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   Challenges of E-Learning in Universities in the Corona Age (Covid 19)  
منبع كنفرانس ملي آسيب شناسي آموزش و يادگيري الكترونيكي - 1399 - دوره : 1 - اولین کنفرانس ملی آسیب شناسی آموزش و یادگیری الکترونیکی - کد همایش: 99201-64489 - صفحه:1 -30
چکیده    Augmented reality is an emerging technology that blends physical objects with virtual reality. this research examined the use of the augmented reality technology in the higher education curriculum with 14 sample from three groups (technology specialist, curriculum specialist, and experienced managers) who participated in the study. the results showed that augmented reality technology is the main phenomenon of the higher education curriculum model. this phenomenon is influenced by a set called causal conditions. the effective realization and linkage of these factors is possible through strategies including an increase in international communication in higher education in the field of technology and educational technology training; additionally, the intervening conditions including senior manager’s support, organizational culture and strategic planning affect this process. these conditions and processes lead to consequences including illustrating abstract concepts, increasing the quality of learning, dynamic and high-level thinking in the higher education curriculum. the set of these actions takes place in a context which is provided by curriculum elements. these elements which include purpose, content, method, and evaluation have cyclical relationship and act as contextualizing factors of curriculum based on augmented reality technologyaccording to this:• higher education curriculum should consider the significance of educational technologies such as augmented reality technology, an instance of which is its important role in observing and advising on diseases (coronavirus and other diseases) in higher education centers.• educational curriculum should realise the value of achievements that augmented reality technology brings about and contributions it is able to make to the educational system.• educational curriculum should monetize the contributions augmented reality technology makes to cost-savings and to broadening educational access and digital education equity
کلیدواژه Curriculum ,Augmented Reality ,Grounded Theory (Gt) ,Technology ,Education

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