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   Atlantic and Pacific Ocean-Atmosphere Circulations Imprint on Climate and Lake- and Groundwater-Storage Variations in the Lake Urmia Basin  
نویسنده Rezaei A.
منبع تغيير اقليم و گرمايش زمين - 1399 - دوره : 6 - ششمین همایش منطقه ای تغییر اقلیم و گرمایش زمین - کد همایش: 99201-45014 - صفحه:1 -6
چکیده    While the shrinkage of lake urmia over recent decades has been hypothesized to be partially imposed by variations of climate, it is essential to identify the teleconnections between the interannual to multidecadal climate variability and lake urmia. here, singular spectrum analysis (ssa) and wavelet coherence analysis are used to explore the modulation role of the el niño southern oscillation (enso), north atlantic oscillation (nao), pacific decadal oscillation (pdo), and atlantic multidecadal oscillation (amo) on hydro-climate variables of precipitation, temperature, lake level, groundwater fluctuations, soil moisture, vegetation coverage, and insolation clearness index in the lake urmia basin. it is founded that climate derivers originating from the pacific ocean (i.e., enso and pdo) have a higher influence than those from atlantic ocean (nao and amo) on the variability in the water level of lake urmia as well as on other hydro-climate variables, except for temperature that appears to be highly modulated by the atlantic ocean-atmosphere circulations, specifically amo. pdo composes the primary dominant mode of oscillations in all the hydro-climate variables (63.46% on average), except for the temperature. from the wavelet coherence analysis, it is observed relatively greater pdo modulation than enso on interannual to multidecadal variability in the precipitation, soil moisture, vegetation coverage, and insolation clearness index. amo is the first oscillation mode in temperature (71.77%) that has moderate coherence with temperature (~0.5) at >16-year period for the time before 2000.
کلیدواژه Lake Urmia ,Ocean-Atmosphere Circulations ,Hydro-Climate Variables ,Ssa ,Wavelet Coherence Analysis ,Groundwater
آدرس Institute For Advanced Studies In Basic Sciences (Iasbs), Department Of Earth Sciences, Iran

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