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   Renewable Energy Research And Applications   
سال:2020 - دوره:1 - شماره:2

  tick  A Case Study On Effect Of Inclination Angle On Performance Of Photovoltaic Solar Thermal Collector In Forced Fluid Mode - صفحه:187-196

  tick  A New Method For Real Time Economic Dispatch Solution Including Wind Farms - صفحه:151-160

  tick  An Exergy Analysis Of A 250 Mw Thermal Power Plant - صفحه:197-204

  tick  An Experimental Study On Producing A Sustainable Diesel-Like Fuel From Waste Engine Oil - صفحه:143-150

  tick  Development Of A Simple Model To Estimate Entropy Generation Of Earth - صفحه:135-141

  tick  Generation Management Analysis Of A Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System With Battery - صفحه:205-209

  tick  Global Solar Radiation, Sunshine-Hour Distribution, And Clearness Index: A Case Study Of Sub-Sahara Region In Nigeria - صفحه:161-174

  tick  Modeling And Technical Analysis Of Solar Tracking System To Find Optimal Angle For Maximum Power Generation Using Mopso Algorithm - صفحه:211-222

  tick  Sensitivity And Uncertainty Analysis Of Economic Feasibility Of Establishing Wind Power Plant In Kerman, Iran - صفحه:247-260

  tick  Thermo-Economic Assessment And Optimization Of Actual Heat Engine Performance By Implemention Of Nsga Ii - صفحه:235-245

  tick  Thermodynamic And Exergy Analyses Of A Novel Solar-Powered Co2 Transcritical Power Cycle With Recovery Of Cryogenic Lng Using Stirling Engines - صفحه:175-185

  tick  Turbocharged Diesel Engine Power Production Enhancement: Proposing A Novel Thermal-Driven Supercharging System Based On Kalina Cycle - صفحه:223-234

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