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   Critical Literary Studies   
سال:2020 - دوره:3 - شماره:1

  tick  A Critical Investigation Of Traditional Treatment Of Literary Schools And Movements In Kurdish Literature - صفحه:157-179

  tick  A Study Of The Metatheatrical Aspects Of Peter Shaffer’S Equus - صفحه:69-84

  tick  African Feminism In The Nigerian Context: A House Of Affirmations And Denials - صفحه:105-123

  tick  Christian Images In Justin Kurzel’S Macbeth (2015) - صفحه:85-104

  tick  Globalization Of Local Lives: Performing Self-Authenticity As Personal, Local And Social Process In Zadie Smith’S Nw - صفحه:141-156

  tick  Quest In James Dashner’S The Maze Runner Trilogy - صفحه:5-19

  tick  Self-Assessment And Peer-Assessment In Efl Context: An Investigation Of Writing Performance And Writing Self-Efficacy - صفحه:211-232

  tick  Speaking Muslim Subaltern Through The Ethical Agent In Shakespeare And The Holy Quran - صفحه:125-140

  tick  Subjective Violence And Objective Violence: Revolt As Emancipation Of Others In Leroi Jones’ The Slave - صفحه:21-36

  tick  Symbolic Violence: Conversations With Bourdieu, Michael Burawoy (2019), Duke University Press - صفحه:233-241

  tick  The Neoliberal Nostrum: Spatial Fix In Ian Mcewan’S Solar - صفحه:37-53

  tick  Villain-Becoming And Body Without Organs: A Deleuze-Guattarian Rhizoanalysis Of Paul Auster’S Invisible - صفحه:55-67

  tick  Zpd Theory And Scaffolding Teaching Strategy: Iranian Efl Learners’ Views And Reading Achievement Of Short Stories As A Way Of Literature Incorporation Within Learning Procedure - صفحه:181-209

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