding And Reconstruction Of Black Motherhood In Alice Walker’S Meridian - صفحه:5-30

  tick  Language Kingdom In William Shakespeare’S King Learand Edward Bond’S Lear - صفحه:185-205

  tick  Power-Struggle, Panopticism, And Hegemony In Ellison’S Invisible Man - صفحه:123-139

  tick  Social Cohesion And Cultural Diversity In Contemporary Britain: Impossible Mission! - صفحه:31-56

  tick  Subjectivity Construction Through Familial Discourse Represented In Film: A Case Study Of Alyosha’S Identity In Andrey Zvyagintsev’S Loveless - صفحه:73-97

  tick  The Afterlife Of Edward Fitzgerald’S Poem: A Comparative Study Of Fitzgerald’S Rubáiyát And Housman’S A Shropshire Lad - صفحه:207-225

  tick  The Effect Of Extra-Curricular Activities On Socio-Cultural Competence Of Efl Students - صفحه:99-121

  tick  The Interdependency Of Foucauldian Concepts Of Power And Knowledge In Shakespeare’S The Tempest - صفحه:227-244

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